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Ninjago (also known as Ninjago Island Ninjago Realm Ninjago Planet Ninjago Dimension Ninjago World Ninjago Kingdom Ninjago Universe Realm of Ninjago Planet of Ninjago Dimension of Ninjago Kingdom of Ninjago World of Ninjago Island of Ninjago Universe of Ninjago Realm of the Ninjago Kingdom of the Ninjago World of the Ninjago Planet of the Ninjago Dimension of the Ninjago Universe of the Ninjago and Island of the Ninjago) is the location of the Ninjago theme. Originally, the planet had but one island when it was created by the First Spinjitzu Master, but during a battle against the forces of the darkness, he split the continent into two islands. Over time, several other smaller islands began to spring up, including one owned by the warlord Master Chen.

Background[edit | edit source]

Ninjago was first created by the The First Spinjitzu Master using The Four Golden Weapons. In LEGO Ninjago: Official Guide, Sensei Wu describes Ninjago as a planet. In the Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu episode "The Stone Army", Misako reveals to the ninjas that the Spinjitzu master created Ninjago for good purposes, but there had to be evil because it was the natural order. The Overlord, an evil entity, fought the First Spinjitzu Master with the outcome being no side winning or losing. When the Overlord created his indestructible Stone Warriors, the First Spinjitzu Master decided to split the landmass of Ninjago in two, with the Overlord on the side representing evil so he wouldn't risk losing the war. The evil side of Ninjago that was cut off has since been called "Island of Darkness", or the "Dark Island".

Locations[edit | edit source]

Anacondrai Tomb[edit | edit source]

File:Anacondrai Tomb.png
Anacondrai Tomb

The Anacondrai Tomb is where the Anacondrai where sealed away. Since the former Anacondrai generals where banished to the Cursed Realm, only Anacondrai troops of lower ranking were kept there. It is a resembles a giant fang, possibly the Great Devourer's. When the Anacondrai where prisoned, they became, until cannibalistic, with only Pythor alive. The only thing left behind of the other Anacondrai are their skeletons.

Ancient Library of Domu[edit | edit source]

Ancient Library of Domu

The Ancient Library of Domu is a grand library in Ninjago. It is guarded with cloaked men, who are located about every 10 feet. It was the home of the Airjitzu Scroll, before it was stolen by Ronin.

Badlands[edit | edit source]

The Badlands is a desert area in Ninjago located between the Sea of Sand and Ninjago City. The only things in the Badlands are roads and telephone wires. No one has lived there since ages. The Ninjago Subway is located beneath the Badlands. It was also featured in NinjaBall Run.

Blackwood Forest[edit | edit source]

Blackwood Forest

Blackwood Forest is a forest with tall trees. Lumberjacks as well and squirrels have been mentioned to live at Blackwood. In "The Invitation" and A Team Divided, Cole worked as a lumberjack and chief at the forest.

Blind Man's Eye[edit | edit source]

Blind Man's Eye

Blind Man's Eye is a swirly looking storm located above the Wailing Alps. Inside the eye of the storm is the portal to the Cloud Kingdom. Because of its height, the only way to go inside is by getting on top of the Wailing Alps and using Airjitzu to get inside, afterward.

Boiling Sea[edit | edit source]

The Boiling Sea is an ocean in Ninjago so called because it is home to a number of active volcanos which superheat the water, making it one of the most inhospitable environments in all of Ninjago.

Hono Mizu[edit | edit source]

Hono Mizu was an ancient city that was destroyed in the catastrophe that birthed the Boiling Sea, with little but it's ancient library surviving. Ray and Maya later selected the library as a hiding place for one of the Time Blades, believing that no one would ever be able to recover it. Unfortunately, their children Kai and Nya were later forced to do so by the Time Twins in order to save Sensei Wu's life.

Borg Industries[edit | edit source]

File:Borg Industries.jpg
Borg Industries

Borg Industries (also known as Borg Tower Borg Castle Borg Palace Cyrus Borg Industries Cyrus Borg Tower Cyrus Borg Palace Cyrus Borg Castle and briefly known as Garmadon Tower Garmadon Castle Garmadon Palace Lord Garmadon Tower Lord Garmadon Palace Lord Garmadon Castle Emperor Garmadon Tower Emperor Garmadon Palace Emperor Garmadon Castle King Garmadon Tower King Garmadon Palace and King Garmadon Castle) is a massive tower that Cyrus Borg built on the ruins of the Garmatron. It has a neo-futuristic design, along with a blue hologram light at the top, which is of the company's logo. Lights inside the tower are mainly green and blue. However, the lights and Borg logo turned red after the Digital Overlord infected New Ninjago City. When the Ninja destroyed the power substation, all lights went off; and when Zane found his way into Borg Industries system, the logo turned light blue. Cyrus Borg's office is located on the 100th floor. It is later revealed that the 99th floor is where the factory line is located, as well as a video game room, where the Digiverse was being created. From a certain perspective, the tower appears as some kind of key.

In Season Four, Borg Tower is no longer a part of the Ninjago City skyline. It is possible the tower was demolished after the Golden Master's attack, which may explain the lack of futuristic technology in and around Ninjago. However, it reappears in LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin. The tower also reappears in season eight when the Sons of Garmadon break into it to steal the first of three Oni masks.

Birchwood Forest[edit | edit source]

File:Birchwood Forest.png
Birchwood Forest

Birchwood Forest is a snowy region of Ninjago. It is where Zane was built and Dr. Julien once lived. Dr. Julien built a juggernaut that defends the forest from intruders and treehorns. It has big hollow trees, which are found everywhere. It is home to tree horns.

Cannon Beach[edit | edit source]

Caves of Despair[edit | edit source]

File:Caves of Despair.png
Caves of Despair

The Caves of Despair are named so because they often have wind blast through the one thousand miles of tunnels. The weather is 48°F / 9°C.

The caves are home to the large and poisonous snakes, which are known to grow up to 74 feet long and can paralyze an elephant in 2.9 seconds. It is also home to over 50,000 species of spiders, all venomous. The spiders are hunted by bats. There are no plants in the caves, though mushrooms grow, as does an inedible popcorn, a cave coral. The cave also contains lots of stalactites and stalagmites.

The caves contain a mud slide, hidden treasure, cave art, snake scale walls, lost tunnels and a Maze of Doom.

Chen's Camp[edit | edit source]

File:Chen Camp.png
Chen's Camp

Chen's Camp was a temporary base of Chen and his Anacondrai warriors. It is located at a subway in New Ninjago City. There, six tents are put in a half circle, with a bus and the Boulder Blaster. There are also three noodle trucks parked outside of the circle. Inside the bus, Chen has created a small base, where he kept the Book of Spells and Pythor.

Chen's Island[edit | edit source]

Chen's Island is an island where Chen and Clouse were banished after the Serpentine Wars. According the Chronicles of Ninjago and Kai, the island is not seen on any map, and no one can get there without Chen's permission. In the Ninja Rush game, the island appears near the lower part of the Island of Darkness.

Chen's Palace[edit | edit source]

Chen's Palace

Chen's Palace (also known as Chen's Castle) is a palace belonging to Chen. According to The Chronicles of Ninjago: An Official Handbook, Chen managed to build the palace, rolling in money from his successful chain restaurant, Mister Chen's Noodle House. His palace includes a courtyard, main hall, guest apartment, chow house, kabuki quarter, indoor arena, and a series of secret passageways and a temple under his palace. In Shadow of Ronin, it also included a noodle fountain and a food-making machine.

Cliff Gordon's Estate[edit | edit source]

Comet[edit | edit source]

the Comet

The Comet in Ninjago appears to be an asteroid with an icy atmosphere surrounding it. It has high, spiky mountains and deep fissures. It is home to alien insects that feed on metal. It was where The Four Golden Weapons were located after the Ninja sent them into space and before General Cryptor brought them back to Ninjago.

In a flashback in Comet Crisis, it was revealed that the comet used to be a great planet. Many aliens lived there. However, there was one creature who could turn into copies of everyone else. After confusement, the people fought each other, until everyone except for the creature died.

In Wrong Place, Wrong Time, the Ninja had used to Golden Weapons to destroy the Mega Weapon. The weapons eventually got blasted on the comet.

In Codename: Arcturus and The Void, the Overlord planned on building a rocket named Arcturus to retrieve the Golden Weapons; so he can complete his body as the Golden Master. Using the OverBorg to do this, General Cryptor and the Nindroid army lifted off on Arcturus and went the comet. However, the Ninja came, too. Later on, the Nindroids escaped with the weapons and left the Ninja on the comet. In the two episodes "The Void" and "The Titanium Ninja", it is commonly mistaken as a planet.

In reality, Arcturus is the name of a star.

Constrictai Tomb[edit | edit source]

File:Constrictai Tomb.png
Constrictai Tomb

The Constrictai Tomb is where the Constrictai where once sealed away. It is located under the Mountain of a Million Steps. The walls have pictures of wars the Serpentine tribes once had with each other. The tomb also has a picture of the Ninja with mustaches. Pressing Cole's mustache makes a door open, leading to the main Serpentine tomb.

Crashcourse Canyon[edit | edit source]

File:Crashcourse Canyon.jpg
Crashcourse Canyon

Crash Canyon is a dangerous canyon, especially for drivers. It is located between the Sea of Sand and Birchwood Forest. The canyon is cut into two, making an uneven road. It was featured in NinjaBall Run.

The Digiverse[edit | edit source]

The Digiverse

The Digiverse is a virtual world which was being made by Cyrus Borg, whereas the player becomes digitally scanned inside. Some enemies in the game include the Stone Warrior and the Juggernaut. The Digiverse is made to look like Ninjago. In the Digiverse, anything is possible. In Ninjago: REBOOTED the Overlord got stuck inside the system and became a computer virus known as the Digital Overlord.

In The Titanium Ninja, Zane survived in The Digiverse after sacrificing himself to the Overlord, and rebuilt himself in Borg Industries' factory as the Titanium Ninja.

It is unknown if the game was ever released to the Ninjago public.

Doctor Julien's Workshop[edit | edit source]

Dr. Julien's Workshop

Doctor Julien's Workshop (also known as Dr. Julien's Workshop and Hidden Workshop) was Dr. Julien's old workshop hidden in a tree. It is located in Birchwood Forest. The door to the workshop has Dr. Julien's symbol and opens up with a spiral of stairs doing downward. It is were the doctor had created the Falcon, Zane, and the Juggernaut. Although it was abandoned after Samukai kidnapped the inventor, the Falcon remembered its location, guiding Zane and the Ninja there and making the Ice Ninja remember his past.

Echo Canyons[edit | edit source]

The Echo Canyons are a series of canyons located in a non urban area of Ninjago. It is home to the Corridor of Elders, a canyon carved with monuments of great elders of Ninjago.

Corridor of Elders[edit | edit source]

The Corridor of Elders

The Corridor of Elders is a location in Echo Canyon. There, many statues are built in honor of great elders of Ninjago. It played a vital role in "The Corridor of Elders", as a war between Chen's newly created Anacondrai warriors and the citizens of Ninjago, took place there. After the war, much of the monument was in ruins. However, construction workers where seen after the battle, fixing the place up. A statue of Garmadon was also seen being constructed, due to his sacrifice to save Ninjago. It may be a reference to the real-life monument Mount Rushmore, where the faces of famous presidents have been carved on a canyon.

The Corridor of Elders is most likely a Ninjago version of Mount Rushmore in the western United States with carvings of previous presidents.

The Empire[edit | edit source]

Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

The Empire is mentioned by an explorer in Season 11 of Ninjago. The explorer's resemblance to that of British explorers during the colonization of the Asia suggest that the "Empire" was a reference to the British Empire which historically colonized large parts of the world throughout late 16th to early 18th century. This means that parody of the British Empire may have existed in the Ninjago universe, and possibly previously colonized the island.

Spoilers end here.

Desert of Doom[edit | edit source]

Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

The Desert of Doom (also known as Destruction Desert and formerly called Serpentine Valley and Serpentine Land) is a vast desert outside Ninjago City, and a hostile region inhabited by a species of giant scarab beetle. It is also where the pyramid that contained Aspheera's prison tomb was discovered by Clutch Powers.

Spoilers end here.

Ed & Edna's Scrap 'N' Junk[edit | edit source]

File:Scrap N Junk.png
Ed & Edna's Scrap 'N' Junk

Ed & Edna's Scrap 'N' Junk (also known as Ed and Edna's Scrap 'N' Junk) is a junkyard that Ed Walker and Edna Walker own. It is located on the border of the Sea of Sand and the Mountains. Inside is a trailer, where Ed and Edna live. In the first season, the junkyard had an ordinary look with junk scattered on the ground. It also had inventions that Ed had built. However, the Fangpyre turned Ed's creations evil. In third season, the junkyard had huge piles of junk and junk compactor.

Endless Ocean[edit | edit source]

The Endless Ocean (also known as Endless Sea) is a huge body of water that separates the inhabited island of Ninjago from the Dark Island and Chen's Island. It is also where Stiix is built. The name mostly gives away that the planet does not have much land on it's surface.

Lighthouse Prison[edit | edit source]

An island with a lighthouse where Dr. Julien was held prisoner on the orders of Samukai.

Fangpyre Tomb[edit | edit source]

The Fangpyre Tomb is where the Fangpyre where sealed away. It is located in a graveyard, in the Wildwood Forest. The tomb has a tree in the shape of a Fangpyre general. The graveyard has a big grave located in the center, which is the door to the tomb.

Fishing Village[edit | edit source]

The Fishing Village is a location seen in LEGO Dimensions. It is small village built on the side of the ocean and resembles Stiix.

Floating Ruins[edit | edit source]

The Floating Ruins is home to a never-ending storm, sharp-horned mountain goats, cougars, and condors. The only flora that grows are small mosses, lichen and lightning buds. It resembles a giant nunchuck. It is where Wu hid the Nunchucks of Lightning and the Lightning Dragon.

Fire Temple[edit | edit source]

The Fire Temple (also known as Temple of Fire Heat Temple Flame Temple Warmth Temple Burn Temple Burning Temple Hot Temple Lava Temple Magma Temple Pyro Temple Blaze Temple Temple of Flame Temple of Heat Temple of Warmth Temple of Burn Temple of Burning Temple of Hot Temple of Lava Temple of Magma Temple of Pyro Temple of Blaze Fire Fortress Flame Fortress Heat Fortress Warmth Fortress Burn Fortress Burning Fortress Hot Fortress Lava Fortress Magma Fortress Pyro Fortress Blaze Fortress Temple of the Fire Temple of the Flame Temple of the Heat Temple of the Warmth Temple of the Burn Temple of the Burning Temple of the Hot Temple of the Lava Temple of the Magma Temple of the Pyro Temple of the Blaze Fortress of Fire Fortress of Flame Fortress of Heat Fortress of Warmth Fortress of Burn Fortress of Burning Fortress of Hot Fortress of Lava Fortress of Magma Fortress of Pyro Fortress of Blaze Fortress of the Fire Fortress of the Flame Fortress of the Heat Fortress of the Warmth Fortress of the Burn Temple of the Burning Temple of the Hot Temple of the Lava Temple of the Magma Temple of the Pyro Temple of the Blaze) is said in legend to be located at the base of Titanic Volcano. It contains lava rivers and waterfalls, as well as pools of magma. It is on the other-side of the Forest of Tranquility. It is home to Burnt Fish, Molten Moles, Ash Bats, Fire Sticks, Lava Lillies and Volcanos. It is where Wu hid the Sword of Fire and the Fire Dragon. It is also where the Fangpyre Fang Blade was located. In "The Green Ninja", the volcano exploded in a violent eruption, nearly killing Kai and Lloyd.

The temple appears in 2507 Fire Temple.

Forest of Tranquility[edit | edit source]

File:Forest of Tranquility.jpg
Forest of Tranquility

The Forest of Tranquility is a calm and relaxing place. It is home to Bongo Tigers, Boogie-Woogie Bears and Lazy Bugs; Groovy Vines, Sleepy Willows, Couch Potatoes and Charming Flowers. It is said to be uncrossable.

Frozen Wasteland[edit | edit source]

File:Frozen Wastelands.png
Frozen Wastelands

The Frozen Wasteland is an area of Ninjago where temperatures regularly dip as low as -50 degrees centigrade (-58F). It is made almost entirely of ice. Animals that live here include Polar Ice Bears, the largest predators in the area; Frozen Owls, which only move when hungry and Iceberg Whales, which eat polar bears and freeze their prey with their breath first, before singing and playing with it. Vegetation includes Dwarf Shrubs, with leaves of gold; Very Wild Flowers, which can be heard laughing and Ice Berries. It also has the Hall of Mirrors Cave and the Cliffs of Hanging Icicles. It is where Wu hid the Surikens of Ice and the Ice Dragon.

Glacier Islands[edit | edit source]

The Glacier Islands are a series of islands located in the Frozen Wastelands. It has only made a minor appearance in Spinjitzu Smash.

Ice Fortress[edit | edit source]

Ice Fortress

The Ice Fortress' or Frost Fortress Snow Fortress Arctic Fortress Cold Fortress Cryo Fortress Frozen Fortress Freeze Fortress Frigid Fortress Glacial Fortress Polar Fortress Winter Fortress Chill Fortress North Fortress Blizzard Fortress Ice Temple Arctic Temple Cold Temple Cryo Temple Frozen Temple Freeze Temple Frigid Temple Glacial Temple Polar Temple Winter Temple Chill Temple North Temple Blizzard Temple Fortress of Ice Fortress of Arctic Fortress of Cold Fortress of Cryo Fortress of Frozen Fortress of Freeze Fortress of Frigid Fortress of Glacial'Fortress of Polar Fortress of Winter Fortress of Chill Fortress of North Fortress of Blizzard Temple of Ice Fortress of Frost Temple of Frost Frost Fortress Frost Temple Snow Fortress Fortress of Snow Temple of Snow Temple of Arctic Temple of Cold Temple of Cryo Temple of Frozen Temple of Freeze Temple of Frigid Temple of Glacial Temple of Polar Temple of Winter Temple of Chill Temple of North Temple of Blizzard Temple of the Ice Temple of the Frost Temple of the Snow Temple of the Arctic Temple of the Cold Temple of the Cryo Temple of the Frozen Temple of the Freeze Temple of the Frigid Temple of the Glacial Temple of the Polar Temple of the Winter Temple of the Chill Temple of the North Temple of the North Temple of the Blizzard Fortress of the Ice Fortress of the Frost Fortress of the Snow Fortress of the Arctic Fortress of the Cold Fortress of the Cryo Fortress of the Frozen Fortress of the Freeze Fortress of the Frigid Fortress of the Glacial Temple of the Polar Fortress of the Chill Fortress of the North and Fortress of the Blizzard is a fortress constructed of ice, located in the Frozen Wasteland. It is the former home to the Shurikens of Ice and the Ice Dragon. In Shadow of Ronin, it was revealed it was also the former home to the Obsidian Sais and it is a home to a big snake, similar to the The Great Devourer, who lives beneath the ice.

Garmadon City[edit | edit source]

Garmadon City was a city seen in the book "Warriors of Stone." It is located on an island and was built in honor of Garmadon before he was evil. However, the city and its people turned into stone due to a natural order.

Garmatron[edit | edit source]

The Garmatron is a massive fortress built by the Overlord. It was originally a tank, but changed into a tower after the Overlord reached Ninjago City. It was the highest tower in the city at its time. It is gothic, with a mystical, evil look. It had spiral stairs that led to the top with a dark matter gun on the edge of the stairs. It was destroyed by Lloyd during the final battle; and Cyrus Borg built Borg Industries on its ruins.

Glacier Barrens[edit | edit source]

File:Glacier Barrens.png
Glacier Barrens

The Glacier Barrens is a snowy mountain range that consistently snows. It is where the Hypnobrai tomb is located. The people who live there are eskimos who live inside of igloos. It was featured in NinjaBall Run.

Golden Peaks[edit | edit source]

The Golden Peaks, birthplace of the Golden Weapons!

The Golden Peaks are a series of large mountains in the Ninjago sky that include a large volcano with golden lava. They are where the First Spinjitzu Master created the Golden Weapons. It is also where Garmadon combined the Four Golden Weapons in the Mega Weapon. It is still unknown how the Golden Peaks existed before Ninjago was created.

Gypsy Cove[edit | edit source]

Haunted Hill[edit | edit source]

Haunted Hill is a place located in the Ninjago mountains. It is also home to the temple of Sensei Yang as well as his grave. In "The Temple on Haunted Hill", it is revealed that buses take tours to the Haunted Hill, though no one ever attempts to enter the temple.

Temple of Airjitzu[edit | edit source]

The Temple of Airjitzu, Monastery of Airjitzu Temple of the Airjitzu Master Monastery of the Airjitzu Master Sensei Yang's Haunted Temple, Sensei Yang's Haunted Monastery Master Yang's Haunted Temple, Master Yang's Haunted Monastery The Temple on Haunted Hill Palace of New Djinjago Palace of New Jinjago Royal Palace of New Djinjago Royal Palace of New Jinjago Temple of New Djinjago Temple of New Jinjago Royal Temple of New Djinjago Royal Temple of New Jinjago Monastery of New Djinjago Monastery of New Jinjago Royal Monastery of New Djinjago Royal Monastery of New Jinjago Palace of New Dinjago Royal Palace of New Dinjago Temple of New Dinjago Royal Temple of New Dinjago Monastery of New Dinjago Royal Monastery of New Dinjago Palace of New Dinnjago Palace of New Jinnjago Royal Palace of New Dinnjago Royal Palace of New Jinnjago Temple of New Dinnjago Temple of New Jinnjago Royal Temple of New Dinnjago Royal Temple of New Jinnjago Monastery of New Dinnjago Monastery of New Jinnjago Royal Monastery of New Dinnjago Royal Monastery of New Jinnjago Palace of New Djinnjago Palace of New Jinnjago Royal Palace of New Djinnjago Royal Palace of New Jinnjago Temple of New Djinnjago Royal Temple of New Djinnjago Monastery of New Djinnjago Royal Monastery of New Djinnjago Castle of New Djinjago Castle of New Jinjago Royal Castle of New Djinjago Royal Castle of New Jinjago Castle of New Dinjago Royal Castle of New Dinjago Castle of New Dinnjago Castle of New Jinnjago Royal Castle of New Dinnjago Royal Castle of New Jinnjago Castle of New Djinnjago and Royal Castle of New Djinnjago is a monastery located in Haunted Hill. It is where Sensei Yang once trained his pupils. After his death, he and his students still lived on as ghost, and the temple became a haunted house. The temple has a rule that whoever makes it in must escape before sunrise, or they will become a ghost, as this happened to Cole. However, the LEGO set may have a different origin, as it appeared to have a retirement room for Sensei Wu, a training room for the Ninja, and a theater; being more peaceful.

It appears in the set 70751 Temple of Airjitzu.

The Hanging Temple[edit | edit source]

File:Hanging Temple.png
The Hanging Temple

The Hanging Temple is a temple located in the Wailing Alps. The temple is located on the side of the mountain, being supported by sticks beneath it.

Hiroshi's Labirinth[edit | edit source]

Hiroshi's Labirinth
Hiroshi's Labirinth, where those who make it never return!
―Sensei Garmadon

Hiroshi's Labirinth is a deadly maze that no one has escaped except for Hiroshi, himself. It is between the mountains and the ocean od Ninjago. Hiroshi's legend states that there is a treasure hidden in the maze. In "The Curse of the Golden Master", Garmadon and Lloyd discovered it is a waterfall.

Hollow Trench[edit | edit source]

Hollow Trench is a massive underwater cliff located near Stiix. It is where the Preeminent drowned and Morro died.

Hypnobrai Tomb[edit | edit source]

The Hypnobrai Tomb is where the Hypnobrai where once sealed away. It can be opened by taking out the Hypnobrai staff, which causes a chain reaction. It is located in the Glacier Barrens. Everything in the tomb is built from ice. It includes a slither pit with a moving arena, weapons, and a weapon base (which are also made from ice).

Ignacia[edit | edit source]

Ignacia is the village Kai and Nya first lived in. It is located in the mountains. Most of the people at Ignacia are farmers. Ignacia has a blacksmith shop known as Four Weapons, which has been run by Kai's Father and passed on to Kai. Ignacia was the first place in Ninjago to be struck by dark matter. Ignacia was the first place to appear in the TV series, but made rarer appearances in newer seasons.

Four Weapons[edit | edit source]

Four Weapons (also known as Four Weapons Blacksmith) is a blacksmith shop started by Ray and Maya and later passed down to Kai and Nya. It is located in Ignacia. The shop is a small two story building with oriental roof and a sign of front with a sword, staff, nunchucks, and suriken. The first floor contains the blacksmith, samurai helmets and swords, surikens, and a small phone hanging on the wall. A bed is nestled in the other corner near a large window, and a set of stairs lead to the second floor, which was never seen. The shop was most likely abandoned after Kai and Nya were recruited to join Sensei Wu.

It appears in the set 2508 Battle At The Blacksmith Shop.

The Island of Darkness[edit | edit source]

File:Island of Darkness.jpg
The Island of Darkness

The Island of Darkness' (also known as The Dark Island Island of Shadow The Shadow Island Island of Void and Island of Blackness) is an island located on the right side of Ninjago. It is where the First Spinjitzu Master had banished the Overlord. After thousands of years, the island has sunk into the ocean. However, Lord Garmadon pulled four knobs and pulled it back up. The island includes Garmadon's camp, mountains, the Temple of Light, the Celestial Clock, and massive rocks.

Temple of Light[edit | edit source]

The Temple of Light (also known as Light Temple Temple of the Light Light Fortress Fortress of Light and Fortress of the Light) is a place located in the Island of Darkness, where the First Spinjitzu Master had gotten the gold to make the Golden Weapons. It has a Japanese style along with lanterns and a giant oven in the front. The inside is in a cave, where the Ninja's adventures are written on the walls. The temple has a huge bell in the middle, which used a chain reaction to give the Ninja their kimonos and elemental blades, along with Lloyd's golden dragon. In Rise of the Spinjitzu Master, the temple had locks which could activate the First Spinjitzu Master's golden mech, once the Ninja put in their elemental blades.

It appears in the set 70505 Temple of Light.

Jamanakai Village[edit | edit source]

File:Jamanakai Village.png
Jamanakai Village

Jamanakai Village is a village were Ninjago took place in the first few episodes, after the main setting being replaced with Ninjago City. It is an old-fashioned village with oriental-style houses and villagers with straw hats and simple clothes. It was the first place that was attacked by Serpentine after their awakening.

Kryptarium Prison[edit | edit source]

Lloyd's Treehouse[edit | edit source]

Lloyd's Treehouse

Lloyd's Treehouse was a giant treehouse ordered by young Lloyd Garmadon and built by the Hypnobrai. It is built with a variety of booby traps and the rule "No girls and/or Ninja" However, it was destroyed by the Ninja, after the Falcon gave Zane the location to the secret base. It was showed in the first season and the app game "The Final Battle".

Main Serpentine Tomb[edit | edit source]

File:Main Tomb.png
Main Serpentine Tomb

The Main Serpentine Tomb (also known as The Serpentine's Underground Fortress Main Snake Tomb The Snake's Underground Fortress Main Serpent Tomb and The Main Serpent's Underground Fortress) is a huge Serpentine tomb that the Serpentine dug to combine all their tombs. It is located underground. There is a round table in the middle of the tomb, where the Serpentine put the Four Silver Fang Blades. The tomb also includes a large, advanced slither pit, buttons to activate its different modes, and a cage to trap enemies.

Master Chen's Arena[edit | edit source]

Master Chen's Arena is a location in LEGO Dimensions. It is an area of Chen's which is located near the village.

Mega Monster Amusement Park[edit | edit source]

File:Amusement Park.png
Mega Monster Amusement Park

Mega Monster Amusement Park is an amusement park located in the mountains. It is monster themed and has monster-sized roller coasters and sandwiches. One ride there is the Ghost Train which is extremely boring to the people Ninjago. The Hypnobrai Fang Blade was located underneath the amusement park. In the book, Who is the Phantom Ninja?, it appeared to have a building with the Ninja and their enemies from the past.

Metalonia[edit | edit source]

Metalonia is a location mentioned in the fourth and ninth seasons of Ninjago. It was mentioned to be Karlof's homeland, and has its own language. It is unknown if it is another world or a sub-country of Ninjago.

Monastery of Spinjitzu[edit | edit source]

The Mountains[edit | edit source]

The Mountains are a location in Ninjago, in between the Sea of Sand and Hiroshi's Labirinth. They played a big role in Blackout as Lloyd learned to move mountains.

The Mountain of Impossible Heights[edit | edit source]

File:Mountain of Impossible Hieghts.jpg
The Mountain of Impossible Heights.

The Mountain of Impossible Heights is a huge mountain that reaches the clouds in the Ninjago Sky. The mountain steps are in a spiral and there is a bridge from the mountain to another mountain. The top is dragon-shaped with the Monastery of Spinjitzu. According to the Ninjago site, the weather there cannot be determined. Villagers, such as the Mailman have a hard time walking to the top, while the Ninja can easily get there. It was never seen in the show after the Monastery of Spinjitzu was destroyed.

The Mountain of Madness[edit | edit source]

The Mountain of Madness

The Mountain of Madness is a mountain that is located in the Dark Continent. It includes a mystical, volcanic look, along with a portal to Ninjago at the top. The mountain appears to be cracked, revealing glowing, portal mist inside the it. It is home to the Craglings.

The Mountain of a Million Steps[edit | edit source]

Mountain of Million Steps

The Mountain of a Million Steps is a big mountain, which most likely has a million steps. It the very similar to the Mountain of Impossible Heights. The steps move in a spiral-like pattern. The top of the mountain is shaped like a Constrictai's head. The Constrictai Tomb is located on the top of the mountain.

New Djinjago[edit | edit source]

New Djinjago (also known as New Dinjago New Jinjago New Dinnjago New Jinnjago New Djinnjago New Djinjago Realm New Jinjago Realm New Dinjago Realm New Dinnjago Realm New Jinnjago Realm New Djinnjago Realm New Djinjago Dimension New Dinjago Dimension New Jinjago Dimension New Dinnjago Dimension New Jinnjago Dimension New Djinnajgo Dimension New Djinjago Planet New Dinjago Planet New Jinjago Planet New Dinnjago Planet New Jinnjago Planet New Djinnjago Planet New Djinjago World New Dinjago World New Jinjago World New Dinnjago World New Jinnjago World New Djinnjago World Realm of New Djinjago Realm of New Jinjago Realm of New Dinjago Realm of New Dinnjago Realm of New Jinnjago Dimension of New Djinjago Dimension of New Dinjago Dimension of New Dinnjago Dimension of New Jinnjago Dimension of New Djinnjago World of New Djinjago World of New Dinjago World of New Jinjago World of New Dinnjago World of New Jinnjago World of New Djinnjago Planet of New Djinjago Planet of New Dinjago Planet of New Jinjago Planet of New Dinnjago Planet of New Jinnjago Planet of New Djinnjago Realm of the New Djinjago Realm of the New Jinjago Realm of the New Dinjago Realm of the New Dinnjago Realm of the New Jinnjago Realm of the New Djinnjago Dimension of the New Djinjago Dimension of the New Dinjago Dimension of the New Jinjago Dimension of the New Dinnjago Dimension of the New Jinnjago 'Dimension of the New Djinnjago Planet of the New Djinjago Planet of the New Dinjago Planet of the New Jinjago Planet of the New Dinnjago Planet of the New Jinnjago Planet of the New Djinnjago World of the New Djinjago World of the New Dinjago World of the New Jinjago World of the New Dinnjago World of the New Jinnjago World of the New Djinnjago Realm of New Djinnjago New Djinjago Kingdom New Jinjago Kingdom New Dinjago Kingdom New Dinnjago Kingdom New Jinnjago Kingdom New Djinnjago Kingdom Kingdom of New Djinjago Kingdom of New Jinjago Kingdom of New Dinjago Kingdom of New Dinnjago Kingdom of New Jinnjago Kingdom of New Djinnjago Kingdom of the New Djinjago Kingdom of the New Dinjago Kingdom of the New Dinnjago Kingdom of the New Jinnjago and Kingdom of the New Djinnjago) is a location created by the Misfortune's Crew. The Sky Pirates raided various chunks of Ninjago and brought them into the sky. Some of these include parts of New Ninjago City and the Temple on Haunted Hill. Nadakhan decided to create New Djinjago when the realm of Djinjago was destroyed.

New Ninjago City[edit | edit source]

Welcome to New Ninjago City. The future is what we make it!
―Cyrus Borg
File:New Ninjago City.png
New Ninjago City

New Ninjago City is the reestablishment of Ninjago City with the ideology of neo-futurism. It includes more advanced buildings along with hover-copters, super hybrid assault vehicles, security mechs, fighter jets, and hover cars. Roads are magnetic and holographic roads appear in the sky. The massive Borg Industries is built on the site of the Overlord's defeat. The builders in New Ninjago City wear the same suit as the Construction Worker. Unlike before, New Ninjago City resembled present-day Tokyo, with additions of hovercars and other currently impossible technological advancements.

According to A Team Divided, after the city was in minor damage after Zane's sacrifice, the city was rebuilt adapting a look of the original and new Ninjago City. In the fourth season, the city has removed all hovering items and it is revealed the city lies on the western coast of Ninjago, and has it's own major port. Also, Borg Industries appears to be missing from the skyline in the fourth season. However, in LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin Borg Industries reappears in the skyline and the city is neo-futuristic.

Dareth's TV Studio[edit | edit source]

Mister Chen's Noodle House[edit | edit source]

File:Chen's Noodle House.png
Mister Chen's Noodle House

Mister Chen's Noodle House (also known as Mr. Chen's Noodle House) is a popular chain restaurant in New Ninjago City previously owned by Chen, himself. It bears resemblance to a modern Japanese buffet, having belts for each food. The restaurant gets shipments of food from Chen's island from trailers. After Chen was banished into the Cursed Realm, Skylor decided to run the business herself. Although, it was said to be a chain restaurant, only one has currently appeared in the show. In LEGO Dimensions, another one was shown in the village. However, it had a more traditional look, unlike the one in New Ninjago City, which is more modern.

New Ninjago City Hospital[edit | edit source]

The Ninja went to the hospital to meet Lil' Nelson, who broke both his legs, as part of the Grant-a-Wish foundation

Ninjago City Police Station[edit | edit source]

The Ninjago City Police Station is the headquarters of the Ninjago City Police, located in Ninjago City.

Ninjago Power Plant[edit | edit source]

File:Power station.jpg
Ninjago Power Plant

The Ninjago Power Plant is where all of New Ninjago City gets its power. It has a neo-futuristic design, adapting a space needle look. It has blue and orange neon lights on it's sides, glass windows, antennae at the top, and it is a few stories tall. In the main room, there is a giant transparent blue tube, where the power is being held. The glass is resistant to blades, and only a large amount of laser can crack it. The tube is surrounded by computers.

Repo Yard[edit | edit source]

Yang Tavern[edit | edit source]

Yang Tavern is pub and slither pit located in New Ninjago City. Its Slither Pit is wooden and does not seem to have any triggers, levers, or extra games. The announcer of the Slither Pit is a Hypnobrai Soldier. In A Team Divided and "The Invitation", Kai appears to have a job as the Slither Pit champion, the 'Red Shogun'. Many characters including Captain Soto's Crew, the Serpentine, Ronin, Wrayth, Morro, Ronin, Eyezor, an Anacondrai cultist, and minifigures of Dan Hageman and Kevin Hageman have made in appearance at Yang Tavern.

Ninjago City[edit | edit source]

Ninjago City, biggest city in all of Ninjago!

Ninjago City is the biggest city in Ninjago, mostly filled with buildings and skyscrapers. It's a location of Darreth's Mojo Dojo, Patty Keys's apartment, NTV office building, and etc. It was first harmed by Great Devourer and later totally devastated in the Final Battle. However, it was renewed and named New Ninjago City in the third season. It rests on the northwestern coast of Ninjago and houses a major harbor.

Concert Hall[edit | edit source]

Concert Hall is a stage in Ninjago City. It played a major role in "The Royal Blacksmiths", as it was where the Ninjago Talent Show took place. Some participations included Spin Harmony with Jay, Kai, Zane, and Cole; Tremble Makers with some snakes; a beatboxer; and chorus of seniors. The judges of the talent show were the Talent Show Judges and Pythor.

Grand Sensei Darreth's Mojo Dojo[edit | edit source]

File:Mojo Dojo.png
Grand Sensei Darreth's Mojo Dojo

Grand Sensei Darreth's Mojo Dojo (also known as Grand Sensei Dareth's Mojo Dojo) is a karate school belonging to Dareth. It is located in Ninjago City. It is where the Ninja decided to train Lloyd, after Garmadon stole the Destiny's Bounty. It includes punching bags, balance poles, and a table filled with Dareth's fake trophies. Some students there include Jeff and Phil. It was once attempted to be shut down and replaced by a golf course of Darnagom Enterprises, but was paid off by the Ninja, after winning an award in NinjaBall Run.

Kiddie Arcade[edit | edit source]

Kiddie Arcade is an arcade located in Ninjago City. In the front of the arcade an artistic, smiling a statue, holding up a few balloons. Some games at the arcade have a digital version of the Ninjago soundtrack as their song. The arcade also has a Hypnobrai outfit, which Lloyd took. It is unknown if had to buy it, win it, or he stole it. There are two located in Ninjago City, one in the city suburbs and the other near Grand Sensei Dareth's Mojo Dojo.

Ninjago City Aquarium[edit | edit source]

We may not have power, but we still have sharks!
―the manager during a power outage
File:Ninjago Aquarium.jpg
Ninjago City Aquarium

The Ninjago City Aquarium is an aquarium located in New Ninjago City. The aquarium includes a modernist design, along with a whale logo in the middle. The manager of the aquarium is a man similar to the Ultra Agents version of Solomon Blaze. The aquarium contains sea creatures such as Electro Cobrai and sharks.

Ninjago Doomsday Comix[edit | edit source]

Doomsday Comix

Ninjago Doomsday Comix is a comic book store located in Ninjago City. Some comics include Daffy Dale, Phoenix Wars, and Starfarer. The manager of the store is Rufus McCallister, aka Mother Doomsday. The shop had once included illume-swords and Zen-eXtreme Ninja gis signed by Jay, Kai, Zane, and Cole.

Ninjago Museum of History[edit | edit source]

File:Ninjago Museum.jpg
Ninjago Museum of History

The Ninjago Museum of History is a museum located in Ninjago City. Misako had worked there in the second season. The Serpentine exibit includes false drawings of all the Serpentine tribes, and a golden tomb containing a snake ancestor, which the Serpentine generals stole in "Child's Play". A Giant Stone Warrior had also been dug up there. However, he was thrown back into his hole in "The Stone Army". The gift shop had miniature models of him, which had also come to life. In "Winds of Change", the museum had a banner of the Ninja at the top, and it was revealed that robot models were built there to reenact the Ninja's battles. It was also here that Morro found the Allied Armor of Azure and possessed Lloyd.

In "Day of the Departed" the Ninja are introduced to Dr. Saunders, the museum's curator; Sensei Yang's magic also brings various mannequins of defeated villains to life. In "The Hands of Time" the Ninja help clean up the museum following the events of the Day of the Departed, and Acronix later comes her to meet with Saunders, who is revealed to be Krux. The museum is revealed to conceal a secret lab used by Krux for forty years in his plans to conquer Ninjago.

Stone Army Tomb[edit | edit source]

The Stone Army Tomb (also known as Rock Army Tomb Demon Army Tomb Devil Army Tomb Daevil Army Tomb Deavil Army Tomb Daemon Army Tomb and Deamon Army Tomb) is a tomb beneath Ninjago City, where the Stone Army had once been sealed away. However, the Serpentine get trapped inside there in "The Day Ninjago Stood Still". In "The Curse of the Golden Master", the Serpentine managed to open the tomb, but they decided to live there so they will not get hurt from the Golden Master. However, the amount of Serpentine had been reduced, meaning some may have escaped or died; or the tomb is far bigger.

Temple of Fortitude[edit | edit source]

Temple of Fortitude

The Temple of Fortitude is a temple similar to the Temple of Light located in Ninjago City. It resembles a red temple with a green roof and a dragon head in the middle of the roof. It is a shield which can block Golden Power. It is where Stone Warriors had once hid from the First Spinjitzu Master. It is also where the Ninja got their Armored Robes. Its appearance may be a reference to the real-life temple, Sungyemun, as they are both ancient temples that have been preserved in modern city.

It appears in the set 70728 Battle for Ninjago City.

Wong's Costumes[edit | edit source]

Wong's Costumes is a costume shop in Ninjago City which the Ninja disguised themselves as pirates in order save Dareth.

Ninjago Sky[edit | edit source]

The Sky of Ninjago is home to Hot Air Baboons, Light Condors, Cloud Corn, Sunny Flowers, Astro Plants, and the Ultra Dragon.

Ouroborus[edit | edit source]

Ouroborus (also known as The Lost City of Ouroboros and formerly Forsaken City) was a lost city where the Serpentine once lived in. It has a statue of The Great Devourer. In The Snake King, Pythor P. Chumsworth found it by using an underground knob. It reappeared in "Wrong Place, Wrong Time," as Garmadon's base. It also reappeared in "Codename: Arcturus," as Pythor's base where OverBorg created Arcturus that later blasted off into space.

Parrot Bay[edit | edit source]

Parrot Bay is a bay shown in "Stone Cold." It is where Kirchonn The Invincible had attacked, but lost to Sensei Wu.

Pyramid[edit | edit source]

The Pyramid is located in Ouroborus. It is filled with traps such as stone floors, lowering spiked ceilings, wall-mounted arrow launchers, and collapsing ceilings. It is where the Constrictai Fang Blade was once hidden. However, it was mentioned by Cole that Clutch Powers had found it before the Serpentine did.

Samurai X Cave[edit | edit source]

The Samurai X Cave is Nya's secret base located under a dinosaur skeleton in the Sea of Sand. Inside the skeleton's mouth is a stairway that leads to the cave. The cave has lighting on its sides as well as all the inventions Nya has made. It includes control room, where there are holographic computers. It played a minor role in the third season and played a rather bigger one in the fourth season. In "The Temple on Haunted Hill", it was temporarily under the control of the Ghost warriors.

The Samurai X Cave's name and appearance is a reference to the Batcave. Its role in the fourth season was also a reference to the Justice League TV series, as the Elemental Masters gathered up in the base.

The Sea of Sand[edit | edit source]

File:The Sea of Sand.png
The Sea of Sand

The Sea of Sand is a desert in Ninjago where Ninjago City and Ouroborus are located. The desert itself is empty and only contains bones of old Serpentine. It is also where Nya has her hidden Samurai X cave. It was featured in NinjaBall Run.

Torchfire Mountain[edit | edit source]

File:Torchfire Mountain.png
Torchfire Mountain

Torchfire Mountain is an active volcano located in the Sea of Sand. The lava in the volcano is several billion degrees. It is the only place where the Fang Blades can be destroyed. It is often visited by the Ninjago tour bus. The lava has enough heat to destroy the Four Silver Fang Blades.

Sensei Garmadon's Monastery[edit | edit source]

File:Garmadon's Monastary.jpg
Sensei Garmadon's Monastery

Sensei Garmadon's Monastery (also known as Master Garmadon's Monastery) is a monastery owned by Sensei Garmadon. He lives there along with Misako. It has an oriental design, includes candles and appears to have no technology of any kind (except for the computers at Borg Industries which were brought to the monastery for a while). It is located in a village. Garmadon often teaches his students fighting skills, such as the Silent Fist. Although it is Garmadon's, in LEGO Ninjago: The Visual Dictionary, it said it was Wu's.

Sensei Wu's Academy[edit | edit source]

File:Youth Academy.png
Sensei Wu's Academy

Sensei Wu's Academy (also known as Master Wu's Academy and formerly known as Darkley's Boarding School for Bad Boys and Darkley's Boarding School for Great Children) is a several-story boarding school the Ninja own and live in. It is located in the mountains of Ninjago. It was originally named Darkley's Boarding School for Bad Boys, but the building soon became Darkly's Boarding School for Great Children. When the Ninja bought it, it became Sensei Wu's Academy. Since then, girls also entered the school. The teachers of the school are Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, Nya, Darreth, and Sensei Wu being the headmaster.

Sixteen Realms[edit | edit source]

Chima[edit | edit source]


The Land of Chima is confirmed to be one of the 14 realms of Ninjago, as Lloyd and Morro used the Realm Crystal to briefly travel there in Episode 54.

Cloud Kingdom[edit | edit source]

File:Cloud Kingdom.png
The Cloud Kingdom

The Cloud Kingdom (also known as Cloudy Kingdom Cloudy Dimension Cloudy World Cloudy Planet Clouds Kingdom Clouds Dimension Clouds Planet Clouds World Cloud Realm Cloud Dimension Cloud World Cloud Planet Clouds Realm Clouds Planet Kingdom of Cloud World of Cloud Planet of Cloud Dimension of Cloud Kingdom of Clouds Dimension of Clouds World of Clouds Planet of Clouds Kingdom of the Cloud Kingdom of the Clouds World of the Cloud World of the Clouds Dimension of the Cloud Dimension of the Clouds Planet of the Cloud Planet of the Clouds Realm of Cloud Realm of Clouds Realm of the Cloud and Realm of the Clouds) is a parallel realm hidden in the skies above Ninjago, which can be only accessed through a portal in the center of Blind Man's Eye, reachable via Airjitzu on top of the Wailing Alps. The architecture of the kingdom is a cross between ancient Japanese and Roman architecture. In the Cloud Kingdom, boats have the ability to fly and hover in midair. On the top of its main building is the home to the Sword of Sanctuary. In the center level of the main building, there are scribes who writes every event and prophecy in Ninjago before they come to pass. It is one of the 16 realms of Ninjago.

Known Cloud Kingdom Royal House Family Dynasty and Line Member[edit | edit source]

Kings[edit | edit source]

  • King of Cloud Kingdom
  • Other past Kings of Cloud Kingdom

Queens[edit | edit source]

  • Queen of Cloud Kingdom
  • Other past Queens of Cloud Kingdom

Princes[edit | edit source]

  • Prince of Cloud Kingdom
  • Other past Princes of Cloud Kingdom

Princesses[edit | edit source]

  • Princess of Cloud Kingdom
  • Other past Princesses of Cloud Kingdom

Cursed Realm[edit | edit source]

Main article: The Preeminent

The Cursed Realm (also known as Cursed Kingdom Cursed World Cursed Planet Cursed Dimension Damned Realm Damned Kingdom Damned World Damned Planet Damned Dimension Realm of Cursed Kingdom of Cursed World of Cursed Planet of Cursed Dimension of Cursed Realm of Damned World of Damned Planet of Damned Dimension of Damned Kingdom of Damned Kingdom of the Cursed World of the Cursed Planet of the Cursed Dimension of the Cursed Realm of the Cursed Kingdom of the Damned World of the Damned Planet of the Damned Dimension of the Damned and Realm of the Damned) is a realm that is used as the worst punishment for someone. In "Spellbound", it was revealed that the Anacondrai generals had been banished to the Cursed Realm after losing the Serpentine War. In "The Day of the Dragon", Clouse tried banishing Garmadon into the realm, but got himself banished instead. In "The Corridor of Elders", Garmadon banished himself into the Cursed Ream, freeing the ghost of the Anacondrai generals.

Characters who were banished into the Cursed Realm[edit | edit source]

  • Anacondrai Generals (Released Souls)
  • Anacondrai Cultists (formerly)
  • Ghost Warriors (formerly)
  • Garmadon (formerly)
  • Lloyd Garmadon (temporary prisoner)

The Dark Dimension[edit | edit source]

File:Dark Continent.png
The Dark Dimension

The Dark Dimension (also known as Realm of Madness Kingdom of Madness World of Madness Planet of Madness Dimension of Madness Madness Realm Madness Kingdom Madness World Madness Planet Madness Dimension Realm of the Madness Kingdom of the Madness World of the Madness Planet of the Madness Dimension of the Madness Dark Realm Dark Kingdom Dark World Dark Planet Darkness Realm Darkness Kingdom Darkness World Darkness Planet Darkness Dimension Realm of the Darkness Kingdom of the Darkness World of the Darkness Planet of the Darkness Dimension of the Darkness Realm of Darkness Kingdom of Darkness World of Darkness Planet of Darkness and Dimension of Darkness) is a place of dark power. It is where Garmadon got four arms, allowing him to possess the Golden Weapons. The only three ways of getting there are to draw the Golden Weapons near each other and enter the portal to the world, use Traveler's Tea, or use the Realm Crystal. It has Mud Monsters and Craglings. It has a portal to Ninjago, located on top of the Mountain of Madness. It is one of the Ninjago's 14 realms.

Departed Realm[edit | edit source]

The Departed Realm (also known as Departed Kingdom Departed World Departed Planet Departed Dimension Realm of Departed Kingdom of Departed World of Departed Planet of Departed Dimension of Departed Realm of the Departed Kingdom of the Departed World of the Departed Planet of the Departed and Dimension of the Departed) is a location mentioned, but not visited, in the "Day of the Departed" special. It is where the spirits of all beings-including Nindroids and Stone Army soldiers-travel upon their death. Using his own magic and the power of the Yin-Yang Eclipse, Sensei Yang was able to release the spirits of Samukai, General Kozu, General Cryptor, Master Chen, and Morro from this realm except Lord Garmadon Nadakhan or Khanjikhan Bizzaro Ninja and its members Bizzaro Cole Bizzaro Jay Bizzaro Kai and Bizzaro Zane. He also infused weapons carried by the five and a staff later claimed by Pythor with magic that would allow them to send a living being to the Departed Realm-for the fallen villains, this would allow them to remain in Ninjago beyond the duration of the eclipse, returning to life. The villains subsequently summoned the spirits of several fallen henchmen to aid them in their efforts, but all of them-with the exception of Morro-were eventually defeated and returned to the Departed Realm. Morro chose not to seek vengeance, and instead warned the Ninja of Yang's plan before voluntarily returning to the Departed Realm.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Djinn[edit | edit source]

  • Khanjikhan
  • Khanjikhan's Father/Phanhakan
  • Khanjikhan's Grandfather/Bamakhan
  • Khanjikhan's Mother
  • Khanjikhan's Mother's Father
  • Khanjikhan's Mother's Grandfather #1
  • Khanjikhan's Mother's Grandfather #2
  • Khanjikhan's Mother's Grandmother #1
  • Khanjikhan's Mother's Grandmother #2
  • Khanjikhan's Mother's Mother
  • Nadakhan's Mother/Selmakhan
  • Nadakhan's Mother's Father
  • Nadakhan's Mother's Grandfather #1
  • Nadakhan's Mother's Grandfather #2
  • Nadakhan's Mother's Grandmother #1
  • Nadakhan's Mother's Grandfather #2
  • Nadakhan's Mother's Mother
  • Many Past Djinn Kings
  • Many Past Djinn Queens
  • Many Past Djinn Princes
  • Many Past Djinn Princesses

All the other Djinn are in the Departed Realm, except Nadakhan, who is the last survivor. He is currently imprisoned in the Teapot of Tyrahn.

Sky Pirates Crew[edit | edit source]

  • Dilara (spirit formerly resurrected through Nya by Nadakhan, now departed once more)

Ghost Warriors[edit | edit source]

Many other ghosts are in the Departed Realm, sent there after the destruction of the Cursed Realm.

Anacondrai Cultists (Cursed)[edit | edit source]

  • Master Chen, formerly resurrected during the Yin-Yang Eclipse, now departed once more
  • Eyezor, formerly resurrected during the Yin-Yang Eclipse, now departed once more
  • Zugu, formerly resurrected during the Yin-Yang Eclipse, now departed once more
  • Kapau
  • Chope
  • Sleven
  • Krait

All the Anacondrai Cultists are in the Departed Realm, except for Clouse, who is a ghost after escaping the Cursed Realm, and eventually got himself banished to the Underworld. Another associate of the Cultists, the Mechanic, is alive.

Nindroids/Robots[edit | edit source]

All the Season 3 Nindroids are in the Departed Realm, except two are alive in Kryptarium Prison, and some who were reprogrammed and became Cyrus Borg's Security Droids. Three of them were resurrected during the Yin-Yang Eclipse, but they are now departed once more.

Stone Army[edit | edit source]

  • Kozu (formerly resurrected during the Yin-Yang Eclipse, now departed once more)
  • Stone Warriors
  • Stone Swordsmen (two were resurrected during the Yin-Yang Eclipse, now departed once more)
  • Stone Scouts (two were resurrected during the Yin-Yang Eclipse, now departed once more)

All the Stone Warriors are the Departed Realm except at least one or two Giant Stone Warriors, who may be the last survivors. One is currently in Kryptarium Prison, and the other one, if it isn't the same warrior, is trapped in a sinkhole under the Ninjago Museum of History.

Skulkin[edit | edit source]

  • Samukai (formerly resurrected during the Yin-Yang Eclipse, now departed once more)

Serpentine[edit | edit source]

All the other Anacondrai are in the Departed Realm, except for Pythor, who is the last survivor. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Humans[edit | edit source]

Oni[edit | edit source]

Dragons[edit | edit source]

Oni/Dragon Hybrids[edit | edit source]

Oni/Dragon/Human Hybrids[edit | edit source]

Titans/Giants[edit | edit source]

Blizzard Samurai[edit | edit source]

Animals/Creatures[edit | edit source]

  • Grundal (one formerly resurrected by the Mega Weapon, now departed once more; one alive in the Primeval's Eye)
  • Treehorn Queen
  • All Yeti are in the Departed Realm except for Krag, who's the last survivor.
  • Many Animals

Unknown[edit | edit source]

  • The Preeminent (formerly resurrected accidentally by P.I.X.A.L. and Wu, now departed once more)

Djinjago[edit | edit source]


Djinjago (also known as Dinjago Jinjago Dinnjago Jinnjago Djinnjago Djinjago Realm Jinjago Realm Dinjago Realm Dinnjago Realm Jinnjago Realm Djinnjago Realm Djinjago World Dinjago World Jinjago World Dinnjago World Jinnjago World Djinnjago World Djinjago Planet Dinjago Planet Jinjago Planet Dinnjago Planet Jinnjago Planet Djinnjago Planet Djinjago Dimension Dinjago Dimension Jinjago Dimension Dinnjago Planet Jinnjago Planet Djinnjago Planet Realm of Djinjago Realm of Jinjago World of Djinjago World of Jinjago Planet of Djinjago Planet of Jinjago Dimension of Djinjago Dimension of Jinjago Realm of the Djinjago World of the Djinjago Planet of the Djinjago Dimension of the Djinjago Realm of the Jinjago World of the Jinjago Planet of the Jinjago Dimension of the Jinjago Realm of Dinjago World of Dinjago Planet of Dinjago Dimension of Dinjago Realm of the Dinjago World of the Dinjago Planet of the Dinjago Dimension of the Dinjago Realm of Dinnjago World of Dinnjago Planet of Dinnjago Dimension of Dinnjago Realm of the Jinnjago World of the Jinnjago Planet of the Dinnjago Dimension of the Dinnjago Realm of the Dinnjago World of the Dinnjago Realm of Djinnjago World of Djinnjago Planet of Djinnjago Dimension of Djinnjago Realm of the Djinnjago World of the Djinnjago Planet of the Djinnjago Dimension of the Djinnjago Djinjago Kingdom Jinjago Kingdom Dinjago Kingdom Dinnjago Kingdom Jinnjago Kingdom Djinnjago Kingdom Kingdom of Djinjago Kingdom of Jinjago Kingdom of Dinjago Kingdom of Dinnjago Kingdom of Jinnjago Kingdom of Djinnjago Kingdom of the Djinjago Kingdom of the Jinjago Kingdom of the Dinjago Kingdom of the Dinnjago Kingdom of the Jinnjago and Kingdom of the Djinnjago) is a world that is inhabited by the Djinn race. The architecture of its kingdom slightly resembles Taj Mahal. After the destruction of the Cursed Realm, Djinjago was effected and later also destroyed. It is one of the 16 realms in the Ninjago universe, now being 14 after the destruction of the Cursed Realm and this one.

Known Djinjago Royal House Family Dynasty and Line Member[edit | edit source]

Kings[edit | edit source]

  • Nadakhan, Formerly; Now a prince again due to the events of Skybound being erased
  • Khanjikhan, Formerly; Now deceased
  • Khanjikhan's Father/Phanhakan, Formerly; Now deceased
  • Nadakhan's Mother's Father, Formerly; Now deceased
  • Khanjikhan's Grandfather/Bamakhan, Formerly; Now deceased
  • Khanjikhan's Mother's Father, Formerly; Now deceased
  • Nadakhan's Mother's Grandfather #1, Formerly; Now deceased
  • Nadakhan's Mother's Grandfather #2, Formerly: Now deceased
  • Khanjikhan's Mother's Grandfather #1, Formerly; Now deceased
  • Khanjikhan's Mother's Grandfather #2, Formerly; Now deceased
  • Other past Djinn Kings

Queens[edit | edit source]

  • Nya/Dilara, Briefly before the events of Skybound were erased
  • Nadakhan's Mother/Selmakhan, Formerly; Now deceased
  • Khanjikhan's Mother, Formerly; Now deceased
  • Nadakhan's Mother's Mother, Formerly; Now deceased
  • Khanjikhan's Grandmother , Formerly; Now deceased
  • Khanjikhan's Mother's Mother, Formerly; Now deceased
  • Nadakhan's Mother's Grandmother #1, Formerly; Now deceased
  • Nadakhan's Mother's Grandmother #2, Formerly; Now deceased
  • Khanjikhan's Mother's Grandmother #1, Formerly; Now deceased
  • Khanjikhan's Mother's Grandmother #2, Formerly; Now deceased
  • Other past Djinn Queens

Princes[edit | edit source]

  • Nadakhan, Formerly; Now a prince again due to the events of Skybound being erased
  • Khanjikhan, Formerly; Later a Djinn King; Now deceased
  • Khanjikhan's Father/Phanhakan, Formerly; Later a Djinn King; Now deceased
  • Nadakhan's Mother's Father, Formerly; Later a Djinn King; Now deceased
  • Khanjikhan's Mother's Father, Formerly; Later a Djinn King; Now deceased
  • Khanjikhan's Grandfather/Bamakhan, Formerly; Later a Djinn King; Now deceased
  • Nadakhan's Mother's Grandfather #1, Formerly; Later a Djinn King; Now deceased
  • Nadakhan's Mother's Grandfather #2, Formerly: Later a Djinn King; Now deceased
  • Khanjikhan's Mother's Grandfather #1, Formerly; Later a Djinn King; Now deceased
  • Khanjikhan's Mother's Grandmother #2, Formerly; Later a Djnin King; Now deceased
  • Other past Djinn Princes

Princesses[edit | edit source]

  • Nadakhan's Mother/Selmakhan, Formerly; Later a Djinn Queen; Now deceased
  • Khanjikhan's Mother, Formerly; Later a Djinn Queen; Now deceased
  • Nadakhan's Mother's Mother, Formerly; Later a Djinn Queen; Now deceased
  • Khanjikhan's Mother's Mother, Formerly; Later a Djinn Queen; Now deceased
  • Khanjikhan's Grandmother #1, Formerly; Later a Djinn Queen; Now deceased
  • Khanjikhan's Grandmother #2, Formerly; Later a Djinn Queen; Now deceased
  • Khanjikhan's Mother's Grandmother #1, Formerly; Later a Djinn Queen; Now deceased
  • Khanjikhans' Mother's Grandmother #2, Formerly; Later a Djinn Queen; Now deceased
  • Other past Djinn Princesses

Others[edit | edit source]

  • Royal Guards of Djinjago

Notable Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Throne Room of the Djinn Kings and Djinn Queens
  • Royal Palace of Djinjago

First Realm[edit | edit source]

The First Realm (also known as First Kingdom First World First Planet First Dimension Realm of Oni and Dragons Kingdom of Oni and Dragons 'World of Oni and Dragons Planet of Oni and Dragons Dimension of Oni and Dragons Realm of Oni and Dragon Kingdom of Oni and Dragon World of Oni and Dragon Planet of Oni and Dragon Dimension of Oni and Dragon Realm of the Oni and the Dragons Kingdom of the Oni and the Dragons World of the Oni and the Dragons Planet of the Oni and the Dragons Dimension of the Oni and the Dragons Realm of the Oni and the Dragon Kingdom of the Oni and the Dragon World of the Oni and the Dragon Planet of the Oni and the Dragon Dimension of the Oni and the Dragon Realm of Demons and Dragons Kingdom of Demons and Dragons World of Oni and Dragons Planet of Oni and Dragons Dimension of Oni and Dragons Realm of Demon and Dragon Kingdom of Demon and Dragon World of Demon and Dragon Planet of Oni and Dragon Dimension of Oni and Dragon Realm of the Demons and the Dragons Kingdom of the Demons and the Dragons World of the Demons and the Dragons Planet of the Demons and the Dragons Dimension of the Demons and the Dragons Realm of the Demon and the Dragon Kingdom of the Demon and the Dragon World of the Demon and the Dragon Planet of the Demon and the Dragon Dimension of the Demon and the Dragon Realm of Devils and Dragons Kingdom of Devils and Dragons World of Devils and Dragons Planet of Devils and Dragons Dimension of Devils and Dragons Realm of Devil and Dragon Kingdom of Devil and Dragon World of Devil and Dragon Planet of Devil and Dragon Dimension of Devil and Dragon Realm of the Devil and the Dragon Kingdom of the Devil and the Dragon World of the Devil and the Dragon Planet of the Devil and the Dragon Dimension of the Devil and the Dragon Realm of the Devils and the Dragons Kingdom of the Devils and the Dragons World of the Devils and the Dragons Planet of the Devils and the Dragons Dimension of the Devils and the Dragons Realm of Daevils and Dragons Kingdom of Daevils and Dragons World of Daevils and Dragons Planet of Daevils and Dragons Dimension of Daevils and Dragons Realm of Daevil and Dragon Kingdom of Daevil and Dragon World of Daevil and Dragon Planet of Daevil and Dragon Dimension of Daevil and Dragons Realm of the Daevil and the Dragon Kingdom of the Daevil and the Dragon World of the Daevil and the Dragon Planet of the Daevil and the Dragon Dimension of the Daevil and the Dragon Realm of the Daevils and the Dragons Kingdom of the Daevils and the Dragons World of the Daevils and the Dragons Planet of the Daevils and the Dragons Dimension of the Daevils and the Dragons Realm of Deavils and Dragons Kingdom of Deavils and Dragons World of Deavils and Dragons Planet of Deavils and Dragons Dimension of Deavils and Dragons Realm of Deavil and Dragon Kingdom of Deavil and Dragon World of Deavil and Dragon Planet of Deavil and Dragon Dimension of Deavil and Dragon Realm of the Deavil and the Dragon Kingdom of the Deavil and the Dragon World of the Deavil and the Dragon Planet of the Deavil and the Dragon Dimension of the Deavil and the Dragon Realm of the Deavils and the Dragons Kingdom of the Deavils and the Dragons World of the Deavils and the Dragons Planet of the Deavils and the Dragons Dimension of the Deavils and the Dragons Realm of Daemons and Dragons Kingdom of Daemons and Dragons World of Daemons and Dragons Planet of Daemons and Dragons Dimension of Daemons and Dragons Realm of Daemon and Dragon Kingdom of Daemon and Dragon World of Daemon and Dragon Planet of Daemon and Dragon Dimension of Daemon and Dragon Realm of the Daemon and the Dragon Kingdom of the Daemon and the Dragon World of the Daemon and the Dragon Planet of the Daemon and the Dragon Dimension of the Daemon and the Dragon Realm of the Daemons and Dragons Realm of Deamons and Dragons Kingdom of Deamons and Dragons World of Deamons and Dragons Planet of Deamons and Dragons Dimension of Deamons and Dragons Realm of Deamon and Dragon Kingdom of Deamon and Dragon World of Deamon and Dragon Planet of Deamon and Dragon Dimension of Deamon and Dragon Realm of the Deamon and the Dragon Kingdom of the Deamon and the Dragon World of the Deamon and the Dragon Planet of the Deamon and the Dragon Dimension of the Deamon and the Dragon Realm of the Deamons and the Dragons Kingdom of the Deamons and the Dragons World of the Deamons and the Dragons Planet of the Deamons and the Dragons Dimension of the Deamons and the Dragons Oni and Dragon Realm Oni and Dragon Kingdom Oni and Dragon World Oni and Dragon Planet Oni and Dragon Dimension Oni and Dragons Realm Oni and Dragons Kingdom Oni and Dragons World Oni and Dragons Planet Oni and Dragons Dimension Demon and Dragon Realm Demon and Dragon Kingdom Demon and Dragon World Demon and Dragon Planet Demon and Dragon Dimension Demons and Dragons Realm Demons and Dragons Kingdom Demons and Dragons World Demons and Dragons Planet Demons and Dragons Dimension Devil and Dragon Realm Devil and Dragon Kingdom Devil and Dragon World Devil and Dragon Realm Devil and Dragon Dimension Devils and Dragons Realm Devils and Dragons Kingdom Devils and Dragons World Devils and Dragons Planet Devils and Dragons Dimension Daevil and Dragon Realm Daevil and Dragon Kingdom Daevil and Dragon World Daevil and Dragon Planet Daevil and Dragon Dimension Daevils and Dragons Realm Daevils and Dragons Kingdom Daevils and Dragons World Daevils and Dragons Planet Daevils and Dragons Dimension Deavil and Dragon Realm Deavil and Dragon Kingdom Deavil and Dragon World Deavil and Dragon Planet Deavil and Dragon Dimension Deavils and Dragons Realm Deavils and Dragons Kingdom Deavils and Dragons World Deavils and Dragons Planet Deavils and Dragons Dimension Daemon and Dragon Realm Daemon and Dragon Kingdom Daemon and Dragon World Daemon and Dragon Planet Daemon and Dragon Dimension Daemons and Dragons Realm Daemons and Dragons Kingdom Daemons and Dragons World Daemons and Dragons Planet Daemons and Dragons Dimension Deamon and Dragon Realm Deamon and Dragon Kingdom Deamon and Dragon World Deamon and Dragon Planet Deamon and Dragon Dimension Deamons and Dragons Realm Deamons and Dragons Kingdom Deamons and Dragons World Deamons and Dragons Planet and Deamons and Dragons Dimension) is a sister realm outside of Ninjago, possibly one of the Sixteen Realms. It is inhabited by Dragons and Oni race and was the original home of the First Spinjitzu Master. Born with both the Dragons' power of Creation and the Oni power of Destruction, the Master was caught up in the conflict between the two groups and departed for Ninjago. Centuries later Wu and the first four Ninja were transported here following the return of Lord Garmadon.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Visitors[edit | edit source]

Notable Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Oni Land
  • Dead's End
    • The Pit
  • Firstbourne's Nest

Never-Realm[edit | edit source]

The Never-Realm (also known as Never-Realm World Never-Realm Planet Never-Realm Dimension Neverland Neverland Realm Neverland World Neverland Planet Neverland Dimension Realm of Never-Realm World of Never-Realm Planet of Never-Realm Dimension of Never-Realm Realm of Neverland World of Neverland Planet of Neverland Dimension of Neverland Realm of the Never-Realm World of the Never-Realm Planet of the Never-Realm Dimension of the Never-Realm Realm of the Neverland World of the Never-Realm Planet of the Never-Realm Dimension of the Never-Realm Never-Realm Kingdom Neverland Kingdom Kingdom of Never-Realm Kingdom of Neverland Kingdom of the Never-Realm Kingdom of the Neverland Realm of the Neverland World of the Neverland Planet of the Neverland and Dimension of the Neverland) is a realm far removed from Ninjago and filled with ice and snow. The First Spinjitzu Master visited it on only one occasion, and only just managed to make his way back to Ninjago. Afterwards, he spoke of it it to Wu on only one occasion, warning him against ever attempting to travel there. At some point Aspheera learned of its existence, and intended to send Wu there in payment for what she saw as his betrayal. Zane ended up being sent there in Wu's place, prompting the other Ninja to travel there to rescue him.

Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

Time passed differently in the Never-Realm than in Ninjago, and in the short time Zane seemed absent to the Ninja he spent decades in the other realm. Due to the machinations of Vex, Zane lost his memory and became the Ice Emperor, a tyrant who terrorized the realm and its inhabitants with his corrupted ice and Blizzard Samurai. Most of the Never-Realm's human residents were either frozen or forced to move south as a result of the increasing cold. However, after the Ninja arrived, Zane was able to regain his memories and reversed the effects of his powers, returning the Never-Realm to its former peaceful state.

Spoilers end here.

Great Lake[edit | edit source]

Formlings' Village[edit | edit source]

Ice Castle[edit | edit source]

Krag's Mountain[edit | edit source]

Traveler's Tree[edit | edit source]

Wojira's Wrath[edit | edit source]

Wojira's Wrath is a pass linking the Great Lake and the Ice Castle.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Visitors[edit | edit source]

Notable Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Castle of Ice
  • Formling Village
  • Forests
  • Great Lake
    • Frozen Lake
    • Sorla's Cabin
    • Other Cabins
  • Ice Cave
  • Mala Wujira
  • Mountains
  • Vast Land
  • Yeti Cave
  • The Traveler's Tree

Visitors[edit | edit source]

Notable Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Castle of Ice
  • Formling Village
  • Forests
  • Great Lake
    • Frozen Lake
    • Sorla's Cabin
    • Other Cabins
  • Ice Cave
  • Mala Wujira
  • Mountains
  • Vast Land
  • Yeti Cave
  • The Traveler's Tree

The Underworld[edit | edit source]

the Underworld

The Underworld (also known as Underworld Realm Underworld Kingdom Underworld World Underworld Planet Underworld Dimension Realm of Underworld Kingdom of Underworld World of underworld Planet of Underworld Dimension of Underworld Realm of the Underworld Kingdom of the Underworld World of the Underworld Planet of the Underworld and Dimension of the Underworld) is where Lord Garmadon, Samukai and many other old Ninjago villians were banished. It is home to various skeletal-creatures, decayed vegetation, and huge spiders. Grave Island is located here, as is Garmadon's Dark Fortress, which is protected by his giant Bone Spider. Previous guests to his fortress include Samukai, King of the Underworld, Frakjaw, Bonezai, Chopov, Krazi and Bob the Barbarian. A ferris wheel was also built there by the Ninja. It is one of the Ninjago's 14 realms.

Spinjago[edit | edit source]

Spinjago is a village in LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin. It is where the Ninja's monastery is located in the game. It is currently unknown how the Ninja founded it or decided to train there.

Steep Wisdom[edit | edit source]

Steep Wisdom is a tea shop started by Sensei Wu during his retirement. It is oriental-style and located in a village. The shop's logo appears to be a blue tea pot. In "The Crooked Path", the Ninja booby trapped the shop to avoid ghost ambushes.

It was featured in the set 70734 Master Wu Dragon.

Stiix[edit | edit source]

The City of Stiix, also known as the City on Water, is a location focused on the fifth season of Ninjago. It is a city that floats on wooden planks in the ocean. All the buildings are wooden as well. Ronin's pawn shop is located there, although it was destroyed during a battle between the Ninja and the ghosted In the episode "Stiix and Stones", Soul Archer shot a ghost arrow at the entry sign of the city, turning the sign into a ghost. In "Curse World, Part II", the majority of Stiix was destroyed, after the attack of the Preeminent.

It appears in the set 70732 City of Stiix.

Ronin's Pawn Shop[edit | edit source]

Ronin's Pawn Shop is a small store located in Stiix. Like all buildings in Stiix, the shop is wooden and oriental style. The shop includes many valuable artifacts stolen by Ronin, including the Scroll of Airjitzu, the Blade Cup, and the Aeroblades. In "The Crooked Path" the shop is taken over by Morro and his ghosts, and is transformed into a ghost shop.

It appears in the set 70732 City of Stiix.

Spirit Coves[edit | edit source]

The Spirit Coves are where Flame, Wisp, Rocky, and Shard had migrated in order to reach adulthood and morph into the Ultra Dragon.

Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master[edit | edit source]

The Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master is grave located under the Endless Ocean, where the The First Spinjitzu Master is buried, as well as the location of his golden staff and the Realm Crystal. However, his tomb is guarded by three deadly traps and riddles, which can be passed by intelligence or the Sword of Sanctuary. The first trap is a room with 15 doors, which all lead to all 15 realms of the Ninjago universe. Each door has a character above it, and statue of the First Spinjitzu Master in the middle. The way to choose the correct door is by going in the center of the room and doing Spinjitzu, allowing the statues to move in the symbol. The correct door is then revealed to be the same door that was the entrance to the room. The next room includes the golden staff of the First Spinjitzu Master, surrounded by booby traps. The way to move forward is to simply fall down a trap door, leading to an underground ice land. Looking into the ice will allow one to see a reflection of themselves in the future. Inside the ice land is a maze, as well as ice which can reproduce once broken off. Under the maze is the skeleton of the First Spinjitzu Master, holding the Realm Crystal, which was later taken by the Ninja.

It appears in the set 70736 Attack of the Morro Dragon.

Tower of Tears[edit | edit source]

The Tower of Tears is a prison featured in "Stone Cold." It is where Sensei Wu once prisoned great villians of Ninjago. However, Lord Garmadon destroyed it after many years, releasing the sinister enemies to Ninjago once more.

Toxic Bogs[edit | edit source]

File:Toxic Bogs.png
The Toxic Bogs

The Toxic Bogs is a forest with trees and vines. The ground is muddy and is bog is filled with smelly, acid lakes that can burn through objects and people. The only creatures that can survive in the acid lakes, being Serpentine. The Toxic Borgs are where the Venomari Tomb is located. The only creatures seen to be living there are frogs and the Venomari.

Valley of Despair[edit | edit source]

The Valley of Despair is a location seen in LEGO Dimensions. It is a valley, where the Caves of Despair are located.

Valley of the Serpentine[edit | edit source]

Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

The Valley of the Serpentine (also known as Valley of the Snake Valley of the Serpent Land of the Serpentine Valley of the Snake and Valley of the Serpent) is the former homeland of the Serpentine, during and before the childhoods of Wu and Garmadon. Accodring to an ancient treaty, humans were forbidden to enter it, just as Serpentine were forbidden to enter human territory. Wu and Garmadon broke this rule and were arrested by the soldiers of King Mambo, but set free by Aspheera. Aspheera later took over the valley after being taught Spinjitzu by Wu, but was defeated and imprisoned in the Desert of Doom.

Spoilers end here.

Venomari Tomb[edit | edit source]

The Venomari Tomb is where the Venomari were sealed away. It is a cave located in the Toxic Bogs. Sound often echoes in the cave. It was featured in LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin as the Ninja traveled there to receive a nearly extinct fruit known as the "inky lemonberry".

Wailing Alps[edit | edit source]

The Wailing Alps is the tallest mountain in Ninjago, being ten miles high. The temperature of the alps are very cold, as the Ninja wore eskimo hoods while climbing up there. Due to its unstable and slippery slops, the ghost and Ninja used mechs to climb it up. Above it is the Blind Man's eye, the portal to the Cloud Kingdom. The Wailing Alps might be a Ninjago version of the Swiss Alps, or the Himalayas.

Wildwood Forest[edit | edit source]

File:Wildwood Forest.jpg
Wildwood Forest

Wildwood Forest is a dense forest near the Mountain of Impossible Height. It is where Lloyd commanded the Hypnobrai to built a treehouse. However, the Ninja destroyed it. It appeared in the first few episodes.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ninjago was first imagined to be Japan in the LEGO multiverse, but it was then revealed Ninjago is an independent earth-like planet.
    • In Episode 55, the narration of a news anchor reveals Ninjago is a nation.
  • Ninjago City and Stiix are so far the only urban areas in the world, which leads to many questions about the population of Ninjago.
    • However in "The Corridor of Elders", when Jay is speaking to rally up the people of Ninjago to fight back against the Anacondrai, he states that their cities and villages are falling, which also implies there may be other cities as well.
  • In the "Weapons of Destiny", when the Ninja's previous lives appeared in flashbacks, Jay attempted to fly a glider off of a skyscraper in a city. Later on, he states how he's always wanted to come to Ninjago City. This may also prove there is another major city in Ninjago, or it was a memory error on the part of the writers.
  • The ninja always yell "Ninja GO!" before performing Spinjitzu, while the world goes by the same name, but smashed together and pronounced differently. (Nin-jah-go).
  • A train once appeared in an episode, but as an old-fashioned steam locomotive, likely from the 1950s. Where it was going remains unknown, leaving speculation that other cities must exist. Ninjago City is home to many subways, and a monorail. In "The Greatest Fear of All", a railroad crossing appeared outside of Ninjago City beside a tunnel.
  • Planes are mentioned, but never appear (except for Jay's Storm Fighter, Kai's Fighter Jet, Cole's Boulder Blaster and jet fighters that patrolled Ninjago City in Rebooted).
    • Normal helicopters now take the place of Hovercopters.
  • Ninjago was created by the First Spinjitzu Master with the Four Golden Weapons, although the Golden Weapons were forged at the Golden Peaks. It was also mentioned that the gold of the Golden Weapons was taken from the Temple of Light. It is unknown, and will most likely remain unknown how they existed before the creation of Ninjago.
  • Ninjago may only be just over or under one-hundred years old, if Sensei Wu and Garmadon are still alive and well, despite being Ninjago's creator's son. However, the Overlord informed that he had been banished for thousands of years, meaning the lifespan of the First Spinjitzu Master or the brother may be longer than usual.
  • In "The Void", after crashing onto the comet, the Ninja take a lunar rover to find the Nindroids and the Golden Weapons. If such a vehicle exists, this may imply Ninjago's history somewhat follows ours, and that the moon has been reached by humans. The comet also has the exact crater formations as in real life. This could also be so for undeveloped animation.
  • Although 'no other land exists outside of Ninjago', Ninjago City has its own harbor, which technically makes it a trading city for other landmasses.
  • Despite having television and cell phones, satellites are not mentioned, nor seen in the episode "The Void".
  • In "The Greatest Fear of All", Nya informs the Ninja and the other Elemental Masters of Anacondrai-loaded trucks splitting up to what she describes as densely-populated villages around Ninjago City.
  • Also in "The Greatest Fear of All", Nya mentions the Anacondrai have 'Taken over the entire Eastern Seaboard', which in real life is the entire east coast of the United States.
  • Also in the "The Corridor of Elders", there are a few different views of a map of Ninjago in the rebuilt Destiny's Bounty, which once again takes the shape of the land back in Season Two, although it differed in Season Three. Still, the map changed view and only showed the northern parts of the land, not enough to make anything out.
    • In Episode 56, a small satellite picture of Ninjago itself sits on the wall behind Misako.
    • In Episode 58, a map behind the police chief reveals the southern end of Ninjago that curves westward is actually a string of islands.
  • In "The Royal Blacksmiths", Cole stated that the Constrictai Fang Blade had found by Clutch Powers. However, it is unknown how Clutch managed to visit the world of Ninjago.
  • According to LEGO Dimensions, there are various portals throughout LEGO worlds, that allow you to travel to other worlds in the LEGO Multiverse. However, it is still unconfirmed where the portals to Ninjago are.
  • In the episode Stiix and Stones, while in Ronin's shop, Kai is visibly seen looking at a shelf with an old globe of the real-life Earth but doesn't notice it. This could be for lack of animation or care in rendering a globe of Ninjago's planet, or Earth is confirmed to be another LEGO planet in Ninjago's universe.
    • The real-life version of Earth could be another realm accessible by the Realm Crystal, much like Chima is.
  • If you look closely on the globe Kai stood next to in Stiix and Stones, one can see that the entire west coast of the United States is broken off of the mainland for unknown reasons.
  • Although the portals to the Cloud Kingdom, Dark Continent, Underworld, and Cursed Realm have been seen; it is unknown where the portal to the Land of Chima is located or can be opened, without using the Realm Crystal.
  • Though actual dates are not known in Ninjago, it's New Year takes place in July, when the episode it was announced on aired. This proves holidays are different in Ninjago, although in a previous episode, Kai mentioned Santa Claus.
  • In Episode 55, Kai uses a smartphone to tell people he is at the Ninjago City hospital and Nya asks "Are you sending a chirp?!", implying there is a Ninjago-equivalent of Twitter.
  • Dareth now works for NGTV as a commercial supervisor and is likely well-known to Ninjago by this point.
  • Borg Industries still has systems around Ninjago City, such as information kiosks.
  • Ninjago City Police officers have tasers, as seen in episode 56, and actual pistols as seen in episode 58.
    • In later episodes, it is revealed that normal guns, such as musket pistols and shotguns as well as laser rifles exist in Ninjago.
  • Jamanakai Village, for some reason, is now located in Ninjago City. That, or the ground was smoothed out and a city was built around it.
  • In episode 57, a prisoner scolds Cole then says "What's earth anyway?" before walking away. This may imply that Ninjago's planet isn't called Earth by it's inhabitants.
  • Before Ninjago City's massive skyline existed, it appeared much like a normal village, but also the region was snowy rather than desert.

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