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Lavertus, also known as ShadoWind, is a Legends of Chima lion minifigure released in early 2014. He is the older brother of Lagravis and the uncle of Laval. Lavertus is the last exiled lion, but later returned to Chima as the Speedor racer ShadoWind.

Lavertus is a recurring character in Legends of Chima: The Animated Series, and acts as a mission giver and cupcake vendor in Legends of Chima Online.


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Lavertus' has dark brown fur, with white forepaws and lighter brown feet of which are detailed with black claws.

In his regular clothing, Lavertus dons a sleeveless, blue tunic. He wears a golden harness over his chest with a blue CHI orb in the center. Over his waist was a blue belt fastened by a buckle with a lion head. He wears a torn kilt on his legs which extends about halfway downwards.


Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

Early life

Lavertus was born and raised in the Lion City along with his younger brother Lagravis. Being the son of the king, he wielded a royal Black Valious sword.

Lavertus attempting to steal Chi.

In Lavertus' earlier days, he deeply loved the crocodile princess Crunket, unaware that the crocodile Crominus also sought her affection. Crominus’s jealousy led him to the alchemist Reegull for a Persuader Plant of which he used to hypnotize Lavertus into ignoring Crunket. Yet the lion's love for her prevailed and the lion prince and croc princess continued to adore each other. Still, Crominus persisted and tried again with his Persuader Plant by ordering Lavertus to steal Chi. Under the flower's spell, Lavertus was forced to obey and break the lions’ greatest rule. As Crominus had anticipated, Lavertus was caught red-handed taking Chi out of the Sacred Pool and charged with the punishment of exile. Realizing that explaining what really happened to the rest of the lions would only result in war of which Crunket would undoubtedly be hurt in, Lavertus accepted his consequence and departed into the Outlands, leaving Crunket to marry Crominus. ("This May Sting A Bit")


Lavertus fishing in the Outlands.

Lavertus created a new life for himself in the Outlands, building a home and feeding off fish in the nearby lake. While he had keepsakes such as his punching dummy Sir Kicks-A-Lot and Black Valious sword to remind him of his past life, Lavertus held the scarf his beloved Crunket had given him on the day he was exiled as his most prized possession. At some point, he found and befriended the Legend Beasts and kept an eye on Chima using a powerful periscope. However, about eleven years into his exile, the Crawler tribes created from the Chi his nephew Laval threw into the Gorge of Eternal Depth emerged into the Outlands.


Lavertus' reappearance in Chima.

Realizing he needed to protect himself from this new threat, Lavertus created a disguise in order to return to Chima to race for the Golden CHI. He arrived at the Speedor track just in time to save his nephew Laval from drowning in a pool of piranha snakes. Lavertus then proceeded to win the race, beating out the fan-favorite Dom de la Woosh and winning the largest orb of Golden Chi. As he was in exile, he was forbidden to speak, even when being presented with his reward. Because of this, he earned the name of "ShadoWind" (for being as mysterious and quiet as a shadow and as quick as the wind.) ("The Biggest Race of All","The Legend Thief")

Lavertus standing before his latest creation, the "WindShadow".

For the next few months, Lavertus was kept busy both in the Outlands and in Chima. Golden Chi he won from subsequent Speedor races enabled him to create things like the "WindShadow," and his own Speedor track in the Outlands which served not only for him to practice on, but also protected his home from the Crawlers. He fashioned armor for the Legend Beasts, who were constantly being captured by the Crawlers. ("The Eagle and the Bear","The Legend Thief")

Lavertus gives Laval one of his Orbs of Golden Chi.

When the Wolves took control of the majority of Chi and destroyed part of the Lion Temple back in Chima, Lavertus provided one of his Golden Chi orbs to Laval for the lions to repair the damaged walls. The character of ShadoWind became a legend in Chima and at one point, the Ravens took advantage of this by having Furty the Fox dress up as him for fan display. ("The CHI Jackers","Crocodile Tears")

Lavertus presents the Pledge of the Pack to Laval.

At one point during his engagements with the Crawlers, Lavertus came across the imprisoned Crominus and Crunket, who had fallen into the Gorge of Eternal Depth and into the Crawler's domain months earlier. The exiled lion rescued Crunket, as well as the Pledge of the Pack of which they had recovered after Crooler threw it into the gorge, but due to his bitter hatred towards the Crocodile king, refused to liberate him as well. Lavertus handed Crunket over to the Crocodile Legend Beast, before returning to Chima where he found the now exiled Laval and presented him with the Pledge.("Laval in Exile")

ShadoWind leads the Black Cloud away from Mount Cavora.

The next day, the Crawlers finally ventured into Chima under the disguise of a black cloud. Though Lavertus tried to distract them as best he could, they managed to slip through the energy field surrounding Cavora and cut off the flow of the Chi falls. ("The Black Cloud")

"For Chima!"

A battle in front of the Lion Temple between the eight main tribes for control of the last remaining orbs followed. Laval managed to fake his own death in the midst of it and snuck off with Lavertus to rescue the Crocodille Legend Beast, who had become entangled in one of the Spider's traps on the edge of the Outlands. It was here that Lavertus dared speak and pointing to Cavora, cried out "For Chima!" before racing off into the Outlands. ("For Chima!")

Lavertus with Cupcakes

Anticipating that warriors from Chima seeking to rescue the other captive Legend Beasts would inevitably find his domain, Lavertus set to work crafting armor for them as well as creating of map of where all the Legend Beasts were being held. His suspicions proved correct, as the next day a small band of heroes lead by Laval and Cragger arrived at his doorstep. Lavertus released them from the snare that had become entrapped in and welcomed them into his home. They were all quickly distracted by his simple amenities, (rocks for Rhogon, flowers for Gorzan, cupcakes for Bladvic, armor for Worriz and Sir Kicks-A-Lot for Laval,) except for Cragger who Lavertus taunted after the others became distracted. Before long, the topic turned to the captive Legend Beasts and Lavertus directed them to the map. He then offered his home as shelter for the heroes while they saved the Legend Beasts on the condition that they don't enter his locked room. ("Into the Outlands")

ShadoWind saves the day again.

The following morning, the eight heroes set off in search of the Gorrila and Rhino legend beasts while Lavertus returned to Chima to save the crocodiles from the Spiders, including Crunket. She attempted to remove his helmet, but Lavertus raced away before she could do so. He arrived back at his home just in time to welcome the heroes who had been successful in their quest. Cragger at first questioned the exiled lion as to what he had spent the day doing, but in order to avert any questions, Lavertus presented the team with a plateful of cookies instead. ("A Tangled Web")

Lavertus holding his ShadoWind outfit.

Lavertus woke the heroes early on their third day in the Outlands, demanding to know who stole Golden Chi from his locked room. None of the heroes admitted to the deed however and Lavertus angrily stormed off to the garage to work on his new Speedor. It was there that he spotted the Raven Legend Beast fleeing with his Golden Chi. Yet just as he was about to chase after the thief, the eight heroes entered, having found his ShadoWind helmet. Lavertus tried to deny his secret alter-ego, but the heroes persisted. Eventually, the exiled lion admitted the truth, however still refused to help them in their quest to save the legend beasts and especially King Crominus.

A Speedor race commenced shortly after, for Laval had struck a deal that if they could beat the great ShadoWind in a race, he assist them in the rescue of the legend beasts. While Lavertus held the home track advantage, he was beaten due to the eight heroes working as a team to win. He then lead them to the Scorpion Cave where he explained to them how the Scorpions mind control work. Laval, and Razar arrived just as Scorm used the Golden Chi to create a statue of the "Great Scorpion." Razar managed to rescue the Raven beast however using gold paint, and they made it safely back to Lavertus' home with four legend beasts safe.("The Legend Thief")

Lavertus piloting the Wind Shadow.

Following the discovery of the Eagle and Bear Legend beasts' location the following day, Lavertus at last revealed to the heroes his WindShadow, which he used to transport Laval and Bladvic to the Seesaw Valley where the Bear and Eagle eggs were being kept. However they were quickly ambushed by the Bats and he was forced to fly away, leaving Laval to return home on his Speedor. ("The Eagle and the Bear")

Lavertus taunting Cragger.

That evening, Lavertus took Crunket's scarf from his locked room to talk to it at the same time Cragger woke from a dream concerning his captive father. Lavertus resumed taunting the young croc until Cragger noticed the scarf and questioned the lion about it. Thinking fast, Lavertus urged Cragger to go find his father and crept away before he could be asked any more questions.

While the other heroes slept, Lavertus took their weapons and modified them with upgrades of which he presented to them after they woke and were preparing to go after Worriz (who had left in the night to find the Wolf Beast) and Cragger. Here, he also presented Laval his Black Valious sword, as well as grenades he had crafted using Chi. Yet when Laval asked him to join them, Lavertus refused and stormed off. ("Tooth or Consequences")

Lavertus' final moments.

A few hours later, Rinona found Lavertus still clutching Crunket’s scarf and asked if there was anything to do to help the eight heroes. Lavertus explained his history with Crominus and remained steadfast in his decision not to save the crocodile king. Eventually however, Rinona managed to convince him that helping would be the right thing to do, and so they piloted the WindShadow to the Scorpion Cave. They arrived just in time, destroying the Scorpions' arsenal and preventing Scorm from sealing the cave entrance. It was here that Lavertus at last came face to face with his nemesis. Yet rather than strike a blow to Crominus, Lavertus instead forgave the crocodile king and presented him with Crunket’s scarf. He then used some of his Golden Chi to create support beams for the cave long enough for the heroes to escape, seemingly perishing in the collapse himself. However, unbeknownst to the heroes, Lavertus used another Golden Chi orb to make a shelter for himself, enabling him to survive the cave-in. (“This May Sting A Bit”)

Return of the Hunters

Lavertus' frozen helmet.

Back in Chima, the heroes assumed the exiled lion had sacrificed himself and was dead. Lavertus’ action moved Crominus so much that the crocodile king admitted his wrong doings to Lagravis and even dedicated the restarting of the falls of Mount Cavora to the exiled lion. Laval mentioned him often when he told of their Outland quest to the Chima youngsters and the eight heroes turned his Outlands home into a museum to honor him. (“This May Sting A Bit”,“Fire Dreaming”)

Using Golden Chi

However, Lavertus was alive and well in the ruins of the Scorpion Cave, where he witnessed Scorm throw his Chi into a gorge. Hoping to grab some of the orbs, Lavertus climbed down, only to be met by an icy frost as the recently awoken Ice Hunters ascended. He quickly used another one of his Golden Chi orbs to create a bunker to escape their freeze, but found himself trapped in his own shelter when it was frozen over.

The return of ShadoWind

After picking himself loose, Lavertus wandered in the tunnels, and was present to see the Blazing Bastion crash in the Gorge of Eternal Depth. He reunited with his nephew and his friends before using his Golden Chi to help them escape back into Chima. They flew in the Blazing Bastion back to Mount Cavora only to discover that the entire land except the villages and Outlands had been frozen over. The heroes discussed the possibility of another Illumination to cleanse Chima, but they were reminded by Fluminox that the artifact containing the map to the fire wings had been destroyed. It was then that Lavertus noticed an intense light coming from the Outlands and the heroes raced off to investigate. ("A Spark of Hope","The Phoenix has Landed")

Drawing the map

Lavertus went on ahead to clear them a path into the Outlands, picking up his upgraded speedor from his home along the way. They soon discovered that the light was coming from the tiger turned panther Tormak who now had the heat of the artifact inside him. He then Chi-ed up, revealing the map to the fire wings which Lavertus quickly jotted down. The heroes then set off to location of the first fire wing; the eagle spire claw rocks. Once Eris succeeded in finding it, the heroes split up with Lavertus and Laval going together. However on their way to the Grand Archway, the two noticed the Hunters attacking the Lion City and the exiled lion returned to the city where he was reunited with his brother Lagravis amidst the battle. ("Wings of Fire")

Watching the Illumination

Lavertus and Lagravis continued to fight as the Hunters advanced and the two witnessed the phoenix Flinx unleash the Great Illumination. Afterwards they celebrated their victory with the rest of the purified Chima. ("The Heart of Cavora")

Spoilers end here.


Lavertus exhibited many characteristic traits of the lion tribe. He was selfless and noble, as evidenced by his willingness to be exiled so that growing tensions would not lead to war. His years of isolation made him have mood swings and lose his mind at some times (including a tendency to end his sentences with "Or will I?" and variants thereof), yet Lavertus was still able to maintain his ingenious inventor and speedor skills.

While Lavertus had in his possession a ShadoValious sword and other weapons, he was never seen in hand-to-hand combat. Instead, he used his Speedor skills to outwit his opponents. Description[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (see the source of this quote) Lavertus

A Lion warrior our heroes find in the Outlands, sent into exile by the tribe years before. His isolation has made him a little kooky and moody, but he’s basically a good guy and a real survival expert!

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