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This page lists previous merging proposals.

Original title Proposed target Result (yes/no)
71340 Supergirl Supergirl Don't merge (1/3)
Tim Murphy Timothy Murphy Merge (3/0)
Captain Redbeard (Pirates 2015) Captain Redbeard Merge (4/0)
Mind Control Orb 2.0 Mind Control Orb Merge (5/0)
KC705 Spider-Man Key Chain 851027 Spider-Man Key Chain Merge (5/1)
Flame and Raja Part 15633 Inconclusive (2/3)
Makuta (Species and Title) Brotherhood of Makuta Merge (3/0)
Bricksburg, Wild West, etc. List of The LEGO Movie Worlds and Locations Merge (4/0)
ShadoWind Lavertus Merge (6/0)
Cinderella (Mini-Doll), etc. Cinderella, etc. Merge (3/0)
IG-86 Elite Assassin Droid Merge (4/0)
Doorlock Homes Detective (Minifigures) Merge (4/0) - Not merged due to new information.
Dragonfly Bug TBA Galaxy Squad Alien 2 Merge (3/0)
Palace Guard (Star Wars) Skiff Guard Don't merge (1/2)
LEGO Pin 1 etc. LEGO Pins Inconclusive (2/0)
Woody (DUPLO) Woody Inconclusive (2/2)
Agents 4-Wheeled Truck 8969 4-Wheeling Pursuit Merge (4/0)
Agents Jet 8630 Mission 3: Gold Hunt Merge (4/0)
Agents Motorbike 8632 Mission 2: Swamp Raid Merge (4/0)
LEGO Space: The Videogame 4850307 LEGO Battles Don't merge (1/5)
Dexter's Diner LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game Merge (4/0)
Agents Submarine 8636 Deep Sea Quest Merge (4/0)
Red Power Brick LEGO Batman: The Videogame Don't merge (3/6)
Saw Fist's Snow Mobile 8631 Mission 1: Jetpack Pursuit Merge (2/0)
Pump System Mars Mission (moved to part article)
Squid Victim Diver Skeleton Merge (4/0)
5913 Dr. Lightning's Car 5913 Dr. Kilroy's Car (duplicate article thus redirect)
Geonosian Battle Droid Battle Droid Merge (4/0)
Agents ID Card 8634 Mission 5: Turbocar Chase Merge (4/1)
6567 Speed Splasher 6567 Speed Splash (duplicate article thus redirect)
9203 Tech Machines Set 9203 Tech Machines (duplicate article thus redirect)
2955 Sarah's Big Recipe 2955 Sarah (duplicate article thus redirect)
DX Ninja Ninjago Merge (5/0)
Heartlake City Friends No decision