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Legends of Chima: The Animated Series

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"Fired Up!"

Legends of Chima: The Animated Series

Season №:


Episode №:



Peder Pedersen


Torsten Jacobsen (executive)
Mads Munk (executive)
Kenneth D. Plummer (executive)


John Derevlany


Bethany Brown (voice)
David Attar (voice)
Scott Shantz (voice)
Bill Courage (voice)
Michael Patric (voice)
Jeff Evans Todd (voice)
Cassandra Ford (voice)
Christopher Molineux (voice)
Seann Shaffer(voice)
Dave Pettitt (voice)

Running time:

22 minutes

First released/aired:

September 13, 2014


Legends of Chima

"Fired Up!" is the sixth episode in the third season of Legends of Chima: The Animated Series, and the 32nd episode of the series as a whole.

Official description[edit]

When the Tribes of Chima, armed with ample Fire Chi, launch a furious counter-assault against the Hunters, Fangar and his cohorts disappear underground. They now use an ancient tunnel system under Chima to move about.


"In the magical world of Chima, our heroes fight the invading hunters and their crushing ice away from a mysterious hilltop. This site turns out to be a hidden outpost and landing site for the phoenix and their powerful Blazing Bastion. The outpost, now guarded by the noble tiger tribe, now provides fire Chi for all, as well as a special new friend for Laval; Li'ella the lioness." - Opening monologue

The tribes of Chima launch a massive attack on the hunters in The Fangs. Sir Fangar declares that they shall never admit defeat, but with such a massive force against them, they are forced back into the Gorge of Eternal Depth. As the heroes gaze into the gorge, Laval remarks that he is surprised they defeated the hunters so quickly. As they leave to go finish off the rest of the hunters, Gorzam comments that the Gorillas have plenty of regular Chi back at their forest, which Fangar overhears from inside the gorge. He instructs the mammoths to go defend their fortress while he leads the vultures and saber tooth tigers to the Gorilla Forest for more Chi.

The tribes attack the fortress on their Speedorz, but before they can melt it, Li'ella arrives on a phoenix speedor, warning that Chima would be flooded if they succeed. Fluminox and Tormak arrive as well and usher the three away from the battlefield to discuss a more "urgent" matter.

Elsewhere, Stealthor comes across Dom de la Woosh admiring his Speedor. He reports his findings to Sir Fangar who orders the peacock frozen and added to his collection.

Characters (In order of appearance)[edit]

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Peder Pedersen +
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Torsten Jacobsen (executive)
Mads Munk (executive)
Kenneth D. Plummer (executive) +
22 minutes +
Bethany Brown (voice)
David Attar (voBethany Brown (voice)<br />David Attar (voice)<br />Scott Shantz (voice)<br />Bill Courage (voice)<br />Michael Patric (voice)<br />Jeff Evans Todd (voice)<br />Cassandra Ford (voice)<br />Christopher Molineux (voice)<br />Seann Shaffer(voice)<br />Dave Pettitt (voice)n Shaffer(voice)
Dave Pettitt (voice) +
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