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Lagravis is a lion Legends of Chima minifigure first released in 2013. He is the younger brother of Lavertus and the father of Laval. Lagravis is the king of the lions and has appeared in several episodes of Legends of Chima: The Animated Series and as a playable character in Laval's Journey.


Similar to the other lions, their king has cream-coloured skin and wears a blue kilt and golden armour. Unlike the other lions, however, whose hair is either orange, brown or red, his hair is light-grey. Like his son, Laval, his armour covers a large portion of his upper body. Lagravis wears a blue cape. He also has a new golden armour piece, different than others like Eris and Longtooth.


Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

Early life

Lagravis was presumably born and raised in the Lion City along with his older brother, Lavertus. He was the son of the current lion king and being part of the noble family, wielded a royal Valious sword.

Lagravis married a lioness early in his life, and the two had a son, Laval. Only a few years later, Lagravis was put in the uncomfortable position of having to help his father the king exile Lavertus, who had been caught trying to steal Chi from the Sacred Pool. This act had secretly been done by Crominus, of whom Lagravis shared a mutual respect with and the two often raced Speedorz together.("This May Sting A Bit")

When his father eventually passed away, Lagravis was crowned king and raised Laval, telling him often about the Great Story and instructing him in the duties of a lion. He disapproved of Laval's childish antics as the years went on, though allowed him to play with the other young animals.

This all changed when Cragger plugged a Chi orb before his age of becoming. When they managed to contain the crocling, Lagravis summoned his parents to the lion city to discuss the matter. However, the discussion went nowhere as Crominus was more concerned about placing the blame on Laval and the lions, and they stormed off before any apologies could be made. As punishment for taking part in the act, Lagravis ordered Laval to his room and placed Longtooth and Leonidas to guard it.

Capturing Cragger

A few days later, Cragger attempted to sneak into the sacred pool again with Worriz, but Lagravis was already there. Cragger fled from the scene and launched a croc flare, signalling full-on battle. Lagravis assembled his forces and marched to The Fangs where a chaotic battle took place between the crocodiles and the lions. Eventually, Crominus tank fell into the Gorge of Eternal Depth and the crocodile king and queen were presumed dead. ("The Legend of Chima")

Civil War

Some days later, Lagravis found Laval sulking at the steps of the Lion City. After inquiring about Cragger, Lagravis told the great story to his reluctant son again. When the Chi-day events began later, Lagravis reminded Laval of the lions duties to distribute the Chi and about the Golden Chi. He then observed the Joust of Jungle Judgement and when Laval was declared the winner, the king of the lions was about to give his son the golden orb when Cragger arrived. Lagravis reminded him that he was required to be there at the start of the race in order to qualify. Nevertheless, Cragger attempted to joust the defenseless Eris and when Laval tried to stop him, fled to the Falling Jungle.

Soon, Laval reached the age of becoming and the lions were summoned to the sacred pool to watch the ceremony. Lagravis proudly presented his son with his first orb of Chi. Yet before Laval could plug the orb, they were interrupted by the crocodiles, wolves, and ravens' attack. He immediately called for the help of the gorillas and eagles, yet even with their help, they were only able to obtain victory due to the return of the Lion Legend. ("The Great Story")

At the next Market Day after the battle, Lagravis distributed the Chi orbs with Laval's help. He even gave the crocodiles their share, to the dismay of Laval due to the previous battle. ("The Warrior Within")

Shortly into the civil war, Lagravis journeyed to the Rhino Quarry with Longtooth and Leonidas hoping to sign a treaty with the Rhinos. Thinking it unwise to bring the tank, they instead traveled by speedorz. Upon arrival, Lagravis was most perplexed at the tribe's actions, such as Rhigor using Chi to destroy a rock while another watered a rock to make it grow strong. When at last he finally managed to talk to the rhinos, Lagravis interrupted by the the distress roar and raced back to the lion city with his lion guards. During the way, they were ambushed by the wolves. When Lagravis finally made it to the city the next morning, Lagravis was perplexed to find his tank now had wings. ("The Joyride")

At the following Market Day, Lagravis was puzzled at Laval's absence during the practice runs and instructed Longtooth and Leonidas to find him. With the Golden Chi unguarded, the ravens took advantage of the opportunity and stole it for the crocodiles. However, Laval lead an army of lions, eagles, and gorillas after them and was able to reclaim it. Worriz managed to win the actual race and the king of the lions presented him with the Golden Chi. ("Market Day")

A few days later, Lagravis was alerted by Longtooth that the wolves were attacking the eagle spire and the lions journeyed there to assist them. ("Attack on Eagle Spire")

The lions were visited soon after by Eglor and Eris who had come to warn them about the Hundred Moon Phenomenon. On the night of the event, the lions locked down their city, but were visited by Gorzan. After the lion scolded him for being out tonight, they learned that G'Loona had gone missing, and Laval ventured out with him to find her. ("The Hundred Year Moon")

When Longtooth reported that the wolves were launching their attack on the Lion City, Lagravis and the lion guards lined up against the city wall with their pulsors. The king of lions warned them to be ready for anything, yet what they didn't expect was for the wolves to start behaving like birds thanks to using Reegull's fake Chi. ("Fake CHI, Real Trouble")

Lagravis and Longtooth were standing at the steps of the Lion City when Laval and Cragger's speedor party passed by and the king of the lions expressed confusion as to what they were doing. ("Ravens vs Eagles")

On the eve of the peace talks, Lagravis went to Laval's room to find him preparing for the talks by practicing sparring with Sir Punch-a-Lot. The king of the lions then lectured him about being a true leader and the importance of sacrifices. That night, during the peace talks, that month's Golden Chi orb formed just as Laval returned. The prince of the lions unexpectedly grabbed the orb and took off with it. Lagravis ordered pursuit and eventually caught up to him in the forest. The prince pleaded with his father to let him continue his task and the king reluctantly agreed. ("Reunion Gone Wrong")

Cavora Imperiled

Prior to the heroes venturing into the Outlands, they visited Lagravis at the Lion City while he reminisced about everything that had happen since the battle at The Fangs. Later

Return of the Hunters

Following the defeat of the Crawlers, Chima enjoyed about month of peace. Lagravis presented the Golden Chi at the Market Day race to the winner Gorzan and later gave Laval with a new tank as a present for saving Chima. ("Fire Dreaming")

Lagravis during the battle

A few days later, Eris arrived at the Lion City with news of a strange wave is whiteness moving across Chima. Cragger and Crooler flew in on the Helicrocter moments later and confirmed Eris report, gesturing to Crug who was frozen to the plane. After consulting with the Elders, Lagravis revealed that Crug was encased in a substance known as "ice." The lions called in their allies and together they journeyed to the croc swamp where they battled the hunters. Lagravis' tank was frozen early in the battle and the lion king was forced to battle on foot. However, even after he chied-up, he and the rest of the army were now match against the Hunters and were forced to retreat. ("Attack of the Ice Clan")

Stragizing against the hunters.

Following the heroes' failed attempt at ambushing the hunters with rocks, Lagravis met with Laval, Cragger, Gorzan, and Rogon in the Map Room of the Lion City to discuss their next move. The meeting went rather poorly at first, as everyone was more interested in the frosting Laval used to show the hunter's movements. Eventually, Gorzan suggested using the Falling Jungle to their advantage and the heroes set off. ("The Call of Cavora")

Lagravis celebrating their victory

While the heroes were engaged with the Hunters there, Lagravis and Longtooth went to the Beaver Lodge to warn them of the Hunters, as their home stood directly in their icy path. Lagravis suggested building a dam to drain the water of which their home was built on and the beavers eagerly set to work building it. While an impressive work upon completion, it only held the hunters back for a short while until they went around the dam and cornered Lagravis and the beavers. They retreated inside the Beaver lodge and braced themselves to be frozen, but just then, Laval, Eris, and Cragger arrived with Fire CHI given to them by the phoenix atop Mount Cavora. Lagravis was given an orb and quickly set to work defrosting the dam. In no time at all, the hunters had retreated. ("Trial by Fire")

Laughing at his son

Shortly thereafter, Lagravis returned with Laval in his tank to the Lion City to receive more Fire CHI before continuing their attack. On the way, father and son discussed the story before the great story and learned that Fluminox was as serious as he was. Later, when he watched Laval and Eris depart for the Crescent, Lagravis inquired to Longtooth concerning if he had a sense of humor. When Longtooth admitted he didn't, the king enlisted him to help him find his "funny bone". Though Longtooth tried several things (jokes, silly faces, and dressing up the statues), it was only upon hearing that Laval thought he was in love with Li'ella did Lagravis actually laugh. ("The Crescent")

With the Lion Legend

A few days later, Laval and the phoenix, Flinx, arrived with the Lion Legend to guard the city. Still having trouble coping with the story before the great story, Lagravis was at first distraught until Laval reassured him to have faith. ("Cool and Collected")

Lagravis frozen

The Lion Legend watched over the city until Laval rode it out with Li'ella to deal with a band of Hunters. During that time, the Saber Tooth Tigers used a tunnel to sneak into the Sacred Pool. Lagravis and the other lion guards attempted to defend the throne room, but without Fire Chi or the Lion Legend's roar, they were soon frozen. Lagravis was then taken and placed in Sir Fangar's trophy room. ("The Snowball Effect")

Throwing Braptor

However, the king of the lions was only frozen for a few days as the Chima heroes launched an attack on the Hunter glacier and stormed the trophy room. Flinx managed to unfreeze Lagravis, but also the Crawlers, who immediately began attacking the Chima heroes. Lagravis, Crunket, and Crominus, still enraged with what the Crawlers had done to Chima took on the Crawlers with Lagravis throwing Braptor across the room. ("A Very Slippery Slope")

Lagravis was present at the map room when Eglor gave his report to Laval in the map room concerning the lack of Hunter sightings. ("The Artifact")

During the final battle

A few days later, the Hunters launched their final attack on the Lion City. Lagravis sent out the distress roar to the other tribes at the sight of their moving fortress. By early morning, the Hunters arrived at the city and easily broke through the walls. As they stormed into the city, Lagravis lead a squadron of lions to repel them. However, midway through the battle, the king of the lions was surprised to find himself being aided by his believed-dead brother Lavertus. ("Wings of Fire")

Reunited with Lavertus

The brothers eventually made it to the upper balconies where they used pulsors to repel the Hunters. From there they witnessed the arrival of the ice bears and the Hunter ice tower beginning to rise towards Cavora. Yet they managed to survive the battle and observed the Illumination. Afterwards, the brothers celebrated their victory and being reunited at last. ("The Heart of Cavora")

In Laval's Journey

Presenting the Golden Chi to Cragger

Following the final joust of the Chi-day tournaments, Lagravis presents the victorious Cragger with the orb of Golden Chi, unaware of the crocodiles intentions with it. Cragger uses the orb to pull apart Golden Chi orbs and send Chi droplets everywhere. When Laval arrives at the Lion City to warn his father of this, Lagravis laments how this action has put Chima out of balance, yet is alarmed when his son tells of Cragger's quest for the Triple Chi Armour. Longtooth reports that the eagles are under attack and Lagravis sends Laval to investigate.

Laval soon returned with Eris and reported that the Wolves were the one's responsible for the attack. Ewald arrived and informed him that the chest plate had been taken. Realizing that Cragger was going after the legendary triple Chi armour, he sent Laval and Eris to the Sanctuary Forest as he knew the gorillas would be attacked next.

When the two returned with Gorzan, they found Lagravis fighting off Crocodile Guards until he was defeated by Cragger wielding the first two pieces of the triple Chi armour. The crocodile king ordered Lagravis to help him find the final pieces, but he refused until Cragger threatened to hurt Laval. Cragger then dragged Lagravis to the Rhino Quarry where the two unlocked the final piece of the armour.

Lagravis was then taken to the crocodile swamp and placed in the prison aboard the command ship. Soon, Crooler arrived with the armour and drove the boat away, demanding to know how to use it. However, Laval, Eris, Gorzan, Worriz, and a clear headed Cragger arrived and managed to stop the boat. Upon being freed, Lagravis expressed his dismay about the triple Chi armour, prompting Laval to declare the legend false. Lagravis then revealed that the armour could only be used where the balance was broken. However, Worriz grabbed the armour and fled to Spiral Mountain to use it himself.

Spoilers end here. Description[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (see the source of this quote) Lagravis

Lagravis is the king of the Lion tribe and the father of Laval. He believes very strongly in tradition and rules, and he can be very stubborn at times. He and Laval argue sometimes when Laval does not want to follow the rules, but both respect and love each other very much.


  • In 70010 The Lion CHI Temple, Lagravis' weapon is similar to the silver serpent-striker utilized by the Ninja in Ninjago sets.
  • In a flashbacks of his early-hood, Lagravis has grey hair due to budget restrictions for a younger model.



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