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A vulture always waits.

Vardy is a vulture Legends of Chima minifigure released in 2014. He is the patient leader of the vulture tribe and appeared frequently in the third season of Legends of Chima: The Animated Series.


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Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

Vardy lived in ancient Chima when the Phoenix descended and built their city and academies atop Mount Cavora. Like all the ground-born, he received great enlightenment from the phoenix's classes, but not as much as the sabre-tooth Fangar. It wasn't long before Sir Fangar accumulated so much knowledge that he became convinced the only meaningful thing left for him to do was to rule all of Chima. He and his tribe approached the vultures along with the ice bears and mammoths, who all swore their loyalty to him and together as the Hunters, they invaded Chima using an underground tunnel network. Eventually, the phoenix attempted to use their Great Illumination to cure the Hunters of their evil intentions, but due to the failure of Fluminox, the Illumination was imperfect and the Hunters were cast into the Gorge of Eternal Depth.

Frozen in the ice

Down there, Vardy was frozen along with the rest of the Hunters in a dreamless sleep for ten thousand years until he was revived by Sir Fangar shortly after the defeat of the Crawlers. He and the hunters marched through the caves until they found the ruins of their temple. There, Vardy found his vulture glider and ascended out of the gorge. ("Trial by Fire","Fire Dreaming")

Vardy vs Cragger

Their first engagement with Chima's new tribes took place at the Crocodile Swamp after they had returned their crocodile prisoners to their fortress in the Fangs. During the battle, Vardy was reluctant to fight and instead stood off to the side waiting. Cragger attempted to attack him, but his tale became stuck in a chunk of ice. Vardy sat on a nearby rock just out of the prince's reach and watched him struggle. Eventually, he began working on a crossword puzzle until Laval arrived to free Cragger. ("Attack of the Ice Clan")

"We must take our freeze to the sky!"

The Hunters continued their march towards Cavora, but were ambushed with rocks by the Chima tribes when they entered a canyon near the Crescent. Sir Fangar ordered Vardy to take to the skies with his other vultures in order to gain an advantage, but the vulture leader insisted on waiting them out. Seconds later, a rock nearly missed him and he flew towards the hilltop, only to be crushed by a rock dropped by the eagle jets above. The Hunters soon managed to gain the upper ground thanks to the mammoth flyers and soon the Chima tribes retreated.

Later in the day on their way to Mount Cavora, the Hunters were met by Laval, Cragger, Gorzan, and Rogon on their speedorz. The Hunters pursued with Vardy leading the vultures again, but were unknowingly lead into the Falling Jungle. Not long after entering, Vardy's jet was crushed by a tree and crashed. ("The Call of Cavora")

Cornering the Beavers

The Falling Jungle was soon claimed by the Hunters and their invasion of Chima resumed with their forces set towards the Beaver Lodge. Though they encountered some resistance by the Beavers using their dam to raise the Hunters ice, they managed to go around it and corner the beavers in their lodge. Vardy cornered them and Lagravis with his ice pistol, but before he was able to freeze them, Laval, Eris, and Lagravis arrived with Fire Chi, sending the Hunters into retreat. ("Trial by Fire")

On a speedor

The Hunters were chased by the Fire Chi-powered warriors all the way back to The Fangs where they took refuge by their ice fortress. Sir Fangar decided that their next move would be to seize the Crescent. When they arrived, Sir Fangar jousted Laval in a speedor duel. When the Hunter leader was loosing, Vardy and Mottrot came to his aid on their own speedors. but the vulture king was defeated by Cragger. Eventually, the phoenix arrived in the Blazing Bastion and sent the Hunters into retreat. ("The Crescent")

Vardy accompanied the other vultures and the sabre-tooth tigers to the Gorilla Forest to retrieve more Chi orbs, but their attempts were thwarted by G'Loona and the phoenix child Flinx. ("Fired Up!")

Inquiring to Stealthor

Sir Fangar soon became obsessed with capturing of Flinx and even ordered the delay of their counterattack until the phoenix child was in his clutches, (something that the patient vulture approved of). Vardy and the other vultures joined Stealthor's scouting team to find Flinx, but they eventually split up after finding only Skinnet and beavers.

Preparing to attack the bears

Vardy's team was unsuccessful as well as they soon became distracted by the sleeping bears. Thinking Sir Fangar would want them for his trophy collection, the vulture leader ordered his troops to prepare for battle. Yet just as they were about to attack, Vardy decided that the time wasn't right and ordered them to wait. Hours later, Vardy announced that the bears were right where they wanted them, (despite them still sleeping exactly where the vultures found them), and ordered the attack. Yet just as they were about to spring from their hiding place, Laval and Flinx arrived with the Bear Legend, and Vardy decided they should wait a while longer. ("Cool and Collected")

Freezing the bears

The vultures ended up waiting through the night and only finally moved after the Bear Legend used its fire-roar to report everything was okay. Their attack was swift and effortless and the entire bear tribe was frozen in mere seconds. ("The Snowball Effect")

Just before the Hunter glacier fell into the beaver's trap at the Grand Archway, Vardy encountered Stealthor on his way to the tunnels and encouraged him to "stay frosty". ("A Very Slippery Slope")

Planning the wedding

The Chima hero's attack on their fortress left it in shambles and the Hunters were forced to abandon it and return to their underground tunnels. While he dealt with the problem of the Artifact, Sir Fangar placed Vardy in charge of organizing his and Li'ella's wedding. Determined that the king and queen of the Hunters should have a wedding with a view, he decided to hold the event at the top of Spiral Mountain. Despite Maula insisting on how noticeable it would be, Vardy went ahead with his plans, oblivious to the raven plane flying by. ("The Artifact")

With Sir Fangar

When the wedding day arrived, Vardy provided Sir Fangar with a tuxedo and refused to let him see Li'ella before the wedding. During the event, he conducted the mammoths using their snouts to play a suitable tune, but due to Mungus's off-beat sound, he was ordered to stop. However, before they couple could be married, the Chima heroes arrived and destroyed the wedding, reclaiming Li'ella and forcing the Hunters back to The Fangs. ("The Phoenix has Landed")

Invading Chima

After Sir Fangar managed to trap the phoenix in the Gorge of Eternal Depth, the Hunters spread across Chima, invading the land. When they reached the Bear Village, they encountered the Bear Legend and decided to allow the bears to keep the village. ("A Spark of Hope")

About to awaken the ice bears

Vardy accompanied the rest of the Hunters with their Ice Mountain when it reached the Lion City and easily broke through it's walls. Eventually however, the Chima tribes arrived along with the Blazing Bastion and the Hunters were near the point of surrender. Instead though, Sir Fangar ordered Vardy and the other Vultures to return to the Gorge of Eternal Depth and reawaken the fourth Hunter tribe; the Ice Bears. Vardy and the other Hunter leaders immediately protested, but Sir Fangar insisted and so Vardy did as he was ordered. Accompanied by Voom Voom and Vornon, they succeeded in reawakening the ice bears. ("Wings of Fire")

Spoilers end here. Description[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page) If there’s one word to describe Vardy, leader of the Vulture tribe, it’s “patient.” He will set a trap and then wait for days for his target to walk into it. Like most Vultures, Vardy is in no rush. He’s happy to keep busy whistling, playing word games and making origami until it’s time to crush an enemy. This patience is his greatest strength, but it drives Sir Fangar crazy, since the Saber Tooth is in a hurry to take over the land of Chima. But Fangar also knows not to underestimate Vardy, who can be as cruel as any other Ice Hunter.


  • He is the leader of the Vulture Tribe.
  • Vardy has grey wings in his physical appearance, yet black wings in the animated series.



TV Appearances[edit]

  • Season 3

Mini-Movie Appearances[edit]


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