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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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5 (49 total)

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22 minutes



"Peak-a-Boo" is the fifth episode in the fifth season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, and the 49th episode of the series as a whole.


As the Destiny's Bounty 2.0 flies towards the Wailing Alps, Jay, Kai, and Zane practice Airjitzu by attempting to grab a flag atop the ship's mast, while Ronin and Wu watch. The Master of Fire Flame Heat Warmth Burn Burning and Hot complains that the new armor to their suits are too heavy, but their Master reminds them that they are embedded with Deepstone to keep them from becoming possessed. Jay decides to call Airjitzu "Cyclon-do" and on his next attempt, he reaches the flag and misses, but messes with Ronin by taking his apple.

Meanwhile, Nya, now wearing a ninja suit, finds Cole in his quarters attempting to cope with being a ghost. Nya compares his situation to her becoming the Water Waves Oceans Tides and Fluids Ninja instead of Samurai X, but Cole states he's a ghost now, not a Ninja. Nya asks what he can do in this state, but they are interrupted by the Red Ninja, who informs them that Misako is about to brief them on the next clue. Cole thanks Nya for her words and hugs her, noticing his hand briefly turning back to normal.

During the briefing, Jay reveals that he changed Zane's voice to make him sound like a pirate, and while he and Kai share a laugh, Misako says that the second clue is the Sword of Sanctuary, hidden in the Cloud Kingdom. Wu notes that the only way to reach it is through the Blind Man's Eye, which can only be reached by scaling Ninjago's tallest mountain—the Wailing Alps.

As the Bounty reaches the mountain, the Ninja suit up in their respective mechs; Kai in the Fire Mech, Jay in the Electro Mech, Cole in his Earth Mech, and Zane in his new Titan Mech. Cole questions whether he should come, given that he is a ghost, and that he hadn't practiced Airjitzu, but the other Ninja and Nya convince him otherwise, and they are deployed. As the others land, Cole lands face first since he could hardly control his mech, but the others tell him despite what they are, they're brothers above all, and they'll pick him up so he'll return the favor. With this, they begin climbing up the mountain.

Back on the Bounty, Nya reports that the Blind Man's Eye is only four hours away. Ronin questions the name of the Wailing Alps, and Misako explains of the natural phenomenon in which sudden large wind gusts have been known to blow climbers off the side of the mountain.

On the way up, Jay and Kai discuss the power and importance of the Sword of Sanctuary: after a while, Kai asks Zane how much further they have to go which he replies is at least 100,000 steps. Jay, who is counting each step, soon notices a Walliper and calls it a goat. Kai points out they've ridden them before, but confuses it for a yak, while Jay changes his opinion and calls it a cow. Zane and P.I.X.A.L. notice fresh tracks and realize Morro is far ahead. A wind gust soon blows through, but leaves them unable to stay put even if they anchor down. Cole nearly falls over the edge, but is saved by Zane.

As the Ninja continue on, the Ghost Warriors observing from a higher ledge in Mech-enstein, are told by Soul Archer they'd never catch up. Bansha notices Morro is struggling, Lloyd now becoming stronger and fighting his possession. Bansha states that since he lost the Allied Armor of Azure, they can't lose the Sword of Sanctuary, while Soul Archer tells him to abandon Lloyd. Morro points out the Sword and getting into the Tomb would be pointless without a Spinjitzu master, and they follow his orders. Bansha offers to at least slow down the Ninja, screaming and sending an avalanche towards them. This causes them to lose control of their mech, and results in the Fire, Earth and Electro mechs being destroyed. Just before the Titan Mech goes over a cliff with Zane, Kai and Jay on it, Cole, having created a body made of snow, saves them at the last minute. Wanting to test out his new abilities farther, he possesses the Titan Mech and makes up the lost ground and go further, causing Kai to remark he gave the mech "Boo-sters."

In the Bounty, Ronin is amazed they're going so fast, to which Nya stated Cole found his second wind. Ronin, however, stated they're cutting it close, as the Blind Man's Eye will be there soon.

Upon reaching the Hanging Temple, the Ghost Warriors soon notice the Ninja are still coming, resulting in Morro deciding to reach the summit on his own, while they take care of the Ninja, despite Soul Archer's warning about the wind, to which Morro states that he controls the wind.

The Ninja are close to the Hanging Temple, when Soul Archer lands a hit on Kai. Everyone expects him to turn into a ghost, though realize the Deepstone really did prevent him transforming. Using Mech-Enstein, they are brought onto the temple and fight Bansha while Zane and Ghoultar battle in their mechs. Another gust soon comes down and nearly blows Kai, Jay, and Cole off the Temple, while near the summit, Morro yells out he controls the wind and yells for it to stop, which it does.

Zane soon gets the Titan Mech back on solid ground, and commences his fight against Ghoultar while Jay knocks Soul Archer off the roof, though loses his aeroblade in the process. As the Ninja head on, Zane attaches his mech to Mech-Enstein, ejects himself, and sends both mechs and Ghoultar down the mountain in a giant snowball. Soul Archer attempts to stop the Ninja, though misses resulting in his arrow turning a bridge intangible.

The Ninja come close to catching Morro, but struggle to get a grip on the icicles, though it helps Jay reclaim his aeroblade. The Blind Man's Eye soon approaches, and the Ninja realize there's only one way to reach it in time—Airjitzu. Cole is hesitant since he never practiced, but everyone tells him they'll catch him. Kai jumps and does Airjitzu, successfully reaching the top. Zane and Jay follow suit, but Cole still thinks he'll blow off the mountain and die, but Kai tells him that since he's a ghost, he can't die. With this in mind, Cole performs Airjitzu and lands, just as the Blind Man's Eye begins to pass. All four Ninja soon perform Airjitzu and reach the storm, leaving Morro behind. Soul Archer sees he missed the window while Bansha states there will be other chances, and notices Ghoultar is nowhere to be found.

In the Bounty, Nya notices the Ninjas' beacons disappear, while Master Wu informs her they're in Cloud Kingdom now. Just then, Ghoultar crashes below them and is captured by Ronin in a deepstone cage. As he and Master Wu bring him up for questioning, Nya wonders what state the Ninja are in now. They soon wake up outside of Cloud Kingdom and begin approaching it, determined to find the Sword of Sanctuary.



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