List of The LEGO Movie Worlds and Locations

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In The LEGO Movie, there are many different worlds and locations. A list has been compiled below.


Bricksburg is a massive city-world, very similar in many aspects to LEGO City. It is home to many minifigures, including Emmet, the main protagonist of The LEGO Movie.

Prominent Locations[edit]

Octan Tower

Octan Tower, in the middle of Bricksburg, is a massive, infinitely high tower constructed by Lord Business. It rises through an inter-universal hole, in which Lord Business once attempted to throw the Piece of Resistance into. The Think Tank is a large, square room near the top of the Octan Tower with thousands of imagination-sucking pods set in the walls. Master Builders are imprisoned in these, and their ideas are sapped and used for Lord Business' intentions. It also contains the Kragle chamber. Inside the Kragle Chamber, the Kragle was locked away in protective barriers of lasers. This chamber was infiltrated by Emmet, Wyldstyle and MetalBeard, and the Kragle nearly stopped. However, Bad Cop, along with an army of Robo SWATs, stopped them from carrying out their plan.

Construction Site

The Construction Site is a location at which the construction workers knock down old buildings, and build new ones according to the instructions. This was also the site at which Emmet discovered the Piece of Resistance.

Residential District

The residential district is the part of Bricksburg in which Emmet and the other citizens of Bricksburg live. The district is comprised of many apartment buildings, houses, roads, restaurants and stores, and houses likely millions of minifigures.


Cloud Cuckoo Land[edit]

Cloud Cuckoo Land is a crazy, mixed-up world high in the clouds above The Ocean. Many odd objects, such as massive eyes, whales, DNA strings, and giant puppy-head buildings are located there. It is the secret meeting place of the Master Builders.


According to Princess Unikitty, there are several rules in Cloud Cuckoo Land. They are as follows.

  • No bedtimes
  • No bushy mustaches
  • No government
  • No frowny faces
  • No negativity of any kind
  • No consistency


Middle Zealand[edit]

Middle Zealand is a world featured in The LEGO Movie, and is Castle-themed. Giant words spelling out the name of the world hang in the sky, next to a massive castle. The landscape is largely forest, with some plains visible.

Known Inhabitants[edit]

The Ocean[edit]

The Ocean, as it's name suggests, is an ocean. It is made entirely out of Trans-Blue LEGO bricks and plates, and assumes a fluid form. Cloud Cuckoo Land hovers above it in the clouds, and is the location in which Cloud Cuckoo Land's debris fell.


The Old West[edit]

The Wild West is largely a desert/plain, with cactuses and other desert-themed greenery. Many large mesas dot the land. At least one town exists here, which contains a single saloon, along with other West-themed buildings. There is also at least one massive canyon, spanned by a train bridge, in the West, although the bridge was destroyed by Bad Cop.

Prominent Locations[edit]

Flatbush Gulch

Flatbush Gulch is a town in the old West. It contains a single saloon, and is home to all known minifigures in the Old West.

Railway Bridge

The Railway Bridge is a massive construction spanning a canyon in the old West. During the escape of Emmet, Wyldstyle and Vitruvius, it was partly destroyed by Bad Cop in order to catch the group. Whether or not it has been repaired is unknown.


Systar System[edit]

The Systar System is a location in The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part.


Other Worlds[edit]

Lord Business's boardroom map reveals the existence of these other realms:

In addition, Wyldstyle mentions the existence of "Knight's Club" and "Clown Town", and in her first "flashback" sequence, images appear of the following themes: