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Welcome to Grand Sensei Dareth's Mojo Dojo. I am Grand Sensei Dareth and I 'Dareth' you to join my dojo!
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Dareth is a Ninjago minifigure and the boastful owner of "Grand Sensei Dareth's Mojo Dojo". He is currently the king of the Stone Army, and an "official" member of the ninja team. He first appeared in the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu television series, but later appeared in a physical form in 2014.

Description[edit | edit source]

Dareth has smooth, glossy hair and a proud smile. He wears a light brown gi, that being the name for martial arts apparel. The left side of the gi is folded over the right, with the edges of the clothing lined with gold. He wears golden necklace with a star in the middle. His legs feature symmetrical dark brown and elaborate gold printing.

Background[edit | edit source]

Dareth, or "Grand Sensei Dareth", bragged that he was the master of all "animal" fighting styles (the tiger, penguin, python, and dragon) He also claimed that he could call on the Ultra Dragon whenever he needed help. He was at one point asked by the ninja if they could use his dojo to train Lloyd Garmadon, the destined Green Ninja. Dareth agreed to let them if they were able to defeat him in a battle. Kai had Dareth flat on the ground within a second and they were then allowed to use his dojo. Sometime later, Dareth and the ninja witnessed Lloyd break twenty wooden planks along with the floor under them using an Earth Spinjitzu power. Dareth then claimed he could break fifty boards, having his students, Jeff and Phill, set them up, in an attempt to persuade the ninjas into letting him join the group as "The Brown Ninja". However, Dareth broke a total of zero boards and was laughed at by all the ninja as he clutched his arm. When Captain Soto and his pirate crew invaded Ninjago with The Black Bounty. Dareth attempted to attack the pirates as "The Brown Ninja," only to be tied up in ropes and forced to "walk the plank". When Dareth fell, he was rescued by Lloyd, who was riding the Ultra Dragon. He later asked the ninjas to forgive him for his boastful ways, admitting that he had had no training, that he had simply painted his belt and that his trophies were all fakes.

In Ninjaball Run, his dojo was going to be demolished by a company called Darnagom Enterprises, which was used by Lord Garmadon attempting to stop the training of Lloyd, who would eventually defeat him if he were allowed to reach his true potential. To save the dojo, the ninja participated in the Ninjaball Run, a race that offered enough prize money to save the dojo. Dareth was able to make an emotional speech during the race to have the crowd cheer for the ninja.

Wishing the Ninja farewell

In The Last Voyage, the ninjas put him in charge of the people of Ninjago and declared him as the brown ninja. When asked about his element, Nya replied: "Hot air?", leaving him thinking that he had the power of controlling the wind.

In The Ultimate Spinjitzu Master, Dareth was the only person left in Ninjago City who had not been turned evil by the Overlord and his Stone Army. When the Overlord morphed into his true form of a giant dragon, the Helmet of Shadows, that which controlled the Stone Army, fell off his head. Dareth found it and became the leader of the stone army. He commanded his new soldiers to help him attack the Overlord. After the Overlord's defeat, the ninja finally decided to make Dareth an official member of their team.

After the final battle, the Ninja and Sensei Wu founded their own ninja academy where they began teaching young children the art of the ninja. Dareth lived at the school as well, yet when Nya returned from New Ninjago City to inform him that the Ninja were in trouble, yet he was more concerned with the fact that the television wasn't functioning. ("The Surge")

With the Ninja busy dealing with the Digital Overlord, Dareth served at substitute teacher and took the students of the academy to the Ninjago City Aquarium. ("The Curse of the Golden Master")

Dareth was among those present at Zane's funeral after the Nindroid sacrificed himself to defeat the Overlord. ("The Titanium Ninja")

Not long after, Dareth visited Master Chen's Noodle House only to find that Chen had discontinued the Puffy Pot Stickers. He complained to the cashier who directed them to drivers of the trucks just as they were leaving. Dareth chased after them all the way to the docks. However, the first truck he came across was actually the DB Express in disguise driven by Nya, who was on route to Chen's island to find the Ninja. Dareth climbed in and accompanied Nya to the island. ("Ninja Roll")

Presenting his master of disguise kit

Once on Chen's Island, Dareth used his makeup skills to transform Nya into a kabuki, then waited in the DB X while she infiltrated Chen's palace. While he waited for news, Dareth rocked out inside the mobile base, though accidentally sent it over the DB X's speakers, thus alerting Chen to his presence. Dareth attempted to escape in the DB X, but crashed and was caught by Eyezor. ("Spy for a Spy")

Dareth was then taken to the factory to work where he encountered Cole, Zane, and the other elemental masters. Disappointed that there were no machines that made puffy pot stickers, he decided to make one, thus inspiring the elemental masters to build a rotor-jet. ("Spellbound")

The elemental masters, and Dareth, completed the rotor-jet and used it to successfully escape Chen's noodle factory. They then proceeded to save Nya and Sensei Garmadon from being consumed by Clouse's pet serpent. They then met up with the remaining elemental masters, Lloyd, Kai and Skylor, who were with Chen and his followers, and a battle ensued. ("The Forgotten Element")

Chen and a few of his followers fled, kidnapping Skylor, while the majority of Chen's followers were captured by the elemental masters. The elemental masters, Nya, and Sensei Garmadon pursued Chen, leaving Dareth with Chen's kabuki. Dareth decided to tell the kabuki the tale of the time he found the Helmet of Shadows and led the Stone Army. ("The Day of the Dragon")

Once the elemental masters mastered the ability to create energy dragons they, with Dareth in tow, returned to Ninjago. ("The Greatest Fear of All")

Dareth participated in the last stand against Chen and his Anacondrai cultists at the Corridor of Elders. Once Chen was defeated, Dareth's priorities quickly shifted back to puffy pot stickers. He interrupted Kai and Skylor as they were about to kiss, and Skylor, the new owner of Chen's Noodle House, reassured him that puffy pot stickers are back on the menu. With his struggle to keep puffy pot stickers at Chen's Noodle House resolved, he proclaimed "All is right in the world!" ("The Corridor of Elders")

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