Legends of Chima Mini-Movies

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The Legends of Chima Mini-Movies are a series of 2 minute long videos released periodically to LEGO.com. The mini-movies serve as fillers for the TV series and offer more insight into the minor character's actions.

A Crash Course in Flying[edit]


Crawley and Crug watch Eris fly above them and wish that crocodiles were able to fly. Razar appears and offers them flying lessons, to which the two agree. Once airborne on the raven's raider, Razar offers them an insurance plan before pushing them off the side. As the two crocs fall, Razar sells them an inflight snack then informs them that landing is not including in their flying lessons. He leaves and Crawley and Crug fall into the swamp. As the sneaky raven flies away, the crocodiles decide to purchase insurance at their landing lesson.

Tale Of The Tribe Stone[edit]


At the Lion Temple, Laval tries to get his Speedor to start, but fails and is mocked by the other lions. He complains to his father Lagravis who explains that the Speedorz wheel is carved from a tribestone rock, one of the rocks that fell when Cavora was pulled from the earth. He gives Laval an orb of Chi to power the Speedor, who then challenges Lennox and Leonidas to a race up to Spiral Mountain. During the race, Laval is chased off the road by a hive of bees and passes through the jungle gates and a pile of rocks. Lennox and Leonidas reach the top of the mountain only to find Laval already there, who sites "the gift of speed" as the reason of his victory.

Like Father, Like Son[edit]


Laval and Lagravis ride their Speedorz to the Gorge of Eternal Depth. There, Lagravis tells of his younger days when he shared a mutual respect with Crominus and the two raced Speedorz together. During one of these races through the Great Forest, Crominus voiced his opinion that the crocodiles were the best tribe in all of Chima before crashing into a pile of rocks. The two call it a draw and laugh at the thought of having sons as competitive as they were. As Laval looks into the gorge, he vows to find a way to help Cragger.


  • Due to budget restrictions, Lagravis and Crominus have their regular character models.
  • Crominus is seen wearing the crocodile crown despite being only a prince at the time.

Wolf Speed Dating[edit]


It is night at the Wolf Camp and Windra is busy fixing one of the pack trackers. Worriz comes up and attempts to flirt with her, but fails miserably. He then tries a different approach and races by on his Speedor claiming that the Ravens have stolen their Chi. Windra follows in her pack tracker and the two race through the jungle before she arrives at a picnic set up on a hill top. Worriz suggests they sit down and enjoy it, but the disgusted wolf punches him and drives off.

Lennox The Brave[edit]


Lennox rides his Lion Attack vehicle through the Great Forest, unaware he is being watched by Cragger. As he approaches one of the ancient arches, the lion notices a crashed speedor and thinking it may belong to a young maiden, races over to inspect it. At that moment, four croc vehicles show up and Cragger steals the Lion Attack. Crawley and Crug attempt to kidnap Lennox, but he escapes and chases after his vehicle using one of the croc bikes. He succeeds in reclaiming his prize and as he drives off, advises Cragger to leave the stealing to the ravens.

Razar: King Of Profit[edit]


At the Raven Village, Razar loads his raven raider. He flies to the rhino quarry where he warns the rhinos of the upcoming "rock showers" and advises them to buy umbrellas to protect themselves from the rocks. The rock-loving rhinos are overjoyed at the thought of rocks falling from the sky and Razar quickly changes his strategy by calling the umbrellas "rock catchers." He soon sells one to every rhino and takes off in his raider to join the rest of the ravens to drop rocks into the quarry. Following the rock showers, Razar returns and sells the rhinos hammers to double their amount of rocks.

Air Head Flight Test[edit]


On a bright clear morning, Laval accompanies Eris to her eagle jet flight test at the Long Canyon. Ewald is there with an eagle jet and greets the wannabe pilot. As Eris jumps into the cockpit, Laval wishes her good luck while Ewald's papers fall off the clipboard and he quickly grabs them as she takes off. His first command is an "inverted barrel claw streak" which sends Eris spiraling out of control. It isn't until after Ewald orders a few more complicated maneuvers that Laval realizes that his notes are upside down. The eagle elder corrects his mistake and orders a smooth landing, but due to her spinning out of control, Eris crashes the jet and fails the test. As he walks away, Ewald advises her to pay more attention to the instructions.

Hy-Bear Active[edit]


A simple bee flies into the Lion City and lands on an orb of Chi in the sacred pool as the Lion Elders are collecting them. One of the Elders attempts to brush it off, but when that fails, he roars and sends it into the sacred pool. It flies out of the city glowing with Chi. Later, Bladvic and Balkar come across the bee's hive and taste some of the honey. This causes them to go on a Chi-induced rampage across Chima and destroy the Raven's jets and the Croc's boats. As the sun sets on the lion temple, Lagravis finds it odd that there was no attempted Chi thievery that day. Laval nottices through his telescope Bladvic and Balkar sleeping and comments that everything would be peaceful if everyone was like the bears.


  • Despite being drenched in Chi water, the bee does not evolve like all of the other tribes.

Vibe Of The Mellow Head Dude[edit]


G'Loona watches Gorzan pilot his mech. He explains that the vibes from the mellow-head dude in the sky (the gorilla head carved on Mount Cavora) help one operate such a machine. After he runs off to have a snack, G'Loona decides to try the using mech and before long, she is bouncing through the Great Forest, causing animals to run for their lives and running over the Raven's cart. Eventually, she crashes into Grumlo in his mech who scolds her for using the mech despite not being old enough. She explains she was simply following the vibe and Grumlo leads her home.


  • This is the only time that the Gorilla head on Mount Cavora is seen. All other shots of Cavora show only the lion, raven, croc, and eagle heads.
  • The Crocodile crown can be seen next to Razar after G'Loona sends him to the ground.

Plovar The Destroyer[edit]


Inside the Crocodile Castle, Crooler tries to convince Cragger to attack the lions again. However, Plovar arrives to clean his teeth just as she pulls out her Persuader Plant and he becomes infected by it. He then rampages across Chima, destroying Gorzan's mech, Lagravis's tank, and Eglor's jet when they each ask for his help. The next morning, Plovar wakes up by the Forever Rock, unaware of his recent activities.

Crocodile Evolution[edit]


Cragger and Crooler ride through the croc swamp in the command ship. Cragger remarks how much he enjoys the swamp, but Crooler urges him to think bigger and reveals the Helicrocter. As they take off, Eris flies over and asks if the king would like to play with her and Laval. Cragger almost agrees, but a whiff from Crooler's persuader plant caused him to change tactics and gave chase against the eagle. A mad frenzy ensures in the sky about the swamp until Crooler accidentally crashes the Helicrocter in a tree.

Animal Instinct[edit]


Laval and Lagravis observe the Lion Elders harvest the Chi orbs from the Sacred Pool. The king of the lions explains each tribe's instinct and how being handed Chi without a fight is against the nature of the crocs and wolves. That night, Laval has a dream where he Chis-up and his ultrabuild self battles Cragger's ultrabuild. His' soon wins, but Laval orders him to stop before he can kill Cragger. The Lion Legend appears before Laval wakes up. He rushes to the window and vows to help his old friend.



On a bright sunny day, Razar, Rawzom, Razcal, Rizzo, and Ripnik visit the Beaver Lodge as they hope to help with a recent lion problem. However, they are surprised when Breezor informs them that they already fixed it and enjoy fixing. When Razar tries to offer them insurance instead and breaks a nearby object to prove his point, the beavers become obsessed with fixing their broken thing and the ravens flee, deciding to help the bears instead.

Eris Vs Black Cloud - Rematch[edit]


From the Eagle Spire, Ewald, Eglor and Eris observe the lifeless Mount Cavora from a telescope. Eris is aghast when Ewald declares that they can do nothing except wait for the legend beasts, but they are interrupted by the black cloud. It grabs Ewald and throws him against the spire, then proceeds to toss all of the eagle jets save one off the landing platform. Eris jumps into the remaining jet and leads the black cloud to the Grand Archway and through a forest until it gives up. Before Eris can celebrate however, she discovers that the windshield wipers aren't working (of which Eglor had warned her about earlier) and she crashes into the spire.

A Force of Nature[edit]


Cragger and Laval play fight with wooden swords on the steps of Lion City with the six other warriors watching. Lagravis scolds them for not being ready for the task ahead of them, so they begin a rigorous training session consisting of push-ups, vine swinging, running up Spiral Mountain, and racing speedorz. Lagravis finds them busy in the evening and Laval declares that they are ready, only for everyone to collapse and fall asleep at the slopes of the city.


  • This mini-movie conflicts with the episode "For Chima!" as it was stated there that the heroes would leave for the Outlands at dawn the day after Crunket's return, yet here they spend an entire day training.

An Outlandish Tale[edit]


The Black Cloud swarms Mount Cavora before rushing past the eight heroes and throwing them into a pile. It heads back to the Outlands where Braptor informs Scorm that the tribes have joined together. The scorpion laughs as they have already captured the Legend Beasts. However, the Gorilla and Lion Legend who are tied up nearby break free of their bonds and send the scorpion guards flying. Scorm orders the spiders to pursue while back in Chima remarks that at least the cloud has brought them closer together.


  • When Rogon mentions the cloud not being a cloud, Cragger can be seen wearing his Outland armor despite not receiving it until after departing into the Outlands.

The ShadoWind Chronicles[edit]


Rinona visits Laval in his room at the Lion City where she presents him with a journey given to her by Lavertus prior to the final battle against the Crawlers which he kept during his exile. The lion prince opens it and reads about a time when the spiders under Spinlyn's command tried to take the Lion Legend captive. Lavertus arrived in his ShadoWind disguise and together, he and the legend beast sent the spiders in retreat. Lavertus then takes the Lion Legend to his Outland base to be fitted with armor.


  • When ShadoWind is chased by the spider walker, two Scorpion Soldiers can be seen briefly despite them not being in any other shots.
  • As Lavertus only did his "Or will I?" gimmick when Cragger was around, it was unlikely that Laval would of recognized it.

The Rumble in the Jungle[edit]


Gorzan and Laval stroll through the Great Forest, happy that Chima is back in balance. Suddenly, rocks begin showering down on them and they race to the source, finding Rogon, Rukus, and Runk to be using a rock flinger to launch. When questioned, Rogon explains that they are trying to pick apples off a nearby tree. Gorzan shows them an easier way to do it and they take off in the rock flinger and ram the tree with it. Dozens of apples fall and the rhinos celebrate their victory.

The Cloud and the Shadow[edit]


Cragger and Laval visit Skinnet atop Spiral Mountain one night to inquire if he knew anything about Lavertus, Laval's fallen uncle. After talking endlessly about a delicious sap in the Outlands that he enjoys, the skunk tells of a time that the Black Cloud captured him to take to King Scorm. ShadoWind pursued the cloud and managed to free Skinnet before taking off after the cloud.

A Royal Getaway[edit]


Following the battles in the Outlands, Cragger and Crominus are riding their Speedors through Chima. Cragger remarks how he imagined many times how his father must have heroically defended Queen Crunket, only to be informed that things didn't play out in quite the fashion he imagined. Crominus was captured by the Scorpions and imprisoned with the Wolf Legend, while Crunket managed to escape. He and the Wolf made a break for freedom as well, and would have succeeded-except that Crominus hit his head on a low-hanging branch while gloating about how a true king should conduct himself to Scorm. Returning to the present, Crominus then asks Cragger if he can have his royal helmet back.

A Plovar Makeover[edit]


Happily reunited with Cragger and back in Chima after the defeat of the Crawlers, Plovar recalls his dreadful servitude to the Spider Queen Spinlyn. In reality, he caused more pain to her Spider minions, who were forced to collect various substances from the dangerous Outlands for Spinlyn's "makeover."

The Black Valious[edit]


As Laval is practicing with his new Black Valious sword following the final battle with the Crawlers, an awestruck Wonald asks about whether or not the sword has been in battle. Laval assumes that it has, but is unaware that his uncle Lavertus had other uses for it: removing hot cupcakes from the oven, chopping down trees, and removing smelly socks amongst other things.

The Eggs-Terminator[edit]


The Flyin' Lion[edit]


The Web and the Sting[edit]


Whatever Happened to the WindShadow?[edit]


Haunted Lair[edit]


Game of Legends[edit]


Horn to be Wild[edit]


Unfinished Business[edit]


Dream of the Dreamless[edit]


Big Boys with Big Toys[edit]


A Completely Ridiculous Tale of Fire[edit]


A disgruntled Razar flies to the Eagle Spire seeking an apology from Eglor and Ewald for having a book which he stole that makes no sense. He instead grabs an eagle contraption and leaves. Eglor opens the book and reads to Ewald about the phoenix and their fire Chi. When he finishes, the two agree that the book is in fact worthless and decide to put it in the completely ridiculous section. As they laugh about the book, the eagle head on Mount Cavora spews a breath of flames.

Prepare for Battle[edit]

Taking place during the events of Wings of Fire, this short details the tribes preparing for battle and includes the Hunter's breaking through the walls of the Lion City.