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The coward who took my daughter shall suffer the merciless savagery of a father's rage. His misery shall echo across the ages!
―Tormak concerning Sir Fangar after he kidnapped Li'ella

Tormak, later known as Panthar, is a Legends of Chima tiger minifigure released in mid 2014. He is the adviser to King Fluminox and the adoptive father of Li'ella. Tormak went through a dramatic transformation when attempting to betray the phoenix that left his fur blackened. He was later restored to his former self by the Great Illumination.

Tormak is a supporting character in the third season of Legends of Chima: The Animated Series.


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Tormak leads the tunnel cats.

Tormak was one of the denizens of ancient Chima when the Phoenix descended. He was one of many who enrolled in their academies and were enlightened by their education. During the Hunters' first rampage across Chima, Tormak lead a group of warriors known as Tunnel Cats, the only animals who dared fight their enemy in the endless cave networks beneath Chima. After the destruction of a lion village, Tormak came across Li'ella, a lioness cub in the caves, and adopted her. Tormak instructed her how to fight, and was present on her first day of guard duty at the royal city. When it become clear that the Hunters were too powerful to stop, Tormak was allowed into the Phoenix City atop Mount Cavora, where he was kept safe from the Great Illumination. ("Cool and Collected","The Snowball Effect")

Tormak speaks on behalf of the ground-born

For almost 10,000 years, Tormak lived with the Phoenix inside Cavora, acting as the adviser to King Fluminox. He eventually took the Trial by Fire, earning the ability to use Fire Chi. ("Trial by Fire")

Following the return of the Hunters, Tormak was present when Laval, Cragger, and Eris arrived. He and Lundor followed them as Fluminox explained their history and presented Eris with Fire Chi. When Fluminox denied Fire Chi to the ground-born lion and croc, Tormak pursued the phoenix king to let them take the trial by fire. ("Trial by Fire")

Warning Laval

Tormak was present when Eris returned to the Phoenix Temple the following day requesting more Fire Chi for the other tribes. When Fluminox refused, Tormak suggested the tribes of Chima prove themselves worthy by guarding the Crescent. Later, he and Li'ella rode with the phoenix in the Blazing Bastion to the hill. It was there that Laval met Li'ella, though the tiger warned the lion to stay away from his daughter. He then accompanied the phoenix back to Mount Cavora. ("The Crescent")

With the artifact

Tormak and the other guards escorted Fluminox when he went to the battlefield at The Fangs to deliver Flinx into the care of Laval. ("Fired Up!")

Knowing Chima's cave system well, Tormak sensed that that was were the Hunters had gone when they disappeared from the surface. He and Fluminox took the Blazing Bastion to The Crescent where they informed Eris, Flinx, Laval, and Li'ella of the Hunter's movements. Upon hearing of Eris' vision of the panther, Tormak noted that he was unfamiliar with such an animal. ("Cool and Collected")

Ready for battle

The following day, Eris arrived at the Crescent and informed him and Fluminox that she had received another vision of the panther. During which, they were interrupted by Laval, who was departing for the Lion City to show Li'ella around. The tiger felt uneasy about them there and used the Hunter's tunnels to sneak into the Lion Temple. When he arrived, he found the throne room under attack by the Saber Tooth Tigers. Using Fire Chi, he engaged them head on and managed to defeat a great deal of them before he thawed the lion guards and working with them, pushed the hunters back into their cave. Li'ella and Laval arrived on the Lion Legend and knowing them safe, the tiger took his leave. ("The Snowball Effect")

He returned to the Crescent and was with Fluminox by the map of Chima when Lundor and Li'ella rushed in and alerted them the Lion City was under attack. Tormak was at first reluctant to help the ground-born in their skirmish, but Li'ella insisted and they boarded the Blazing Bastion. When they arrived at Lion City, Tormak jumped off and sealed the nearby tunnels to cut off the Hunter's escape routes. ("The King Thing")

Caught in Spinlyn's webs

Unfortunately while he was preoccupied, Li'ella went to the Lion City to help and was captured by Sir Fangar. The tiger arrived at the Map Room when the heroes were planning their attack on the Hunter's fortres and vowed that Fangar would pay. He became part of the small team that snuck into the trophy room and liberated Fangar's trophies. He and Laval searched the fortress until they were interrupted by Flinx, who was causing the glacier to melt. The two pulled the phoenix child to safety just as the glacier collapsed into the Grand Archway Canyon. ("A Very Slippery Slope")

Signalling the Hunters.

Tormak returned to the crescent heartbroken. Fluminox attempted to comfort the tiger by reminding him of the time the tiger reassured him not to join in the Great Illumination. Tormak soon took to the caves, desperately searching for his missing daughter. There, he encountered Sir Fangar who proposed a deal. The phoenix map of the location of the Illumination Armor in exchange for Li'ella. Pondering this, Tormak returned to the crescent and helped Lundor with guard duty. Seeing Li'ella's roarburn, Tormak was overwhelmed by memories of their past and was moved to tears.

Burned by the Artifact.

Making up his mind, Tormak went outside and signaled the Hunter's that he would comply. He returned to the artifact and took it from it's resting place. While he was met with resistance from the other tiger guards, he defeated them with ease and delivered the artifact to the Hunters. However, upon crossing into the Hunter's ice, the artifact exploded and burnt Tormak's fur. His image now resembled the panther Eris had seen countless times in her visions. Tormak fled the scene, but was soon pursed by the phoenix in the Blazing Bastion. ("The Artifact")

In the Outlands

He soon managed to outrun them and fled into the Outlands where he was protected by the predator plants. Eventually the heat of the artifact consumed him and it a powerful chi-up, a mysterious mark appeared on his forehead. ("A Spark of Hope")

Reunited with Li'ella

Later that night, he was found by Li'ella, Laval, Cragger, Eris, and Lavertus. He showed them the mark, which they discovered was actually the map to the Fire Wing harness. Promising to help them, Tormak mounted his shadow blazer and they set off to the Eagle Spire where the first fire wing was hidden. After they succeeded in finding it, the heroes split up to find the harnesses. Li'ella and Tormak continued on to the raven village where they found a Fire Wing beneath the junk piles. ("Wings of Fire")

Piloting the Bastion

Their next stop was the rhino quarry where Tormak and Li'ella met up with Cragger and Laval, who had already found five more of the fire wings. Using the power of the Artifact, Tormak broke open the rhino's "unbreakable" stone where they found the seventh fire wing. While Laval and Cragger continued onto the Forever Rock, Tormak and Li'ella returned to the Lion City where they fixed the broken Blazing Bastion. Tormak and Li'ella managed to get it airborne by nightfall and arrived at Mount Cavora just in time to help the eight Chima heroes, each wearing a fire wing, to reach the floating mountain where they performed the Illumination. Thanks to the help of Flinx, the Illumination was perfect. Tormak was cleansed of his panther wounds and became a tiger once more. He then witnessed the phoenix ascend into their mother sun. Fluminox and Tormak share one final glance as the former ascends to the sun. ("The Heart of Cavora") Description[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page) Tormak is the most powerful and trusted adviser to King Fluminox of the Phoenix. Fluminox consults with him on everything, from running the hidden city to dealing with his son, Flix. Tormak knows all the secrets of the Phoenix, and while he is very serious, he does have a sense of humor. He cares very much for his adopted daughter, Li’Ella, and making sure she is okay is the most important thing in his life. Tormak is extremely loyal to Fluminox and the Phoenix. He helps Fluminox to understand things like laughter and other concepts that are foreign to the king.



TV Appearances[edit]

  • Season 3

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