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Legends of Chima: The Animated Series

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Legends of Chima: The Animated Series

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David Attar (voice)
Bethany Brown (voice)
Bill Courage (voice)
Michael Patric (voice)
Scott Shantz (voice)
Daniel Conter (voice)

Running time:

21 minutes

First released/aired:

September 5, 2013


Legends of Chima

"Foxtrot" is the tenth episode of Legends of Chima: The Animated Series released in September 2013.


Laval is driving his Speedor through the forest when he comes upon ShadoWind, who challenges him to a race. The mysterious rider quickly takes the lead, only to be caught in a trap by Cragger and his allies. The animals attempt to capture ShadoWind, but the master racer manages to escape, with Cragger himself being trapped by Razar's net. In the wake of their failure, Crooler gives her brother another dose of Persuader Plant spores to keep him under her control, although this causes Cragger to accidentally fall off a cliff.

Later, Crooler meets with the Wolf tribe to discuss ShadoWind and his dominance in the Speedor races. She explains that Cragger has failed too many times to be relied upon, and asks the wolves to help her steal the lion's Chi during the next race. The wolves are interested, but Worriz wonders if Crooler plans to betray her brother; Crooler insists that she will let Cragger in on their plan, but not until she's sure that he won't accidentally mess it up.

When the wolves still appear hesitant, Crooler asks if they have suddenly gained morals. Worriz denies this, but points out that his tribe is still bound by the Pledge of the Pack. He explains that the Wolf tribe was once hopelessly disorganized, with every member trying to become the leader - King Crominus ended the chaos by bringing them Chi and teaching them to work as one. In exchange for this knowledge, the wolves gave Crominus the Pledge of the Pack, a document that binds them to serve the Crocodile King.

Crooler has anticipated this, however, and reveals that she took the liberty of stealing the Pledge of the Pack from Cragger. She promises to destroy the document if the wolves help her with her plan. After a moment of discussion, the wolves agree, but Worriz notes that they will need a master troublemaker to ensure their success.

The next day, Furty sneaks among the crowd at the next Speedor Race. He switches the parts of the competitors' Speedorz and spreads rumors among them, telling each one that the others are plotting to sabotage the track. To his dismay, the Rhino tribe is unconcerned by the possible sabotage, so Furty instead tells Rogon that Eris has a secret crush on him. Enthused by the "proof" that Eris returns his feelings, Rogon vows to protect her during the race.

As Lagravis announces the start of the race, the Golden Chi creates a racetrack filled with ramps. As Cragger notes that the track favors winged racers, Eris discusses Rogon's odd behavior with Laval. Meanwhile, Gorzan overhears Bladvic asking his tribemates to bring beehives with "extra-sticky honey"; convinced that Furty's rumors were true, he tells his fellow gorillas to grab banana skins.

The race begins, and tensions are already high among the racers. The Gorilla tribe begins throwing banana peels on the track, taking out Skinnet and Bezar; Eris nearly crashes into a rock pillar, but Rogon saves her by bumping her with his Speedor. The rhino proceeds to take out Razar, allowing Eris to fly up a ramp as Rogon proclaims his love for her (much to Eris's confusion).

At the back of the crowd, Furty meets up with Crooler and the wolves, who hired him to cause havoc at the race. Worriz complements the fox's work, but Furty insists that "the best is yet to come." On the track, Laval's attempt to keep everyone playing fair is interrupted by Cragger bumping him aside, but ShadoWind arrives to stop him from crashing. The masked rider quickly takes the lead as the competition begins running into puddles of honey set by the bears and Rogon saves Eris when she flies off a ramp that the beavers sabotaged.

In the crowd, arguments break out as the tribes confront each other over their cheating. The arguments quickly escalate into fisticuffs as the wolves watch with amusement - Crooler sneers that the distraction is working perfectly. On the track, Laval is fighting ShadoWind for the lead, taking the opportunity to thank the stranger for helping him navigate the obstacle-ridden course. The moment he attempts to pull ahead, however, he hits a large rock set up by Crawley and Crug, sending him face-first into a puddle as ShadoWind drives off. Elsewhere, Rogon Chi's up to clear the path for Eris, although the eagle is still bewildered by his advances.

Finally, ShadoWind crosses the finish line, securing another victory - however, this is lost on the crowd, which has devolved into a full-blown riot. Lagravis very quickly presents the Golden Chi to ShadoWind before ordering Longtooth to rally all of the lions to help quell the fighting. With the Lion city emptied, Crooler and the wolves sneak into the Lion Temple - however, Cragger spots them and follows, thinking his sister is in danger.

As the lions fight to bring the crowd under control, the wolves steal every orb in the Chi pool before blasting a hole in the wall. Hearing the explosion, Laval and Eris go to investigate the temple, with a lovestruck Rogon clearing a path through the remaining fighters. Meanwhile, Cragger finds the wolves making off with the Chi, with Worriz promising to split the spoils with Crooler once she destroys the Pledge of the Pack. He confronts his sister, knocking away her Persuader Plant when she tries to brainwash him again, and declares that "No one steals Chi without ME!" Outside, the lions retreat into the temple and seal the entrance, with Lagravis lamenting that they probably won't have another Chi Day race "for a very long time."

Back in the temple, Cragger asserts his authority over the wolves, but Worriz declares that the Pledge of the Pack is as good as gone. Deciding to "play loose with the rules - just this once", he leads Wakz and Wilhurt against Cragger, who finds no help from his sister. Luckily for Cragger, Laval, Eris, and Rogon arrive to even the odds, with the latter declaring that "no one touches my love!" (Laval informs the bemused wolves that Rogon meant Eris, not him).

While Rogon and Eris battle Crooler and Worriz's minions, Laval and Cragger team up against the wolf leader, with Cragger hastily claiming that he was helping to thwart the Chi theft. After the duo use an old team move to take the advantage, Worriz calls a helicopter to cover his escape. Rogon takes a blast in the back for Eris as Cragger jumps onto the helicopter as it leaves and battles Worriz on the underside, leaving Laval torn between helping his friend and stopping the other wolves from getting away with the rest of the Chi. He makes his decision when Windra stamps on Cragger's hand causing him to fall from the helicopter. He then using a dropped Chi orb, caught the falling crocodile. With the wolves making their escape, Cragger could only whisper Crooler's name as she escaped aboard a Pack Tracker.

Later, the wolves load half of the stolen Chi onto a Crocodile vehicle, with Worriz badgering Crooler about her end of the deal. Eventually, the Crocodile Princess drops the Pledge of the Pack into the Gorge of Eternal Depth - ironically, the same place where her parents were thought to have perished at the start of the war. Worriz assures Crooler that she's doing the right thing, but Crooler is less certain, having betrayed her brother and undone her father's accomplishments.

Back in the Lion Temple, Crug and Crawley help an injured Cragger into a Claw Ripper as Laval laments his failure to stop the wolves from escaping with the Chi. Lagravis assures his son that he made the right choice in saving Cragger as Eris kisses Rogon as "a dying rhino's request". The moment she does so, however, Rogon leaps to his feet, declaring that Eris's love "just healed me", leaving Eris fuming as everyone else laughs.

At the bottom of the Gorge of Eternal Depth, a shadowy figure comes upon the Pledge of the Pack and picks it up before walking on.

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David Attar (voice)
Bethany Brown (voice)
Bill Courage (voice)
Michael Patric (voice)
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