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Legends of Chima: The Animated Series

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"For Chima!"

Legends of Chima: The Animated Series

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Legends of Chima

"For Chima!" is the twentieth episode of Legends of Chima: The Animated Series.


With Chi at a critical low on every side, the Crocodile, Wolf, Raven, and Rhino Tribes make their big attack on the Lion City. Laval calls the Eagle, Gorilla, and Bear tribes for help, but the Bears sleep through it. With his allies fighting fiercely around the city, Laval intercepts Cragger at the gates of the Lion Temple. After a short fight, the temple bridge closes, causing them to fall - however, Laval seemingly perishes by using his own body to protect Cragger from the brunt of the fall. Shocked and saddened by his friend's sacrifice, Cragger finally regains his right mind, but he is forced to slip away when Lagravis and the other Lions find Laval's body.

Heartbroken by the death of his son, Lagravis swears vengeance on the enemy tribes, resolving to use the last of the Lions' Chi to win the battle and drive off the Crocodiles for good. Meanwhile, Cragger sneaks into the Lion City to visit Laval's body, blaming himself for letting things get so far out of hand. As he laments, however, he discovers that "Laval" is just a mass of pillows - the real Lion prince is nowhere to be seen.

Rushing outside, Cragger finds his army preparing their final push against the defenders and futilely attempts to dissuade their attack. However, Laval returns just before the tribes can clash, astride the back of the Crocodile Legend Beast. Stunned by this turn of events, the tribes stand down, allowing Laval to reveal the Legend Beast's other passenger: Crunket, Queen of the Crocodile Tribe. Cragger has a tearful reunion with his mother as Laval explains how ShadoWind led him to the Legend Beast, trapped on the edge of the Outlands. After helping him free the Legend Beast, ShadoWind spoke two words: "For Chima!"

Queen Crunket explains that the Legend Beast was fleeing from a group of Dark Tribes that live in the Ourlands. They have trapped all the Legend Beasts - as well as her husband, King Crominus - and they are also responsible for blocking the Chi Falls. Crunket declares that the tribes must set aside their differences and unite against this new threat before all of Chima is doomed.

That night, Laval, Cragger, and the other main heroes of each tribe meet at Forever Rock, where they prepare to go to the Outlands in order to save Chima.

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Worriz walks by another Worriz.
  • At the start of the second half, another Worriz can be seen in the ranks of wolves as the real Worriz walks over to Crawley.
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