Codename: Arcturus

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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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"Codename: Arcturus"

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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30 mins

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July 13, 2014



"Codename: Arcturus" is the thirty-second episode of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and the sixth episode of the third season.


Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

Somewhere deep in the sea, Pythor and Nindroids use air baloons to lift up MechDragon and find the trapped Overlord.

Meanwhile, the ninjas are back in the Temple of Light where Lloyd unlocks his golden powers again. As he does so, the other ninjas unlock their powers too, and now they are able to throw their elemental powers from their hands. Their excitement is much to Sensei Garmadon's disdain in terms of endangerment and risk-taking, but Sensei Wu tells him to have faith that their current battle is in their favor.

Elsewhere, Pythor and General Cryptor have made Cyrus Borg their evil servant, Overborg. After an extensive conversation regarding the Nindroids' impatience of the Overlord's whereabouts, Pythor heads to an observation deck... and throws up the Overlord out of his mouth. Although optimistic about their present plan, Overlord rebuts him, saying that going for Lloyd's golden power directly is no longer an option and there is another way of reaching the same power to complete his physical incarnation.

In the Borg tower, Wu and Garmadon stay in Borg's office and try to solve a puzzle about a secret code that Zane and P.I.X.A.L. found, named "Project Arcturus". Garmadon mentions that Arcturus was an old Serpentine general that was defeated and named for a star constellation. P.I.X.A.L detects Nindroid convoy going through a road near where Kai is.

Kai stands in a gas station flirting with a girl, when P.I.X.A.L calls him and tells about the Nindroids approaching. He jumps into his Prototype X-1 machine car and heads to the highway. When he comes to the bridge, he accidentally fires rockets to the sky which get spotted by Pythor who was driving in a leading fuel truck with Cryptor. He then launches Nindroid flyers to hunt him and destroy his car. Kai successfully repels their attack, but Cryptor fires rockets at a hill above them and soon rocks that got separated from the hill fall down to his car. They block the road, but Kai and P.I.X.A.L. destroy them with rockets. To hunt down Cryptor's truck, P.I.X.A.L activates his interception bike which Kai is unable to control so he bumps into edge of the oil tank. He gets up to its roof and fights Nindroids, using his new fire power and Spinjitzu. This proves to be a mistake as he realizes that his fire power lit up the oil tank and that its going to explode. Soon they get to a tunnel, where the Min-Droid attacks him. The X-1 machine, remotely driven by P.I.X.A.L, accidentally scrapes an oil tank so gas starts leaking. It soon gets to flame from the sparks of the Min-Droid fighting Kai. When the fire comes to the leaking tank, the whole tank explodes but Kai jumps off to Pythor's truck and saves himself. He stays beneath his truck and hears Pythor talking to the Overlord by a radio. He tells people in Borg Industries that the Overlord is alive, but gets captured by Pythor who takes him to the lost city of Ouroboros.

As night falls, Nya, Jay and Cole get out of the cinema and then Jay and Cole ask her did she decide which of them she will pick. She said that she will pick Jole, a robot created by her that is mixture of Jay and Cole—a decision that is rendered moot when it freaks out and runs away. When they see light coming from Borg Tower, they get up to Borg's office where they find Garmadon, Wu, Lloyd and Zane who tell them that the Overlord is alive and is holding Kai hostage. They realize how the name Arcturus is actually a clue about the Overlord's new plan, although P.I.X.A.L is unable to find anything related, since she has every point in time of Ninjago's history in her database. Zane and Garmadon remember how they and the others went back in time and destroyed Garmadon's Megaweapon—an event that P.I.X.A.L, Lloyd, and everyone else never knew about because the past and present had been altered. It is Nya who voices their realization of the purpose of Project Arcturus: to obtain the only other source of Lloyd's golden power—the Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu—which is located in the stars. Zane tracks Pythor and finds out that he is holding Kai in Ouroborus.

By the time Zane, Cole, Jay, and Lloyd get to Ouroborus, they don't find anything new around until a huge door below them opens and they fall into an underground base where they find a huge rocket called "Arcturus". They realize that the rocket will lead Pythor and his Nindroid minions to space and reach the Golden Weapons from the star where the Megaweapon was destroyed. Lloyd tries to stop him from lifting the rocket but Overborg stops him. With help from a freed Kai, the other ninjas hold off the Nindroids with their new elemental powers until Cryptor calls a retreat into the rocket. Pythor initiates the countdown for the rocket to launch into space, so Lloyd leads the ninja into it just in time.

In the distance, Wu and Nya watch the Arcturus rocket gain altitude as P.I.X.A.L. reports the ninjas' presence in the rocket. Garmadon asks how far risk-taking was meant to go, but Wu replies by praying for the ninjas' safe return as if the sight of the rocket shrinking in the sky is the answer to his brother's question...

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