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Can you really see with just two eyes? How many arms am I holding up?
―Sparratus to Crunket

Sparacon is a Legends of Chima spider minifigure released in 2014. He is a member of the Crawlers and appeared in the second season of Legends of Chima: The Animated Series.


Sparacon has dark brown skin with green hands. He wears a grass skirt and a Chi harness made out of a web. He has four additional arms attached to the back of his torso.


Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

Sparacon was originally just an ordinary spider who lived in the Gorge of Eternal Depth until he evolved using the Chi Laval threw into the gorge. He then joined with the other crawlers and marched the captured the crocodile King Crominus and Queen Crunket to the surface.

Questioning Crunket

Sparacon lead the second mission to Cavora where they found a new batch of orbs inside the mountain. However on their way back to the Outlands, his plane was shot down by the eagles and he crashed in the crocodile swamp. Sparacon soon joined up with a few other spiders and found the crocodiles collecting the fallen Chi. They soon managed to capture all the crocodiles, including their former prisoner Queen Crunket. Yet before they could escape with the Chi, ShadoWind arrived and tied up the spiders in their own web. He then freed the crocodiles, who sent their spider prisoners to the dungeon. ("A Tangled Web")

Capturing Plovar

The next day, Crooler visited the dungeon hoping to form an alliance. When she become momentarily distracted by the arrival of Plovar, Sparacon and the other spiders took their chance and picked the locks loose. They then chained up Crooler and returned to the Outlands with Plovar, whom they presented to their queen in the hopes that he could fix her broken tooth. That night, they were summoned by Scorm to return to Cavora in search of tribe-stone rocks. ("The Legend Thief")

Trying to wake Bladvic

With the tribe-stone rocks in hand, the Crawlers returned to the Scorpion Cave and worked through the night. By early morning, they had useable speedorz of their own. Sparacon followed Scorm and a dozen other Crawlers to where they had placed the Bear Legend as bait in the Seesaw Valley and encountered a surprised Laval. Scorm ordered the Crawlers to give chase and Sparacon did, though he and Sparratus crashed near the edge of the Outlands. They returned to the Seesaw Valley and met up with Scorm and the recaptured Bear Legend and Bladvic moments before Laval arrived. The Lion handed Bladvic Chi, but the bear fell asleep seconds after he plugged it. The Crawlers laugh, but he and the Bear Legend's snore began to loose rocks on the nearby canyon. Sparacon raced over and frantically tried to wake him up with no success and was buried under rocks seconds later. ("The Eagle and the Bear")

Later in the day, while the heroes were out searching for the Lion and Wolf Legend, Sparacon lead a raid on Lavertus's lair to gather the Eagle Legend's eggs, but it was thwarted by Eris. ("The Eggs-Terminator")

With Chi orbs

Sparratus returned to the Spider Canyon and joined with the Crawler convoy transporting Crominus and the Wolf Legend to the Scoprion Cave. Along the way, Sparacon had to restrain the Wolf Legend when its scorpion mind-control venom ran thin and Scorm had to reapply it. When they reached the cave, Sparacon stood outside with a legion of crawlers to stand guard. As Scorm had predicted the night earlier, the Chima heroes arrived soon after seeking to free their friends. After Rogon fired his blaster and destroyed the outer barricades, Sparacon gathered the spare Chi orbs and ordered everyone to Chi-up, yet another shot sent the Chi flying and Sparacon caught in a daze. ("Tooth or Consequences")

Stuck in the mud

Sparacon managed to recover and make it inside the cave before the collapse of the entrance. He fought fiercely against the Chima heroes until he was called by his queen to save her from a quicksand pit, only to become stuck himself. ("This May Sting a Bit")

Eventually, Sparacon managed to escape the mud pit and lived inside the now blocked off cave for a short time until the Hunters awoke and marched through. The spiders attempted to attack this invading force but were quickly frozen and added to Sir Fangar's collection in the Ice Fortress. ("Fire Dreaming","Cool and Collected")

Days later, Sparacon and the rest of the Crawlers were unfrozen by the phoenix child Flinx. He, along with the other Crawlers tried to attack the Chima tribes until Flinx created a slide for them and the Crawlers fell into the canyon the glacier was currently over, but were caught in Spinlyn's webs. ("A Very Slippery Slope")

Spoilers end here. Description[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page) The chief Spider Soldier is cold, clever and relentless! What is he thinking behind those eight eyes? Best not to know!


TV Appearances[edit]

  • Season 2
  • Season 3

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