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Whatever you do, do not listen to your sister.
―Crominus to his son
King Crominus

Legends of Chima


Fire Variant


Royal Hakraxx


2013, 2015

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Crominus is a Legends of Chima minifigure released in 2013. He is the husband of Crunket and the father of Cragger and Crooler. Crominus has appeared in a few episodes of Legends of Chima: The Animated Series and as a playable character in Laval's Journey.


Crominus has a golden armour accessory with a transparent flat blue stud, which represents Chi. He has a red torn up cape. His head mould is gold on top and olive green printed on the bottom with lots of crooked teeth with reptilian scales. His arms are olive green but his hands are dark green. His torso is scaly with muscles and red ripped cloth and in the middle of his torso there is a circle of chi. He has printings of a red cloth continuing onto his legs, except with white bones connected to it. The bottom of his feet are printed with claws.

In Legends of Chima: The Animated Series[edit]

Crominus' appearance in the TV series is similar to his appearance in the sets. His printing remains the same except he has a grey goatee and side and back printing. Crominus also has a tail instead of a cape. His crown is also a little more gold and shiny.


Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.
Lavertus under Crominus' control

Crominus was born into one of the crocodile noble families. As a young prince, he shared a mutual respect with the lion prince Lagravis and raced Speedorz with him often. However he despised Lagravis' older brother Lavertus as Crominus was deeply in love with the crocodile Crunket, who instead loved Lavertus. His jealousy of the lion eventually lead Crominus to the alchemist Reegull for a Persuader Plant of which he used to hypnotize Lavertus into ignoring Crunket. Yet to his dismay, the lion's love for her prevailed and they continued to adore each other. The crocodile prince persisted and tried again with his Persuader Plant by ordering Lavertus to seal Chi and break the lion's most sacred rule. As Crominus had anticipated, Lavertus was caught red-handed taking Chi out of the Sacred Pool and changed with the punishment of exile, leaving Crunket to marry Crominus. ("Like Father, Like Son","This May Sting A Bit")

Some time in the next few years, Crominus was made king of the crocodiles and he and Crunket had twins, Cragger and Crooler. Though Crooler hatched first, Crominus and Crunket payed more attention to Cragger as he had survived despite his egg falling out of the nest. ("Laval in Exile")

Some years later, Crominus was called to the Lion Temple as Cragger had just plugged an orb of Chi before his age of becoming. The crocodile king was furious at Lagravis and attempted to push the blame to Laval, despite the lion prince doing nothing wrong. He departed the Lion Temple, yet now holding a grudge against the lions.

A few days later, a croc flare sent up by Cragger was spotted and Crominus ordered his troops to The Fangs where they engaged in battle against the lions. During it, Crominus and Crunket's tank fell into the Gorge of Eternal Depth. ("The Legend of Chima")

He and Crunket searched the Gorge's bottom for an exit, yet were constantly challenged by the little creatures who lived there. About a month after their arrival there, orbs of Chi fell into the gorge from above. The croc king and queen raced to collect them, but the simple bats, scorpions, and spiders got to them first. The Chi transformed them into more advanced creatures who quickly captured Crominus and Crunket, demanding more Chi. The two were marched to the surface, though along the way, Crominus encountered the Pledge of the Pack, which Crooler had tossed into the gorge. Upon arrival at the surface, Crominus pointed out Mount Cavora, the source of Chi. As the Crawlers were distracted by it's sight, Crominus and Crunket fled, realizing quickly to their horror that they were in the Outlands. Though Crunket managed to escape, Crominus was captured again and imprisoned in a valley with the Wolf Legend for a time under the scorpion's guard. The two attempted to escape, but were caught. ("Into the Outlands")

Reunited with Cragger

After the heroes from Chima had rescued six of the eight legend beasts, Scorm decided to move Crominus and the Wold Legend into the scorpion cave where they would be better guarded. While on route, Worriz and Cragger were captured by Spinlyn and father and son were reunited. However, Crominus was enraged to learn that Lavertus had been the one who rescued Crunket and revealed the two's history to Cragger. ("The Eagle and the Bear","Tooth or Consequences")

Crominus frozen

Following the defeat of the Crawlers, Crominus and Crunket returned to the Crocodile Swamp. On the day that the Hunters arrived, Crunket and Crominus were inspecting the troops and were frozen before they were able to react. Their frozen blocks were taken to the Hunter's fortress and displayed in Sir Fangar's trophy room. ("Attack of the Ice Clan")

Eventually, the Chima heroes broke in to the trophy room and Flinx unfroze everyone, including the Crawlers. Furious at the Crawers, Crominus took Scorm head on and fought them fist to fist until they were forced to retreat. ("A Very Slippery Slope")

Crominus was present at the map room when Eglor gave his report to Laval in the map room concerning the lack of Hunter sightings. ("The Artifact")

Spoilers end here.

Gallery of Variants[edit]

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OriginalFire Description[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page) Crominus

Crominus is the Crocodile King and Cragger's father. His wife is Queen Crunket. A tough and fiercely-protective leader, Crominus could not stand the Lions but he always respected them. Unlike his son, Crominus ruled with logic and common sense, instead of emotion. He realized that fighting always hurts BOTH sides. He was by no means a pacifist, but he was definitely more pragmatic than his hot-headed son.



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Crominus Crominus is the Crocodile Crominus</br></br>Crominus is the Crocodile King and Cragger's father. His wife is Queen Crunket. A tough and fiercely-protective leader, Crominus could not stand the Lions but he always respected them. Unlike his son, Crominus ruled with logic and common sense, instead of emotion. He realized that fighting always hurts BOTH sides. He was by no means a pacifist, but he was definitely more pragmatic than his hot-headed more pragmatic than his hot-headed son. +
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