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Legends of Chima: The Animated Series

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"Cool and Collected"

Legends of Chima: The Animated Series

Season №:


Episode №:



Peder Pedersen


Torsten Jacobsen (executive)
Mads Munk (executive)
Kenneth D. Plummer (executive)


John Derevlany


Bethany Brown (voice)
David Attar (voice)
Scott Shantz (voice)
Bill Courage (voice)
Michael Patric (voice)
Jeff Evans Todd (voice)
Cassandra Ford (voice)
Christopher Molineux (voice)
Seann Shaffer(voice)
Dave Pettitt (voice)

Running time:

22 minutes

First released/aired:

September 20, 2014


Legends of Chima


"Cool and Collected" is the seventh episode in the third season of Legends of Chima: The Animated Series, and the 33rd episode of the series as a whole.

Official description[edit]

Our heroes continue pushing back the Hunters with their Fire CHI powered vehicles but when they search the sites of the Hunters' attacks, they can't find any of the defeated animals...What has happened to them? All over Chima animals disappear without a trace.


"In the magical world of Chima, the Fire Chi powered tribes have their enemy on the run and complete victory seems imminent. But suddenly, the Hunters are gone. They now invade Chima using a network of underground tunnels. The Phoenix King Fluminox entrusts a reluctant Laval with training his son, Flinx, but the hunter leader Sir Fangar has become obsessed in capturing Flinx for his private collection." - Opening monologue

Cragger secretly pursues the Mammoth tribe although he slips and falls mostly and has a hard time catching up. He is delayed as Plovar comes and reminds the young crocodile prince of his teeth cleaning appointment. Annoyed, he muffles the bird's voice so that they are not caught.

When the mammoths reach the Gorge of Eternal Depth, they go under and into the underground tunnels that the Ice Hunters use now. Cragger follows them in by jumping into the actual gorge itself. Maula finally sees him and Chi's up to which Cragger does too but falls due to the ice ledg being melted by the fire. After long minutes of hauling him up Plovar brags about his accomplishment, but Cragger gets annoyed.

Back at the Crescent, Laval promises to show Li'ella the Lion City, but Flinx and Eris taunt them about their crush on each other. Suddenly Eris starts to have a vision of Mt. Cavora collapsing and the entire land of Chima a frozen desert. Panicked she begins to cry and Laval comes to comfort her.

Fluminox soon arrives and explains what the Hunters are doing in the underground passages, the very thing that Cragger had discovered.

Characters: (In order of appearance)[edit]


  • When Laval arrives with the Gorilla Legend, two Grumlos can be seen despite him not being a stock character.
  • Windra has her cape when the Wolf Legend arrives, despite not wearing one in the prior episodes.
  • Balkar lacks his crown in this episode.
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Torsten Jacobsen (executive)
Mads Munk (executive)
Kenneth D. Plummer (executive) +
22 minutes +
Bethany Brown (voice)
David Attar (voBethany Brown (voice)<br />David Attar (voice)<br />Scott Shantz (voice)<br />Bill Courage (voice)<br />Michael Patric (voice)<br />Jeff Evans Todd (voice)<br />Cassandra Ford (voice)<br />Christopher Molineux (voice)<br />Seann Shaffer(voice)<br />Dave Pettitt (voice)n Shaffer(voice)
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