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Wakz is a Legends of Chima wolf minifigure released in early 2013. Wakz is the leader of the wolf tribe. He has appeared in several episodes of Legends of Chima: The Animated Series and is a playable character in Laval's Journey.


Wakz's fur is dark grey, with a lighter grey colour for highlights. He wears a ragged dark red tunic decorated with a spiky pattern and with a Chi holder, strung with teeth, over it. On his toes, he has light grey claws printed with black outlines, then higher up he has outlined light grey fur with red straps over it. On his left thigh, he wears a strap with two teeth strung on it. He has a dark red belt with markings. His arms, hands, legs, and head are dark grey, as is his wolf 'helmet' piece. He has orange eyes, a black nose, and light grey fur on his face, as well as sharp white teeth. Like all wolves, Wakz has a double-expression face. The first is wide-eyed, with eyebrows raised, mouth open and teeth exposed. His other expression has narrow eyes with lowered eyebrows. On his wolf 'helmet', he has light grey eyebrows printed above his eyes and fur below his eyes. The very tip of his snout is coloured black, and two long teeth protrude from his closed mouth.


Wakz is part of the Wolf Tribe of Chima, and is a very cunning and skilled pack elder. He swore the legendary Pledge of the Pack to Crominus, and in return, received the unbreakable Vengious of Honour.

While the crocodiles constructed a dam to re-route Cavora's Chi water, Crooler ordered the wolves to keep Lagravis when reaching the Lion City. ("The Joyride")

Wakz helped the other wolves attack the eagle spire after the eagles supposedly stole the mother tooth. ("Attack on Eagle Spire")

Warning the bears.

Prior to the hundred year moon, Wakz went to the bear forest to warn the bears of the event. During the phenomenon, Wakz rampaged across Chima with the other wolves. ("The Hundred Year Moon")

After several failed schemes under the control of Cragger, Crooler approached the wolves to help her steal Chi in exchange for the destruction of the Pledge of the Pack. During the following Chi-day race, Wakz represented the wolves while Worriz oversaw the Chi heist. ("Foxtrot")

Wakz took part in the raid on the Lion City while the lion defenses were out transporting the raven's Chi. When the lions began using the eagles as delivery jets, Wakz operated one of the anti-aircraft guns near the Grand Archway Canyon to shoot down some of the eagles before Worriz was tricked into destroying Wakz's gun. ("The CHI Jackers")

About midway into the battle against the Ice Hunters, the phoenix sent the Legend Beasts to protect the tribes. Wakz was present at the wolf camp when the Wolf Legend arrived and celebrated its return by howling with the other wolves. ("Cool and Collected")

LEGO.com Description[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from LEGO.com. Please do not modify it. Wakz

Wakz is a pack elder, extremely cunning and not afraid of throwing overwhelming force at an opponent, fair or not. Not many wolves survive to such a distinguished age, and Wakz has only managed it by being more cunning, more ferocious, and stronger than any of his opponents.


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Wakz Wakz is a pack elder, extremelWakz</br></br>Wakz is a pack elder, extremely cunning and not afraid of throwing overwhelming force at an opponent, fair or not. Not many wolves survive to such a distinguished age, and Wakz has only managed it by being more cunning, more ferocious, and stronger than any of his opponents.s, and stronger than any of his opponents. +
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