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It's blazing time!

Frax is a Legends of Chima phoenix minifigure released in 2014. He is the gunner of the Blazing Bastion and has appeared in a few episodes of Legends of Chima: The Animated Series


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Frax is identical to Firox, except that he does not wear goggles.


Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

Frax is one of the phoenix that descended from the sun when Chima was still young. During the battles of the Hunter's first uprising, he served as gunner of the Blazing Bastion alongside Firox under the command of Captain Foltrax. Following an imperfect Illumination, Frax was forced to live inside Mount Cavora for thousands of years. During that time, Frax and Firox made up make believe battles.

With Fluminox

When at last the hidden city was revealed following the return of the Hunters, Frax and the rest of the Bastion crew eagerly flew Fluminox and the Royal Tiger Guard to the Crescent where they pushed back the Hunters and landed. He and Firox accompanied Fluminox down to speak with the warriors of the Chima tribe, then they flew their king back to Cavora.("The Crescent")

At the controls with Firox

A few days later, Frax and the Bastion crew flew his king and Tormak from the city back to the Crescent so they could warn the Chima tribes of the underground tunnels the Hunters were using. On the way there, they performed several stunts with the plane, much to the dismay of his passengers. ("Cool and Collected")

The Blazing Bastion remained at the crescent outpost for a while longer until Fluminox called upon it as transport to investigate the Hunters attacking the Lion City. When they reached the site, Frax and Firox set the Bastion's cannons ablaze and within minutes, had the Hunters in retreat. ("The King Thing")

Following Tormak's transformation into a panther due to his betrayal of Fluminox by handing the artifact over to the Hunters, the Blazing Bastion gave chase. However, Tormak fled into the Outlands and Fluminox was forced to call off the hunt. ("The Artifact")

Later in the day, Flinx went to look for the Hunters and Fluminox, along with Li'ella, Cragger, Laval, and Eris boarded the Blazing Bastion to go on a rescue mission. Frax and Firox manged to crate a hole in the ice covering the Gorge of Eternal Depth big enough for the Bastion to get through and Foltrax piloted the phoenix airship into the gorge where they found Flinx. Yet on their way out of the gorge, the Hunters used their mammoth walkers to throw rocks into the gorge, burying the Bastion under a pile of rubble. Its crew and passengers exited the disabled aircraft, only to find the exiled lion Lavertus waiting. ("The Phoenix has Landed")

Lavertus provided them all an orb of Golden Chi which they used to create pillars to push the ice blocking the top of the gorge away. They then boarded the Blazing Bastion again and escaped their confinement, returning to Mount Cavora. ("A Spark of Hope")

Preparing to defend Cavora

The next morning, the Hunter launched their massive attack on the Lion City and to assist, Frax and the Bastion crew flew Tiger Strikers down to the surface and aided using the Blazing Bastion. Soon into the battle however, the Hunter's ice tower to Mount Cavora began to rise and Foltrax crashed the Bastion into it, disabling the phoenix airship. The three phoenix returned to the phoenix city atop Mount Cavora where they tried to defend their city when the ice tower reached the floating mountain, but were overwhelmed and defeated. Yet they still managed to achieve victory by Flinx guiding a perfect Illumination, prompting Frax and the other phoenix to finally ascend back to their mother sun. ("The Heart of Cavora")

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TV Appearances[edit]

  • Season 3


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