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This article is about the Serpentine general. For the Life on Mars minifigure, see Arcturus.
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General Arcturus (also referred to as Commander Arcturus and King Arcturus) was one of the Generals of the Anacondrai and Snake King of the Serpentine who fought during the Serpentine Wars.


During the Serpentine Wars, Arcturus was a General in the Anacondrai Army and a Leader in the Serpentine Army, and led an assault on a village. The army faced some resistance, including the Elemental Masters of Fire, Water, Shadow and Gravity, however, the army managed to defeat the Masters and claim victory. Acturus led the Anacondrai army into a later battle, against the entire Elemental Alliance, including the two sons of the First Spinjitzu Master- Wu and Garmadon. The Elemental Alliance quickly gained the upper hand and the Anacondrai army began to retreat, however Chen had managed to turn the Elemental Masters against each other, and the Elemental Master of Earth attacking the other Masters. The Anacondrai then regrouped and again defeated the Masters. Some time later, Garmadon realised that the Serpentine could be controlled through the use of music, and the Elemental Masters used this to their advantage. Using flutes, the Masters lured the Serpentine into tombs and locked them away, except for the Anacondrai Generals. Arcturus and the other Anacondrai Gnerals were given the strictest sentence possible- banishment to the Cursed Realm. After sentencing, Garmadon performed the spell to send the Anacondrai Generals away.

When Ninjago was attacked by Chen and his army of followers, descendants of the Elemental Masters banded together in an attempt to defeat this new threat to the world. However, Chen's army, composed of soldiers which were turned into Fake Anacondrai after Chen performed a spell, proved to be too much for the new Alliance. Garmadon, realising that the Alliance needed help, had his son Lloyd reverse the curse he performed on the Anacondrai Generals years ago, knowing that for the curse to be reversed, it must send the one who performed the curse in the first place to be sent to the Cursed Realm. After Garmadon sacrificed himself, Arcturus and the other Generals returned in ghostly form. After seeing that Chen and his army fought without honour, and finding out that Chen had manipulated the humans and Serpentine into a prolonged war all those years ago, Arcturus and the generals sided with the alliance, quickly defeating Chen and his followers. After the battle, Arcturus used his powers to restore the last living Anacondrai, Pythor, to a normal size for doing the honourable thing and helping the ninja (Pythor being shrunken previously due to swallowing a shrinking pill). For uniting the Serpentine and the humans, Arcturus proclaimed Lloyd and his friends as the greatest warriors to ever fight for Ninjago, and with their spirits freed, Arcturus and the other Anacondrai generals flew off into a vortex.



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