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Stealthor is a Legends of Chima Sabre-Tooth Tiger minifigure released in mid-2014. He is the Sabre-Tooth Tiger tribe's scout and commands the other Sabre-Tooth Tigers under the direction of Sir Fangar. Stealthor has appeared most episodes of Legend of the Fire Chi.


Stealthor has dark stone grey fur with parts torn away revealing patches of purple muscle tissue. His left arm is transparent and he wears a ragged blue tunic containing three fangs.


Reporting to Sir Fangar

Stealthor originally lived when the Phoenix first descended and built their academies atop Mount Cavora. Shortly thereafter, he and the rest of his tribe joined with Sir Fangar after the Saber-Tooth Tiger had accumulated so much knowledge from the Phoenix that he became convinced he should be the ruler of Chima. Their forces plowed through Chima causing destruction everywhere they went until the Phoenix used the Great Illumination to cast Stealthor and the rest of the hunters into the Gorge of Eternal Depth. Down there,Stealthor was frozen along with the rest of the Hunters in a dreamless sleep for ten thousand years until he was revived by Sir Fangar shortly after the defeat of the Crawlers. When they climbed out of the gorge, Stealthor scouted ahead to check for a way out of the scorpion caves, but was unable to find any. He returned to Sir Fangar and reported the grim news. However, Sir Fangar reminded him of the way up and marched the Hunters to where their fortress fell into the Gorge of Eternal Depth. There, they formed an icy stairway and climbed to the surface. ("Fire Dreaming")

The Hunter's first stop upon reaching the surface was the crocodile swamp. There, Stealthor found it to be bountiful of Chi, which Sir Fangar used to awaken the rest of the Hunters. Stealthor then accompanied the Hunters back to the Fangs to deposit their prisoners and more Chi to their fortress. When they returned to the swamp, they were met by an army of Chima warriors. A battle soon raged, with the Hunters easily winning. ("Attack of the Ice Clan")

Eventually the Hunters arrived at the Beaver Lodge. Stealthor froze Breezor for Sir Fangar's collection, but before he was able to collect his prize, the Fire-Chied Eris, Laval, and Cragger arrived and sent the Hunters into retreat. ("Trial by Fire")

Collecting the ice plants

The Hunters were chased back to the Fangs where they regrouped at their fortress. Noticing the city now atop Mount Cavora, Stealthor reported that the phoenix had returned and were likely the source of the Fire Chi. He then accompanied the rest of the Hunters on Sir Fangar's quest to seize the Crescent, but they found the Chima heroes already there. Sir Fangar and Laval soon found themselves in a Speedor duel and to gain the advantage, Sir Fangar ordered Stealthor to throw exploding ice plants at the lion. Despite this, Laval still bested the hunter leader. The Hunters soon closed in around the heroes, but the phoenix arrived in the Blazing Bastion before they could finish them off and the Hunters were force to retreat. ("The Crescent")

The Hunters met the now Fire-Chi powered army at the edge of the Gorge of Eternal Depth and though they fought hard, they were forced to retreat into the gorge. Down there, they overheard Gorzan mentioned the vast amounts on unused regular Chi back at the Gorilla Forest, and under order from Sir Fangar, Stealthor lead the sabre-tooth tigers and vultures there using the underground cave network. On the way there, Stealthor encountered Dom de la Woosh kissing his speedor in a meadow and froze the peacock for Sir Fangar's collection. When they at last arrived at the gorilla forest, Stealthor found it to only be occupied by G'Loona and the phoenix child Flinx, whom Sir Fangar took an immediate interest in capturing. ("Fired Up!") Description[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page) Stealthor Stealthor is a Saber Tooth general, as well as an experienced scout. Once, it was almost impossible to spot him if he didn’t want to be seen. But these days, his glowing bones and icy powers make it hard for him to conceal himself. It’s difficult to sneak around when you keep freezing everything. Although he is a formidable warrior, Stealthor misses the days when he was the tribe’s master of disguise and expert at spotting the enemy before they spotted him. He has tried wearing layers of really warm clothes to try to keep from spreading ice everywhere, but that has yet to work.


TV Appearances[edit]

  • Season 3


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