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Bladvic is a bear Legends of Chima minifigure released in 2015. He appears occasionally in Legends of Chima: The Animated Series and is a playable character of Laval's Journey. Bladvic is the warrior of the bears and represented the tribe in the peace talks and the quest into the Outlands.


Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

Like most bears, Bladvic is almost always sleeping. When awake, he is very sleepy and unalert, but can be focused on tasks with constant supervision. He can only be awoken by whispering in his ear.

Bladvic jousted in the first Speedor tournament after the battle at the fangs, where he battled against Rogon. He lost easily and fell asleep in the arena. ("The Great Story")

On his way home from retrieving his tribe's Chi from the first distribution following the battle, he was ordered by Gorzan to take a detour due to a flower growing in the middle of the road. ("The Warrior Within")

He also falls asleep in Episode 5: Markey Day, when he is racing with the other competitors. He is seen slowing down his Speedor, falling off of it, and then falling asleep.

Bladvic was one of the bears in the online webisode, "Hy-Bear Active", that found a bee-hive dripping with honey merged with Chi, causing the bears to go on a rampage throughout Chima when they eat it.

Prior to the Hundred Year Moon, Bladvic was warned by Wakz about the phenomenon and in turn, warned the other members of his tribe. ("The Hundred Year Moon")

While the wolves were at large, the lions escorted Balkar and Bladvic from the lion city back to their village with their Chi. When they reached the Grand Archway Canyon, the company fell under attack by the wolves and the two bears raced ahead with the Chi while the lions held the wolves back. However Worriz quickly caught up to them and seized their orbs. As the wolves drove off, Balkar and Bladvic decided to sleep, thinking that a nap would solve their problem. Indeed, it did as later when Eris made her Chi delivers from the eagle jets, one of the bags of Chi fell and landed next to the sleeping bears. ("The CHI Jackers")

After the lions canceled the Chi day races, Bladvic started competing in the raven's bootleg races. ("Crocodile Tears")

On the bear's way home from retrieving their Chi soon after, they fell under the attack of the wolves until the lions arrived to help. ("Fake CHI, Real Trouble")

Bladvic asleep

Bladvic was napping in the Bear Forest with a pile of Chi orbs when the black cloud first came to Chima. The cloud grabbed the sleeping bear and flew him to the Grand Archway where they exchanged him for the rhino's Chi. Later, he answered Laval's call to defend Mount Cavora from the Black Cloud. Upon achieving victory, he ran and hugged Gorzan. ("The Black Cloud")

After Cavora's falls dried up, Laval came to the bear forest to ask for help in case Cragger tried to attack the lion city. Bladvic agreed, though when the time came and Laval summoned them, Bladvic fell back to sleep. Eventually the bears went to the city and arrived just in time to witness the return of Crunket and the Crocodile Legend. Later that night, he journeyed to the Forever Rock to met up with the other warriors that would be sent into the Outlands to save the Legend Beasts. ("For Chima!")

During the battle

Bladvic fought with the others heroes during the final battle in the scorpion cave. He then returned to Chima with the Bear Legend and witnessed the restart of Cavora's falls. ("This May Sting a Bit")

Following the defeat of the Crawlers, Bladvic spent most of his time sleeping at the Bear Forest. He was present at market day where he bought a clock from the eagles and then later at the campfire at the Forever Rock where he insisted Chima was created by the "Great Dream." ("Fire Dreaming")

A few weeks later, Bladvic answered Laval's call for help and journeyed to the Crescent to help defend it against the Hunters. However, he slept through the battle and only awoke when the phoenix arrived. ("The Crescent")

Bladvic frozen

On the day after the arrival of the Bear Legend, Bladvic and the rest of the tribe were frozen by the vultures and added to Sir Fangar's collection. They were later freed by Flinx and returned to their village. ("The Snowball Effect", "A Very Slippery Slope")

Bladvic charging to battle

During the Hunters' final attack on the Lion City, Bladvic and the other bears slept while the other tribes came to the Lions' aid. However, when the vultures re-awoke the Ice Bear tribe, the regular Bears sensed this through their dreams. Immediately roused in a berserk fury, they mounted their long-unused mechs and stormed towards the city, with Bladvic leading the way. Along the way, Bladvic encountered a speechless Laval and Cragger and explained the situation to them. The bears continued to the Lion City, where they beat back the Ice Bears - during the battle, Bladvic was pulled away from the battle when he heard Eris's call (although not before giving one last threat to the Ice Bear in his mech's claws). He arrived at the Forever Rock and donned a Fire Wing Harness, preparing to perform the Great Illumination with the other seven heroes. They flew into the heart of Cavora, purifying the land and cleansing the Hunters. Bladvic then joined his friends atop Mount Cavora as the phoenix ascended and Chima returned to a state of peace. ("Wings of Fire","The Heart of Cavora")

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Laval's Journey Description[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. Bladvic is one of the stronger and more powerful warriors in Chima - at least when he can stay awake. If he had it his way, Bladvic would spend all his time asleep in his hammock by the river instead of being dragged into battle.


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Bladvic is one of the stronger and more powerful warriors in Chima - at least when he can stay awake. If he had it his way, Bladvic would spend all his time asleep in his hammock by the river instead of being dragged into battle. +
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