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Voom Voom

Legends of Chima


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2014, 2015

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Woo Hoo! Time to rain down the pain!
―Voom Voom

Voom Voom is a Legends of Chima minifigure introduced in 2014.


Voom Voom is a soldier of the Vulture Tribe, and one of the more major members of the Hunter Tribes. Compared to the others of his tribe, his feathers are very brightly coloured. He sports several tears exposing muscle tissue (especially on his head), and a tear on the right side of his chest exposing three ribs. Personality wise, he is the optimist of the Hunters, and is always able to see fun and positive aspects in any circumstance. His best friend is Vornon, which is rather odd, as they have opposing views in life.

During the battle at the Crescent, Voom Voom and Vornon attempted to sneak around behind to attack, but were unable to get past the fire shield. (“The Crescent”)

After the Hunters were dealt a crushing defeat at the Fangs by the Chima tribes, they returned to using their old cave system as their means to move around. Voom Voom accompanied the other vultures and Sabre-Tooth Tigers to the Gorilla Forest to retrieve more Chi, but were sent into retreat by G'Loona and Flinx. (“Fired Up!”)

Voom Voom was part of the Hunter party that Sir Fangar sent out to capture Flinx, though the vultures were unable to locate him, discovering the bear village instead. Under Vardy’s orders, they prepared for battle to capture the bears to freeze them for Sir Fangar’s collection, but they waited until the next morning to capture the sleeping tribe. (“Cool and Collected”,“The Snowball Effect”)

Deliverying the letter

When Sir Fangar ordered an attack on the Lion City, Voom Voom and Vornon were sent to deliver a message to Laval about them being under attack. The vultures then fled as their jets exploded, freezing over the entire bridge. ("The King Thing")

Returning to the fortress

Soon after, the Hunter’s ice fortress was attacked by the Chima heroes hoping to free everyone trapped in the trophy room. During the battle, Voom Voom and Vornon were stationed on one of the watch towers when it collapsed. When they finally made it back up to the fortress, they knocked off it again by the passing Speedors. ("A Very Slippery Slope")

LEGO.com Description[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from LEGO.com. Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page) There is one thing VoomVoom knows for sure: everything will always turn out all right, somehow. Even if he’s facing a horde of enemies, VoomVoom always manages to look on the bright side. (After all, with that many targets, how can he miss?) He’s a skilled pilot who always expects that every battle will end in a victory. VoomVoom spends a lot of his time around Vornon, who is his exact opposite. VoomVoom’s non-stop optimism drives Vornon a little crazy, since Vornon always figures the worst is about to happen. In a way, they are a perfect team, balancing each other out in battle.



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  • Season 3

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