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2013 - 2015

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Why, rocks, why? I thought we were friends!
―Rogon after crashing into boulders.

Rogon is a Legends of Chima minifigure released in 2014. He is a member of the Rhino tribe and is a main character in Legends of Chima: The Animated Series.


Rogon lived in the Rhino Quarry with the other rhinos and his sister Rinona. As a young rhino, he played with the other Chima youngsters at the Forever Rock. He was later seen in the speedor tournament jousting against Bladvic and Laval. In episode 10, it is revealed he has a crush on Eris. He is almost killed by Worriz in the same episode, but is awakened by Eris' kiss.

Rogon accompanied Rukus and Runk to retrieve their Chi at the distribution following the first battle at the lion city. On their way home, they encountered Gorzan in the Great Forest who ordered them to take a detour due to a flower in the middle of the road. At first the rhinos were reluctant, but eventually agreed only to become lost in the forest. ("The Warrior Within")

Rogon was present at the rhino quarry when Lagraivs visited hoping to sign a treaty. ("The Joyride")

After the lions canceled the market day races due to the wolves activities, Rogon raced at the Raven's bootleg races against the other tribes' warriors. ("Crocodile Tears")

Before venturing into the Outlands, Rogon and the other heroes stopped by the Lion City as Lagravis reminisced about everything that had happen since the battle at The Fangs. Undeterred by his fathers words however, Laval inspired Rogon and the others, prompting them to race out of the Lion Temple.

At the first Chi-day following the defeat of the Crawlers, Rogon manned the rhinos booth with Runk. Later that evening, he attended Laval's bonfire at the Forever Rock. When the topic of how Chima began came up, Rogon insisted every hatched from from rocks. ("Fire Dreaming")

Rogon saluting his rocks

Soon after their crushing defeat in the Crocodile Swamp, Laval and Cragger came to the rhino quarry for rocks to use to ambush the Hunters when they entered a canyon. Rogon gave a rallying speech to his rocks before sending them off to the canyon. During the battle, he launched rocks from his Rock Flinger until his hand was frozen to his face when he attempted to salute them. He retreated when Cragger gave the order and eventually joined up with Runk and Rukus who threw rocks at Sir Fangar, but ran away before he was able to freeze them. Later, he met up with Laval, Lagravis, Gorzan, and Cragger in the Map Room to discuss strategy, but the rhino was more interesting in the cake frosting Laval used to represent the Hunters that actually helping. Nevertheless, when they decided to lure he Hunters into the Falling Jungle, Rogon drove his speedor with the others. ("The Call of Cavora")

Rogon defending the Crescent

Soon after, Rogon was summoned by Laval to the Crescent to help guard it from the Hunters by order of the phoenix king Fluminox They succeeded and all the Chima tribes were rewarded with using Fire CHI. ("The Crescent")

Wasting no time, the Chima tribes launched a massive attack on the Hunters, pushing them back into the Gorge of Eternal Depth. Rogon lead the speedorz attack and joined the other heroes when they tried to attack the Hunter's fortress. ("Fired Up!")

Following the destruction of the ice fortress, Rogon, Rukus, and Runk helped search the land for any signs of the Hunters. ("The Artifact")

When Razar reported that the Hunter's were at the top of Spiral Mountain, Rogon accompanied Cragger, Laval, and Worriz on a rescue mission to free Li'ella. ("The Phoenix has Landed") Descriptions[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (see the source of this quote) Rogon

Super-strong Rogon loves his rocks and isn’t too smart. He hasn’t even noticed that Eris has a crush on him! But when he’s near the Rhino Legend Beast he’s suddenly full of brilliant ideas...that vanish when he moves away!


  • Rogon has a crush on Eris.
  • In episode 19, he turned against Laval and that caused Eris to break up with him.



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Rogon Super-strong Rogon loves his rocks and isn’t too smart. He hasn’t even noticed that Eris has a crush on him! But when he’s near the Rhino Legend Beast he’s suddenly full of brilliant ideas...that vanish when he moves away! +
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