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I'd much rather be out on the battlefield getting hurt than defrosting this crocsicle.
Longtooth to Crug

Longtooth is a lion Legends of Chima minifigure released in 2013. He is a playable character in Laval's Journey and is a minor character in Legends of Chima: The Animated Series.


Longtooth has a lion-like head with a scar over the left eye and a brown mane. His torso features printing of the minifigure’s exposed chest, which has claw marks on it, and the top of a gold belt. The legs feature printing of the continuation of the belt, blue kilt, and his exposed lower legs and clawed feet.

He gets the name "Longtooth" because of his long teeth.


Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

Longtooth was presumably born and raised in the Lion City. He serves as the head of the guards and is part of the elder's circle. In addition, he fires the arrow that begins every Speedor race with Leonidas.

Civil War and the Crawlers

Stopping Cragger

On the night that Cragger plugged an orb of Chi before his age of becoming, Longtooth stood on guard as Lagravis and Crominus argued over whose fault it was. He was then ordered to guard the grounded Laval with Leonidas, though when Cragger attempted to sneak in to the Lion City a second time, they were waiting in the throne room. Longtooth and Leonidas attempted to restrain him, but were knocked over by the prince as he fled. Soon after, Cragger sent up a croc flare and Longtooth headed to The Fangs with the other lions where they battled the crocodiles. ("The Legend of Chima")

In the first battle

At the next Chi-day race, Longtooth oversaw the placement of the Golden Chi for the event. He then kept guard over the orb until Laval was declared the winner. Longtooth attended Laval's coming of age ceremony a few days later, which was interrupted by Cragger's attack on the Lion City. Longtooth bravely fought in the battle that followed with Lagravis, yet the only way they attained victory was the return of the Lion Legend. At the sight of it, all of the tribes ceased fighting and bowed to the beast, including Longtooth. When Cragger's forces retreated, Longtooth celebrated their victory. ("The Great Story")

Leonidas was on guard duty at the gate of the Lion City during the first Chi distribution following the battle. He later accompanied Eris to help save Laval from the crocodiles. ("The Warrior Within")

Shortly into the civil war, Leonidas and Longtooth accompanied Lagravis to the Rhino Quarry where they hoped to sign a peace treaty. While there, the trio was interrupted by the distress roar and they raced back towards the city, only to find the wolves waiting in ambush. ("The Joy Ride")

Leonidas and Longtooth were in charge of guarding the Golden Chi orb at the next Chi-day race. However, when Laval failed to show up, Lagravis ordered the two to search for his son. While they were gone, the ravens stole the unguarded orb. ("Market Day")

Observing the battle

Longtooth observed the battle at the eagle spires between the eagles and wolves through a telescope and reported the situation to Lagravis when he arrived. He then accompanied the other lions to the spire where they assisted the eagles. ("Attack on Eagle Spire")

Longtooth was on guard duty at the foot of the city when Eglor and Eris arrived and informed Laval and Lagravis about the Hundred Year Moon phenomenon. On the night of the event, Longtooth gave the order for the city to be on lock-down. ("The Hundred Year Moon")

During the Chi-day race where the biggest orb of Golden Chi ever was up for grabs, Longtooth and Leonidas guarded the orb and were the first to notice the racer ShadoWind. ("The Biggest Race Ever")

Shortly after the crocodiles capture by the wolves, Longtooth stood at the steps of the Lion City as Laval tried to convince his father to mount a rescue mission. The next day, Longtooth was with Lagravis when Laval returned from his successful jailbreak. ("Crocodile Tears")

Lagravis and Longtooth were standing on the steps of the Lion City when Laval and Cragger's Speedor party went by. ("Ravens vs Eagles")

On the night of Chima's peace talks, Longtooth was in the throne room when the month's orb of Golden Chi formed. He harvested it from the sacred pool, lamenting that the races had been canceled. It was then that Laval arrived and stole the Golden orb. Longtooth and Lagravis gave chase in a royal fighter and caught up to the prince on the main road. Laval tried to explain the situation and Lagravis reluctantly allowed his son to break the rules. The next morning, Longtooth was part of the Elders circle that discussed the fog of destiny and when Laval insisted on his punishment of exile, the old lion warrior comforted the heartbroken king. ("Reunion Gone Wrong")

Longtooth was present with the other lions when Lagravis exiled Laval. He later comforted the king on the steps of the lion city as they watched Laval leave. That evening, he was talking to Eglor and Ewar when Laval arrived home. ("Laval in Exile")

A few days later, the Black Cloud appeared in Chima for the first time. Longtooth stood with Lagravis and Laval at the foot of the city observing it and reported that no one had any idea what it was and its intentions. Later when Laval ordered it shot down, Longtooth assisted with the other Chima tribes.

Longtooth stood by Lagravis as the Chima tribes defended Mount Cavora when the Black Cloud returned for the remaining Chi. ("A Tangled Web")

Watching the Crawlers

Longtooth and Lagravis observed the Crawlers when they returned to Cavora hoping to use the tribe-stone rocks to create speedorz. ("The Legend Thief")

The elder lion was part of the crowd that welcomed the Chima warriors when they returned from the Outlands with the Legend Beasts. ("This May Sting a Bit")

Return of the Hunters

Defrosting Crug

However, not long after the Crawler's defeat, the Hunter's rose and marched across Chima. While everyone else went off to war, Longtooth was forced to remain behind to thaw out Crug, much to his dismay. Crug proved to be very annoying and disruptive. When Lagravis came back after fighting to thaw more of the warriors, exhausted with the ordeal, Longtooth ran out of the lion temple screaming. ("Attack of the Ice Clan")

Soon after, Lagravis and Longtooth went to the Beaver Lodge to warn them of the Hunters, as their home stood directly in their icy path. Lagravis suggested building a dam to drain the water of which their home was built on and the beavers eagerly set to work building it. While an impressive work upon completion, it only held the hunters back for a short while until they went around the dam and froze Longtooth before he managed to Chi-up. However before he could be added to Sir Fangar's collection, the fire-powered Eris, Cragger, and Laval arrived and unfroze the lion guard. In no time at all, the hunters had retreated. ("Trial by Fire")

Trying to get Lagravis to laugh

Longtooth and Lagravis watched as the tribal warriors departed to protect the Crescent and agreed with his king's plan to wait until their return to resume the attack. However, when Lagravis questioned him as to whether or not Longtooth thought he had a sense of humor, Longtooth reluctently admitted he did not. The chief of the guard then spent the rest of the day trying to help Lagravis find his funny bone. Though he tried several things (telling jokes, making goofy faces, dressing up the lion statues), Longtooth was unable to make Lagravis laugh. ("The Crescent")

The Hunters arrive

During Li'ella's tour of the Lion City, Leonidas reported to Longtooth claiming it was raining toys and asked to take the day off. Longtooth refused and sent him back to his post. Later, Lagravis inquired about the whereabouts of the Lion Legend, but were interrupted by the Saber Tooth Tigers who had snuck into the city using the underground tunnel network. Longtooth rushed into battle, but was quickly frozen by Sykor. Tormak soon arrived and provided Longtooth and the other soldiers with Fire Chi to force the Saber-Tooth Tigers to retreat. When Laval arrived on the Lion Legend, Longtooth reported that Lagravis was missing. ("The Snowball Effect")

With their king taken captive, Longtooth helped Laval settle into the duties of kingship and showed him the tasks his father normally did. Later he spotted the Vultures approaching and warned Laval. ("The King Thing")

Following a massive battle against the Hunters, Longtooth helped some of the soldiers repair the lion head at the gate of the city. ("A Very Slippery Slope")

Longtooth was with Lagravis when the king sent out the lions distress roar at the sight of the fast approaching Hunter fortress. ("Wings of Fire")

In Laval's Journey

Longtooth reports to Lagravis that Eagle Spire is under attack by the wolves. In the hub, Longtooth guards the Sacred Pool inside the lion city. He requests the ingredients for a potion to ease his sore back in exchange for the x8 stud multiplier.

In Legends of Chima Online

While Longtooth never actually appears in-game, he is seen in the intro video where he drafts the Commander and sends him to help Laval. Longtooth is responsible for instructing Lothar to order the Commander on several quests, such as investigating the beaver outpost in the Outlands.

Spoilers end here.

LEGO.com Descriptions[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from LEGO.com. Please do not modify it. Longtooth

Longtooth is an older foot soldier who refused to join the other elders as a tribal leader. He claims he loves the “action” of the frontlines too much to leave it. The truth is: he loves TALKING about the action a lot more than actually pursuing it. He has way too many aches and pains to be a great hero, but he can be counted on for some fierce fighting... as long as his back doesn’t give out in the process.


  • On his LEGO.com bio animation, he is holding the Maurak, Wakz's weapon in 70113 CHI Battles.
  • Longtooth is seen wearing a grey cape in one scene in the animated series, but not in the next scene.


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Longtooth Longtooth is an older fooLongtooth</br></br>Longtooth is an older foot soldier who refused to join the other elders as a tribal leader. He claims he loves the “action” of the frontlines too much to leave it. The truth is: he loves TALKING about the action a lot more than actually pursuing it. He has way too many aches and pains to be a great hero, but he can be counted on for some fierce fighting... as long as his back doesn’t give out in the process. his back doesn’t give out in the process. +
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