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He's such a sweet boy, just misunderstood.
―Plovar, referring to Cragger.

Plovar is a small bird that appears occasionally in the Legends of Chima: The Animated Series.


When Cragger is speaking to all of the crocodiles, wolves, and ravens, preparing them for battle, Plovar flies in between Cragger's teeth, picking debris from them. Cragger protests, and Plovar replies that he made an appointment which must be fulfilled. When Cragger asks to reschedule, Plovar mumbles "Some people do not understand the art of dental hygiene".

Also, in The Legends of Chima 4-D X-perience, he appears flying around in his vehicle that resembles him with G'Loona, Skinnet, Furty and Wonald.

Plovar was present at the first Chi-day following the defeat of the Crawlers. While there, he and Skinnet attempted to use the skunk's smell to create a bubble spa, but the only two customers that used it were Wonald (who fell into it after being ejected from the Raven's replica legend beast) and Eris (who believed she was on fire). ("Fire Dreaming")

A few weeks after the return of the phoenix, Plovar found Cragger near the Gorge of Eternal Depth following the mammoths to learn where his captive tribe was being held. Plovar encouraged him not to follow them into the gorge, but the crocodile did so anyway while Plovar was cleaning his teeth. However when he chied-up, he fell through the ice and Plovar had to fly him out of the gorge. Cragger then tried to warn the other tribes that the Hunters were traveling underground, but Plovar insisted that he return to the swamp and rest. Later in the day, they were visited by Laval and Flinx who were dropping off the Crocodile Legend to guard the village. When the Hunters attacked seeking the phoenix child for Sir Fangar's collection, Mottrot mistook Plovar as the phoenix and grabbed him instead. ("Cool and Collected")

After the second Illumination, Crooler became more friendly and even allowed Plovar to clean her teeth. ("The Heart of Cavora")


  • He is the only non-humanoid character so far who is also not a Legend Beast.
  • He speaks with a strong British accent.
  • His role as a dentist for the Crocodile Tribe is similar to the supposed symbiotic relationship between Crocodiles and Egyptian Plover's, which have been reported to feed on decaying bits of meat between Crocodiles' teeth.
  • His name is an homage to the actual "Plover" bird.


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