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―Scrug, upon seeing a Speedor for the first time.

Scrug is a Legends of Chima scorpion minifigure who appears in the Animated Series.


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Scrug was originally just an ordinary scorpion who lived at the bottom of the Gorge of Eternal Depth until he drank from the Chi in the orbs Laval threw into the gorge and evolved. The scorpion then joined with the rest of the Crawlers and marched to the surface where they established a base in the Outlands.

Covered in gold paint

The scorpions eventually managed to use their venom to control the minds of the Legend Beasts and subdued the Raven Legend into stealing Golden Chi from Lavertus. When the beast returned to the Scorpion Cave, Scorm ordered Scrug and Scutter to use the Golden Chi to sculpt a statue of the "Great Scorpion in the Sky." At first the two questioned the necessity of such a thing when their base wasn't even finished, but Scorm insisted and so they obeyed. Soon after, Scutter discovered Razar, Laval, and Lavertus in their cave and Scrug and the other scorpion soldiers ran to attack, only to be drenched in Razar's gold paint. The sight of all that gold was enough to snap the Raven Legend out of his scorpion venom and he grabbed Scrug and the other scorpions to create a pile of "gold treasure."

Long after the heroes left, Scrug and Scutter accompanied their king in a Scorpion Stinger to the cave's entrance to find General Scolder and his forces in retreat. Scrug attributed their loss to the heroes "cool weapons," but was slapped by Scorm for it. The trio then noticed Razar's discard speedor and went with the other Crawlers to Mount Cavora for tribe-stone rocks. ("The Legend Thief")

Scrug with Scorm and Scutter

The next day, Scrug and Scolder attempted to remove the Lion Legend's armour, but failed miserably. Scorm dismissed this as he was confident the lion would never escape his trap. The scorpion king them beckoned them over to where General Scolder presented one of the newly finished Speedorz. Scrug thought a speedor was pretty, much to Scutter's chagrin and Scorm's annoyance. Later that day when pursued Laval on their new speedorz, Scrug tried to trap him with Scolder, but Laval limboed the tail trap and they crashed. ("The Eagle and the Bear")

Scrug was part of the convoy of Crawlers that moved Crominus and the Wolf Legend from the spider canyon to the scorpion cave. ("Tooth or Consequences")

During the final battle at the scorpion cave, he fought the eight heroes until the cave collapsed. ("This May Sting a Bit")


Soon after their defeat, Scrug helped Scutter and Scolder fill the crevice that they had dropped all of their Chi down into. When the Hunters began to ascend, one of the nearby rocks was frozen and curious to see what it tasted like, Scrug licked it. However he was frozen as Scutter and Scolder tried to free his tongue from the ice. He was held in Sir Fangar's trophy room until he was defrosted by Flinx. ("Fire Dreaming")


  • Scrug's head and torso are identical to Scutter.
  • It could be assumed that he is dim-witted due to the fact that he is always getting slapped by Scorm.
  • Scutter noted that he had told Scrug no licking rocks before the frozen tongue incident.


TV Appearances[edit]

  • Season 2
  • Season 3

Mini-Movie Appearances[edit]


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