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Grumlo is a Legends of Chima gorilla minifigure released in mid-2013. He is the leader of the Gorilla tribe and a member of the council of elders. Grumlo has appeared in a few episodes of Legends of Chima: The Animated Series and is a playable character in Laval's Journey.


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In a webisode about the Gorilla Tribe, Gorzan explains how to use the Gorilla Mech, which G'Loona sneaks into and destroys the Ravens' most-likely-stolen merchandise. G'Loona then finds Grumlo, who then finds the Ravens and thinks they are littering, and says that its "not cool, dudes".

Grumlo is the elder of the gorilla tribe and a member of Chima's council of elders.

Guarding the flower

He accompanied Gorzan and G'Loona to receive their tribe's Chi at the first give-out following the first battle at the Lion City. On their way home, the gorillas discovered a flower growing in the middle of the road through the Great Forest. Grumlo encouraged Gorzan to guard it, though left before he could see the problems it would cause. ("The Warrior Within")

Grumlo ran the gorillas booth at the following monthly market. ("Market Day")

When G'Loona went missing on the night of the hundred year moon, Grumlo lead a team of gorillas to search for her after Laval and Gorzan's efforts proved in vain. Yet their mechs were no match for the wolves' insanity, and were quickly destroyed. ("The Hundred Year Moon")

When Laval switched to using the eagles as delivery birds to evade the Chi-hungry wolves, Grumlo and Gorzan caught their tribe's falling Chi. ("The CHI Jackers")

During the wolves Chi-thieving campaign, the gorillas had a party under Gorzan's stretched out underwear, which Grumlo attended. ("Balancing Act")

Grmulo with the rest of the elders.

Following the capture of the crocodile tribe by the wolves, Grumlo represented the gorillas in the council of elders gathered to discuss the situation. ("Crocodile Tears")

Grumlo was the only gorilla that fell victim to Cragger and Reegull's fake Chi. When it ran out and he began acting like a bird, Grumlo tried to jump from a tall tree to the ground, but was saved by Gorzan from being injured. ("Fake CHI, Real Trouble")

Following the blocking of Cavora's Chi-falls by the Crawlers, Laval came to the gorillas asking for support in case Cragger tried to seize the last orbs in the sacred pool. Grumlo was at first saddened by the thought of more fighting, but nevertheless promised the help of the gorillas. ("Chima Falls")


TV Appearances[edit]

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Mini-Movie Appearances[edit]


  • In the second Chima mini-magazine issued with a LEGO Club Magazine, Grumlo was called "Gordo"


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