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Beauty before battle.

Spinlyn is a spider Legends of Chima minifigure released in 2014. She is the queen of the spider tribe and has appeared in several episodes of Legends of Chima: The Animated Series, as well as serving as a boss in Legends of Chima Online.


Spinlyn has chains going across her body, with armour printed on her torso, made to look like a spider. Her armour has Chi in the middle of it. Her head only has one side of printing on it. Unlike all of 2013's minifigures, Spinlyn has six legs and two arms and her hands are lime green. She is the most complex LEGO minfigure ever made.


Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

Spinlyn evolved from being an ordinary spider with the Chi Laval threw into the Gorge of Eternal Depth. Shortly after the Crawlers joined together, she was put in charge of the captured Wolf, Gorilla, and Rhinoceros Legend Beasts. She and the rest of the spiders made their home in a large canyon, there they wove traps that imprisoned the legend beasts. She and Scorm often clashed as she believed it was the "Great-Spider-in-the-Sky" who dropped the Chi while Scorm remained steadfast that it was the "Great-Scorpion-in-the-Sky" who was responsible. At one point, their disagreement ended in a battle between the spiders and scorpions. ("Into the Outlands","A Tangled Web")

Defeated by a rock

On the day that the spiders and bats returned to Mount Cavora, Spinlyn remained behind to watch her spiders contain the legends. When Laval and friends arrived in Rogon's rock flinger disguised as a large fly, Spinlyn bought their ruse until the heroes raced out and attacked the spiders. Wanting to look her best in battle, Spinlyn hurried to her "beauty hole" to ready herself. However by the time she returned, the Chima heroes had already rescued the legend beasts and were escaping. She attempted to slow them using her webs, but missed and faced a crushing blow to her beauty when Rogon launched his "autopilot" rock which broke her left fang. As the heroes left the canyon, Spinlyn sobered back to the beauty hole, aghast at what had happened. ("A Tangled Web")

Talking to Plovar

The next day, a group of spiders who had been captured by the crocodiles returned to Spinlyn with a prisoner, Plovar. Learning that he was a craftsman of the mouth, she ordered him to fix her broken tooth or else she would devour him. Upon his agreement, she put the little bird in charge of her subjects to gather any supplies he needed. ("The Legend Thief")

With Scorm

The following night, King Scorm arrived at the Spider Canyon to oversee the moving of the Wolf Legend and Crominus to the Scorpion Cave where they would be more secure. On their way to the cave, Plovar noticed Cragger and Worriz who were secretly following them, and thus unintentionally alerted the Spider Queen who captured them as well. ("The Eagle and the Bear","Tooth or Consequences")

Capturing Worriz and Cragger

Upon arrival at the cave, Spinlyn and Scorm fell into yet another argument as to who was responsible for dropping the Chi orbs into the gorge. They soon learned the true answer however, when Laval and his team stormed into the cave with the other legends and freed Worriz, Cragger, and Crominus. Cragger revealed that it was actually Laval who threw the Chi orbs into the gorge. When the lion tried to run into the cave holding the Lion Legend, Spinlyn ordered her spiders to fire at him. ("Tooth or Consequences")

Spinlyn caught in the mud.

Battle soon broke out in the cave between the remaining Crawlers and the Chima heroes. Spinlyn was soon distracted however as Plovar insisted she needed a mud bath in order to achieve a "full bloom" state of beauty and followed the bird to a mud pit where the was soon stuck. The spider queen screamed for her subjects to get her out, but they only became trapped as well and were unable to assist the scorpions who were soon defeated. ("This May Sting a Bit")

Frozen by the Hunters.

Eventually, Spinlyn managed to escape the mud pit and lived inside the now blocked off cave for a short time until the Hunters awoke and marched through. Spinlyn's forces attempted to attack this invasion but were quickly frozen and added to Sir Fangar's collection in the Ice Fortress. ("Fire Dreaming","Cool and Collected")

Catching the Crawlers.

Days later, Spinlyn and the rest of the Crawlers were unfrozen by the phoenix child Flinx. She quickly trapped Tormak in one of her webs before inspecting her beauty in the nearby ice. When she was ready for battle, she charged at the Chima heroes with the other Crawlers only to be knocked over by a furious Queen Crunket and have her fang broken again. Flinx created a slide for them and the Crawlers fell into the canyon the glacier was currently over. Spinlyn managed to catch her spiders and Scorm in webs and they returned to the Outlands. ("A Very Slippery Slope")

In Legends of Chima Online

Spinlyn is the boss of "The Queen's Lair" dungeon.

After fleeing into the Outlands, Reegull found Spinlyn and agreed to oversee the creation of her beauty products. Eventually, Gunter and the Commander arrived seeking Reegull and defeated Spinlyn in order to free the raven alchemist. They later returned and defeated her again to obtain ingredients for Lavertus's scorpion antidote cupcakes.

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LEGO.com Description[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from LEGO.com. Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page) The vain Spider-Queen believes “beauty is power” and that’s certainly how she became the boss. But while the other spiders are awe-struck with her gorgeousness, she’s hideous to everyone else!


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