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This minifigure has only appeared in a non-physical form
Although this article is about an official minifigure, it never existed in physical form, or appeared in any official LEGO sets.
Dom de la Woosh

Legends of Chima



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The Woosh is not only the greatest, most handsome, and super fantastic rider in Chima, he is also the most humble.
―Dom de la Woosh concerning himself.

Dom de la Woosh is a Legends of Chima character. He is a nomad who is a peacock.[1]


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Dom de la Woosh was the crowd favorite Speedor racer who raced when Laval and Cragger were kids. The two thought highly of him and often fought over who was the "better Woosh".

Racing on his Speedor

Years later during the Chima civil war, Cragger asked him to race in next competition to serve as a distraction. Yearning to hear the roar of the fans again, he agreed and arrived at the track to applause. During the race he was in the lead and kept on jumping off and ski, making the fans go crazy. Crooler unleashed some crazy fish into the race in an attempt to cheat. Woosh, Cragger, and Laval avoided the fish with everyone else crashing, effectively eliminating those who crashed from the race. He then has in second and last. He then went in first again with Laval crashing in the water with the fishes. Then a hand grabbed him and Laval thought it was Dom de la Woosh, but it was ShadoWind and he raced into the game and he won. Woosh said he won with a happy face throwing confetti. He then said after Shadow Wind raced off with the CHI. He also talked to Eris and Laval, saying he worked with Cragger only for the fans and that Laval was the best racer he had ever seen. ("The Biggest Race Ever")

Frozen in the trophy room

Following the defeat of the wolves, Dom de la Woosh joined in on the speedor ride through Chima Cragger and Laval were hosting. ("Ravens vs Eagles")

Shortly after the Hunter's return, Dom de la Woosh was frozen by Stealthor while he was admiring his Speedor. The peacock was then placed in Sir Fangar's trophy room with the Hunter's other prisoners until he was freed by Flinx. ("Fired Up!","Cool and Collected")


  • Dom de la Woosh is the only Legends of Chima character not to have his name start with the same letter as his species in English.
  • Dom de la Woosh has a Spanish accent.
  • He's the only nomad that hasn't appeared in any physical sets.


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