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Breezor is a Legends of Chima beaver minifigure released in 2015. He is the leader of the Beaver Tribe and has appeared regularly in episodes of Legends of Chima: The Animated Series and Legends of Chima: Laval's Journey.


Breezor has shaggy sand yellow fur. He has thick reddish brown over his black eyebrows with white pupils. Breezor has a rectangular black nose. To the sides of his nose there's thin patches of reddish brown fur. Breezeor has a smiling mouth showing his white teeth. He has a large patch of reddish brown fur under his mouth. His arms and torso are sand yellow, his hands are dark orange hands, and his short legs are earth green.


Breezor is the leader of the Beaver Tribe and lives at the beaver lodge. Like the rest of the tribe, he loves work and chores.

Breezor with the other beavers

For a long time, the beavers mostly kept to themselves. However, soon after the Chima civil war began, Breezor was approached by Cragger to build them a dam to carry the Chi water to the crocodile swamp. Eager for work, Breezor sent some of his tribe to start on the dam. A few days later, he was visited by Laval and Eris seeking help for their broken lion tank. Breezor jumped at the opportunity and they soon started fixing the tank. Breezor then showed Laval and Eris what the other members were doing: building a dam and canal to block the Chi Falls and make the Chi go to the Crocodile Swamp. He and the rest of the tribe soon finished the tank with a few "improvements". ("The Joyride")

On the next Chi-day, Breezor represented his tribe in the race for the Golden Chi. However he crashed early on in the jungle gates. His tribe was however more concerned about being able to fix his Speedor than the loss. ("Market Day")

A few weeks later, Breezor and the other beavers were visited by Winzar with a warning about the hundred year moon phenomenon. On the night of the event, the beavers hid in the inner-most part of their lodge while the insane wolves destroyed the outer sections. ("The Hundred Year Moon")

At the next Chi-day race. Breezor was aghast to find Eris in possession of his Speedor accessory and declared the race rigged. During the race, his speedor crashed when it slid on honey placed there by the bears. ("Foxtrot")

Fixing the broken speedor

On the beaver's way home from retrieving their Chi from the lion city, they fell under attack by the wolves. Though they manged to escape, they were soon distracted by a broken speedor, leaving their Chi unguarded for the wolves to freely take. A few days later, their Chi was delivered from the sky by the eagles. ("The CHI Jackers")

Breezor with the rest of the elders.

Following the capture of the crocodile tribe by the wolves, Breezor represented the beavers in the council of elders gathered to discuss the situation. In between the elder meetings, Breezor raced at the raven racetrack with the other tribes' warrior. ("Crocodile Tears")

Breezor joined in Laval and Cragger's Speedor ride through Chima which eventually lead them to Spiral Mountain to view a magnificent sunset. ("Ravens vs Eagles")

Soon after the Crawlers dried up Cavora's Chi-falls, Eris employed the help of the beavers in an attempt to "fix" the floating mountain. The beaver leader was confident that they would be able to repair the mountain and in attempt to pass the force-field, used a giant catapult to fling himself towards the mountain. However he had underestimated the distance and landed in the Gorilla Village. Gorzan returned with him to Cavora's base where they tried using a spiral staircase to reach the mountain, which failed as well and ended up casting them onto the Lion City. Weary, Breezor reluctantly admitted that they were not able to fix everything. ("Chima Falls")

Breezor and the other beavers were present at the final battle in Chima's civil war wherein they went around and fixed vehicles (from both sides) that had been destroyed. ("For Chima!")

Breezor was present at the first market day following the defeat of the Crawlers and was talking to Worriz and Wonald when Eris ran past beliveing she was on fire. That evening, Breezor the other beavers went to Laval's bonfire at the Forever Rock where he insisted Chima began because of the "Great Fix-it." ("Fire Dreaming")

Breezor prepares for battle

Soon after, Breezor and the beavers were visited by King Lagravis with the grim news that their lodge was directly in the path of the Hunters. To combat this, Lagravis suggested that the beavers construct a dam to remove the water that their village was built on, which would give the Hunters an advantage. Breezor agreed, only the beavers took the dam one step farther and added a defense system that raised the Hunter's ice. When Sir Fangar ordered his Vultures to freeze the lodge from the sky, Breezor ordered the beavers to fire large arrows constructed out of logs. Yet the Hunters were relentless and eventually found a way around the dam. Breezor was soon frozen by Stealthor, yet before he could be added to Sir Fangar's collection, the fire-powered Eris, Cragger, and Laval arrived with Fire Chi and soon had the Hunters in retreat. They thawed out Breezor who celebrated the victory with the other beavers. ("Trial by Fire")

After the second Illumination, Breezor and the other beavers were unfrozen. ("The Heart of Cavora")


TV Appearances[edit]

  • Season 1
  • Season 3

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  • He is the only physical beaver ever produced by LEGO.
  • He reuses the Yeti's head piece, but in a new colour and print.


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