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Do not be deceived by his attire. He is a master of dark arts and Master Chen's number two!
Garmadon to the Ninja concerning Clouse

Clouse is a Ninjago minifigure released in early 2015. He is Master Chen's right hand man and is a secondary antagonist in the fourth and sixth season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and main antagonist of Dark Island Trilogy.


He wears a purple torso with dark red and flesh prints prints depicting an armor. His legs and arms are dark red with the latter printed in purple, black and flesh. His hair are the same as Kanan in black.


Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

Clouse was a Elemental Master Wizard Sorcerer Mage and Magician of Magic Dark Arts/Dark Magic Dark Mage Dark Magician Dark Sorcerer Dark Wizard and the Second-In-Command and Right Hand Man of the Notorious Master Chen. He owned a large serpent that lurked in the underground tunnels of Chen's palace.

As a young student, Clouse trained under Chen, though was rivals with Garmadon, and was furious when Chen chose the latter over him to be his right hand man. However, Garmadon soon left Chen's side to fight with Wu against the serpentine, and Clouse helped Chen to divide the elemental masters. They sided with the serpentine, though were defeated and banished to a distant island. From that island, Chen's criminal empire spread, and the master eventually organized a Tournament of Elements as a cover to steal the powers of the elemental masters necessary to perform a spell that would turn him and his followers into Anacondrai. ("Spellbound")

Clouse patrolling the ferry

At the start of the tournament, Clouse was sent by Chen to New Ninjago City on the ferry to retrieve the elemental masters from the pier and bring them to the secluded island for the tournament. Clouse welcomed the Ninja, believing a master of spinjitzu would be favorable in the tournament, yet quickly confiscated a pair of nunchucks that Jay attempted to smuggle aboard. As the last of them were boarding however, Garmadon arrived in an attempt of talk his son out of going. When Clouse declared that there was no room on the ferry for him to come along as well, the sensei kicked one of the thugs overboard. Clouse permitted him on board and they set sail.

During the voyage, Clouse patrolled the boat with Eyezor and a few other thugs, at one point breaking up a fight between Kai and Karlof. As the sun rose, he announced to the passengers that they were approaching Master Chen's island. While the elemental masters were busy gazing at it, Clouse contacted Chen to warn him of Garmadon. ("The Invitation")

Using Dark Magic to stop Lloyd from getting a Jade Blade

As the ferry arrived at the island, Clouse escorted the contestants into Chen's palace where he presented the master himself. While the kabuki lead the contestants to their rooms, Clouse escorted Garmadon outside the palace under the reason that there was no room for him. During the first tournament, Clouse attempted to use dark magic to prevent Lloyd from obtaining one of the Jadeblades, but was stopped by Garmadon. That night, Clouse was present with Chen as his master used the staff of elements to take the elemental powers of Karlof, who had lost in the first round. Later, his serpent presented with a piece of cloth from the imposter cultists, revealing them to be the Ninja. ("Only One Can Remain")

Attemping to use dark magic

The next day, Clouse stood beside his master during the first three tournaments, but was forbidden by Chen to use dark magic to prevent Kai from winning. Later while Chen was being entertained by the kabuki, Clouse questioned as to why the Ninja were allowed to remain free when they had spied on the ceremony the night prior. In response, Chen ordered Clouse to change the brackets so that Cole and Jay would face each other. During the fight, Clouse and Zugu went to the dungeons to check on the prisoners only to find Zane trying to escape. Clouse stunned the nindroid and ordered Zugu to imprison him in more secure chains. ("Versus")

Observing the Thunderblade match

Clouse stood by Chen during Skylor and Jacob's battle, then ventured to the prison level with Zugu to take the defeated Cole to work in the noodle factory. In the middle of the night, Clouse awoke the contestants to partake in the Thunderblade competition and explained how everyone will have the chance to effect the outcome. While the elemental masters were preparing for the event, Clouse returned to the factory just as Jacob was trying to escape and ordered Zugu to feed him to the pet serpent. During the Thunderblade challenge, Clouse attempted to perform sorcery to prevent Lloyd from winning, but was stopped by Garmadon. ("Ninja Roll")

With Chen at the banquet

The following day during a banquet to celebrate the halfway mark of the Tournament, Clouse informed Chen of the secret alliance the Ninja had made, and advised them to reveal the Staff of Elements. Later, on his way to his quarters, he encountered Zugu, who informed him that Cole and Zane had escaped. Clouse ordered them to release his serpent, then proceeded into his room, only to find kabuki paint on his spell book and the spell to transform them into anacondrai missing. He reported the incident to Chen, who ordered his minions to search the kabuki. They soon discovered Nya disguised as one and Clouse pursued her through the palace, though she managed to escape into the jungle. ("Spy for a Spy")

The next day, Clouse observed the manhut for Nya from inside the captured DB X along with Chen, as they had convinced the elemental fighters to hunt her down in order to advance to the final round. At Chen's cue, Clouse captured the elemental masters with Eyezor. When he came across Jay using the electro-mech, Clouse used his sorcery to create himself a mech, and quickly defeated the Master of Lightning. ("Spellbound")

Spoilers end here. Description[edit]

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Master Chen's right-hand man, Clouse is a powerful sorcerer of the dark arts and the one-time sparring partner of Lord Garmadon himself. His pet giant serpent and a deep-seated need to please his master make him a formidable adversary indeed.


  • In the TV series, he is voiced by Scott McNeil.


TV Appearances[edit]

  • Season 4
  • Season 5
  • Season 6

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Clouse Master Chen's right-hand maClouse </br></br>Master Chen's right-hand man, Clouse is a powerful sorcerer of the dark arts and the one-time sparring partner of Lord Garmadon himself. His pet giant serpent and a deep-seated need to please his master make him a formidable adversary make him a formidable adversary indeed. +
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