Brick Yellow

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Brick Yellow

Colour-ID: 5 (Colour palette)

Brick Yellow (Colour-ID: 05), formerly known as Brick-Yellow, and colloquially known as "tan" is a colour for solid pieces. It is still a remaining colour.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In an internal LEGO Group meeting, members of the Materials and Research & Development departments were asked about the origin of the name "Brick Yellow". They are quoted as saying "The name Brick yellow comes as a direct translation of the Danish name for the color: “Tegl Gul” – tegl meaning Brick (or mursten – not sure of other English words for it). Back then all colors were named in Danish and then later translated. The color Brick Yellow was implemented back when Modulex was a part of the moulding at LEGO and at the same time the color 004 Brick Red (Tegl Rød) was also available. As I also mentioned yesterday the original use was for brick walls for houses – so to imitate red or yellow houses."

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