Game of Masks

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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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Game of Masks

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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Game of Masks (also known as The Quiet One Revealed, Part II) is the 81st episode of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.


As Lloyd and Harumi search the Oni Temple for the last mask, the ninja are taken hostage and discover Princess Harumi's true intentions.


While at the Oni Temple with Lloyd, Harumi flashes back to when she was a kid during the events of "Day of the Great Devourer," which was also the day her parents were killed by the Great Devourer. Meanwhile, the Sons of Garmadon have captured the other Ninja and have seized control of the Destiny's Bounty. With it, the Sons of Garmadon proceed to the Oni Temple.

Back at the temple, Lloyd and Harumi manage to locate the Oni Mask of Hatred within the Oni Temple. Harumi attempts to grab it, but a force makes it so she cannot. She then explains to Lloyd that someone with Oni blood can obtain the mask. After Lloyd takes the mask, he soon begins to question Harumi on how she knew that he was part Oni. After a moment of revelations, Lloyd discovers Harumi's true intentions and realizes that she is the Quiet One. Harumi tries to manipulate Lloyd by stroking his chest and trying to kiss him but he doesen't fall for her trick. A fight then ensues, as they fight Lloyd deduced some explanations for her plans while she confirms it before revealing to him of his uncle Wu being the infant, to his surprise. The fight ends with Lloyd throwing the Oni Mask of Hatred over the side of the platform. However, Harumi dives after it, catching it while she manages to use her knife to hold onto the side of the platform.

Armed with the Oni Mask of Hatred, Harumi puts it on, using its powers to jump back onto the platform. Lloyd questions what the mask did to her, where she reveals that it has made her invincible to all forms of damage, speaking with a very demonic tone to her voice. After a very brief fight, Harumi reveals to Lloyd that she wants him to feel the pain she has felt following the death of her parents by having Lord Garmadon or herself destroy Lloyd. Harumi then proceeds to flee from the temple with the mask, utilizing her invincibility to destroy the temple in an effort to kill Lloyd.

Harumi soon regroups with the newly-arrived Sons of Garmadon, where she takes off the Oni Mask of Hatred as Killow rejoices that they now have all three. Harumi then states they have a ceremony to attend to, ordering the Sons of Garmadon to take the Destiny's Bounty. However, they are confronted by the Ninja, who had managed to break free earlier with the help of Toddler Wu and Cole's terrible singing. Lloyd, using the waterfalls covering the Oni Temple, soon rejoins the Ninja, and as the Sons of Garmadon surround them, Crabby appears. The Ninja and the Sons of Garmadon briefly work together to fight the beast, with Mr. E and Killow utilizing the other two Oni Masks to help fight it. While the Ninja are distracted with fighting the beast, Harumi orders her forces to retreat with the masks. As they get away with the Bounty, Lloyd attempts to stop them, but is soon captured by Killow, leaving the Ninja and Toddler Wu to deal with the Sea Monster.


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