Green Destiny

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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu
Green Destiny

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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Green Destiny is the 94th episode of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and the final episode of Season 9.


The Ninja finally return home and unite to stop Emperor Garmadon, forcing Lloyd to make a decision that will forever change Ninjago.


As Lloyd's group tends to an injured Nya and the "poisoned" Skylor, Ultra Violet and the Sons of Garmadon surround and attack them. As they're being overpowered, a large portal forms in the sky, catching everyone's attention. Emerging from it are Wu and the Ninja who have returned on their newfound Dragons. They see the city's state and wonder where their friends are, as Nya contacts Kai to tell them that they need help. Zane tracks the frequency and the ninja move to regroup with the others, Dareth and Nya are happy to see the Ninja are back and with dragon power while Lloyd is very excited they held out to reunite with the others. The Sons of Garmadon are scared by the dragons and run off but Zane's Ice Dragon freezes many of them in place while the other dragons dispatch the remainder. Firstbourne lands and Wu dismounts from her, as Lloyd and Nya are amazed to see that Wu has now aged into a teenager and by his new armor while he voices his support in defeating his brother, since he isn't an old man on this day.

The group reconnect with hugs and the Ninja are updated, as to what happened to The Resistance and Mistaké. Dareth tells his sulking friends to have a final fight against Lord Garmadon, which is accepted. Wu and Lloyd head off intending to face Garmadon, while the Ninja evacuate the remaining citizens in the area. These acts cause the people to see their protectors have returned. Dareth even becomes recognized as such when he comes across reporter Gayle Gossip and her cameraman being harassed by the Sons of Garmadon. Dareth stops to help but is taunted by the villains who advance on him as he charges at them but slips on a rock and ironically takes them down, saving the civilians. He asks if it was caught on camera and is pleased with that it was, as he leaves while Gossip is left fawning over him for the rescue.

In Kryptarium Prison, a grunt from the Sons of Garmadon frantically informs his comrades that the Ninja have returned to Ninjago. Overhearing this, the imprisoned civilians and Elemental Masters regain hope and desire to help the ninja. They start shouting "The resistance never quits." since they are now inspired to break free. Ronin, Karlof, and Griffin Turner cause a riot in the prison before escaping their cell and releasing their friends from the cells.

Back in Ninjago City, Wu and Lloyd fly the Firstbourne to Borg Tower, while Cole, Kai, Jay and Zane fly their Dragons in their battle against the Colossus. Wu and Lloyd search for Garmadon, whose voice is heard remarking about the little "family reunion" before labeling them his enemies. Suddenly, he appears from the shadows and starts fighting them. Lloyd is overpowered, while Wu continues fighting against his brother using their father's sword. Wu condemns him for his actions on the city, as Garmadon ignores him and says Wu can't stop him as the latter agrees by saying he can hold him. At that moment, the Firstbourne intervenes and encases Garmadon in molten rock - however, he breaks free, and unleashes a shockwave of destructive energy. Wu is flung from the tower, though is saved by the Firstbourne. Lloyd is left to face his father alone.

The Ninja continue fighting against the Colossus, using Vengestone Chains to try and incapacitate it. However, the chains are ineffective, and they eventually run out of them. Kai jumps onto the Colossus and begins binding the chains together even tighter. On the tower, Garmadon continues fighting his son. Lloyd tries urging his father to change his ways, but his corrupted soul has no redemption in sight; he proclaims that people don't change, they only reveal who they truly are.

In the city, the Ninja run out of chains and wonder what to do before Firstbourne returns and Wu fires his chain gun at the behemoth as the Ninjas' allies return to the city to help defeat the Colossus. They bring it to its knees, ending the threat. Back at the tower, Lloyd realizes he's unable to defeat his father, who is only empowered by their fight, and he uses one of his father's lessons to resist him—by avoiding Garmadon's blows, he fights without fighting. As Lloyd uses the tactic, the Ninja and their allies incapacitate the Colossus using the chains, and it falls to the ground. Garmadon tries shooting blasts of destructive energy, but is soon unable to—as his power vanishes, Lloyd's Element is finally restored. As a result, the Colossus crumbles apart and Skylor is cured of her poison, waking up to Kai reassuring her they won. Defeated, Garmadon tells his son to finish him off, but Lloyd refuses to. Garmadon ominously states that it's not over, but it will be when "they" come, and nothing will be left. Following the battle, the Sons of Garmadon are arrested, along with Lord Garmadon, as Ninjago is free from his reign.

Several days later, the Ninja clean up the Royal Palace before Wu tells them there's trouble. The Ninja run out of the palace and find a crowd congratulating their victory. As the Police Commissioner states that the citizens wanted to personally thank the Ninja for saving the day. As the heroes celebrate, Nya invites Skylor, Dareth and P.I.X.A.L. up since they also made it possible to save the city. The celebration goes on, as Cole dines on cake while the others Nya and Jay, Zane and P.I.X.A.L., as well as Kai and Skylor, share a loving reunion.

Later that night, Lloyd finds Wu on the palace's roof, saying "goodbye" to the Firstbourne before she returns to the First Realm. Lloyd informs Wu that he is unnerved by Garmadon's warning, and wonders if the Oni truly are coming.


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