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Didn't happen to see any other leopards, did you?
―Lundor to Li'ella

Lundor is a leopard Legends of Chima minifigure released in 2014. He is the historian of the hidden city and the only leopard remaining after the Great Illumination. Lundor plays a minor role in a few episodes of Legend of the Fire Chi.


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Lundor and the other tunnel cats

Lundor is the last surviving member of the leopard tribe that existed in ancient Chima. He was saved from the Hunter's and the Great Illumination by the phoenix and served as a guard for the hidden city.

Lundor was present with Fluminox and Tormak when Laval, Cragger, and Eris arrived at Mount Cavora following the return of the Hunters. He followed them around as Fluminox told of their history, then observed Cragger and Laval's trial by fire with the other guards. ("Trial by Fire")

After the establishment of the Crescent, Lundor took up guard duties there and protected the Fire Chi. When Laval and Flinx arrived searching for Li'ella, Lundor informed them she was currently not on duty. ("The Snowball Effect")

The next day, Lundor asked Li'ella about the Lion City while the two were guarding the Crescent. They soon noticed the Hunter's attack on the place and Li'ella ran to inform Fluminox. ("The King Thing")

Following Li'ella's capture by the Hunter's, Tormak took up guard duty in her place. Lundor attempted to consult the grieving father and excused him for his post. Little did the leopard know however, that Tormak planned to betray the phoenix to get Li'ella back. When the leopard spotted a band of Hunters approaching, he was relieved to see Tormak, but was quickly knocked unconscious by the tiger. ("The Artifact")

When the Hunters launched their final attack on Mount Cavora, Lundor returned to the floating mountain and helped guard it. ("The Heart of Cavora") Description[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page) Lundor is the “historian” of the hidden city’s guard. He remembers everything that has ever happened. Some of his fellow guards appreciate this, because they can learn from the past. Others find it annoying when he shares a story that makes them look bad. Because Lundor is a spotted leopard, the Tiger tribe members find him a curiosity. They are always trying to wipe his spots off or play “connect the dots” with them. Lundor is proud of his spots, but really wishes everyone would just leave him alone about them. He just wants to be judged by who he is, not how he looks.


TV Appearances[edit]

  • Season 3

Video Game Appearances[edit]


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