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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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Endings is the 98th episode of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and the final episode of Season 10.


The ninja race back to the Monastery of Spinjitzu. This is the last stand. The final battle against the Oni is now. Will their joined Spinjitzu powers defeat the Oni for good, or tear apart Ninjago itself?


Now in better condition, Faith tells the story of how the Oni suddenly returned to the First Realm, and the Dragon Hunters were unable to fight back, leading Faith and Firstbourne to flee to Ninjago. Wu and Misako try encouraging Faith that it was best for her to flee than fight. Moments later, the Ninja return, informing Wu that Cole is gone and the Realm Crystal's destruction didn't stop the Oni. Garmadon then arrives, telling Wu to use the Golden Master's armor to stop the Oni. Nya proposes that Kai uses his element to reforge the Golden Weapons, which he promptly does. After distributing the weapons, the monks warn of the Oni's arrival at the monastery.

In Ninjago City, Cole awakens, having survived the fall from the Bounty. He manages to remotely activate and drive the Earth Driller to his location, and bears the brunt of the Oni darkness in order to make his way to the vehicle. At the monastery, the Ninja, Wu, Faith and Lord Garmadon unite to hold off The Omega's Oni legions. A battle begins outside the monastery, with the Oni steadily overwhelming the Ninja and their allies until Cole returns in the Earth Driller. Overjoyed by his return, the Ninja gain a second wind and continue the battle. To fight The Omega, Garmadon embraces his full Oni side and takes him on, though he's still overpowered. The Omega taunts Garmadon over his alliance with the people of Ninjago, and beats Garmadon up the stairwell. Realizing they're losing the fight, Lloyd drags his father up the steps and urges his allies to retreat within the monastery.

As the gates are sealed, Jay finally asks Nya to be his Yang, as Kai and Cole criticizes him for his timing. However, she excitedly agrees to his request, much to the others' delight. Lloyd looks at the Monastery Mural and proposes that they reignite the Tornado of Creation to condemn the Oni. Despite Lloyd's pleas, Garmadon refuses to help them, though the tornado requires them to be united. With their combined Spinjitzu, Wu and the Ninja ignite the tornado after the Oni break through the gates. Despite his hesitance, Garmadon ultimately does Spinjitzu and completes the Tornado of Creation—which vanquishes The Omega and his army of Oni.

In a dreamlike state, Lloyd awakens and is greeted by the First Spinjitzu Master in a grassland. He thanks Lloyd for his continued efforts to save Ninjago, and offers him a choice—to come with him to a secretive place, or continue to protect Ninjago. However, Lloyd declines the offer. The ninja are shown waking up from their state of unconsciousness inflicted by the Tornado of Creation, with the exception of Lloyd, who has been crushed by falling debris. The First Spinjitzu Master sends a petal from the grassland, which floats over Lloyd and brings him back to life, much to the joy and relief of his friends. Lloyd attempts to tell them that he met the First Spinjitzu Master, but they believe that his brain is simply addled from being hurt.

Meanwhile, Ninjago, the First Realm, and their inhabitants had been purified from the darkness. While everyone is celebrating, Garmadon walks off while Wu bids his brother farewell.

Some time later, Karlof, Ronin, Skylor, Cyrus Borg, Dareth, P.I.X.A.L., and others watch as the Ninja put their handprints on the Monastery Mural, as Firstbourne flies overhead.


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