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Maya Smith is a minifigure released in 2017. She first appeared as a character in LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. She is Ray's wife and Kai and Nya's mother.

Background[edit | edit source]

Maya inherited the powers of Water, powers granted to the her mother and ancestor first Elemental Master and Mistress of Water Seas Tidal Aqua Hydro Deep Depths Surf Waves Oceans Tides and Fluids by the First Spinjitzu Master.

As a member of the Elemental Alliance, Maya fought to protect the people of Ninjago during the Serpentine Wars. At one point, with the Elemental Masters of Fire, Light and Gravity, she attempted to defend a village from an Anacondrai attack led by General Arcturus, but the masters were defeated. However, the Elemental Alliance, led by Wu and Garmadon, sons of the First Spinjitzu Master, regrouped and fought against the Anacondrai army on an open battlefield. The Masters quickly gained the upper hand and had the Anacondrai on the run, until Chen intervened, and managed to turn the Elemental Masters against each other, with the Elemental Master of Earth attacking the other Masters. The Anacondrai then regrouped and won the battle. Later, when seeing a snake charmer, Garmadon realized that the Serpentine could be controlled with music. The Elemental Masters, along with the sons of the First Spinjitzu Master, used flutes to control the Serpentine and locked all of the Serpentine away in tombs except for the Anacondrai generals, who were banished to the Cursed Realm.

Following their victory, the Elemental Masters of Time, Krux and Acronix, decided to betray the Elemental Alliance and take control of Ninjago. Ray and Maya assisted the fight against them but the efforts were futile as the Hands of Time easily overpowered the rest of the Alliance. Wu had an idea that required the help of Ray and Maya. The two used their powers to forge four blades out of Chronosteel, which exhausted them. Once the Hands of Time were seemingly defeated, Wu discovered the Reversal Time Blade had landed outside the Monastery. He takes it to Ray and Maya to hide it. The two, using the Fusion Blade to unite the powers of Water and Fire, hid the Blade in the Ancient Library of Honu Mizu, a location engulfed by an undersea volcano. After this, Ray and Maya settled down and had a son, Kai, then two years later a daughter, Nya.

Later, in fear of his own demise, Sensei Wu made a map of the locations of the Four Golden Weapons and gave it to his friend. Ray and Maya later disappeared after they were betrayed by a new found friend Dr. Saunders, who turned out to be Krux in disguise. Krux threatened to harm a young Kai and Nya if they didn't go with him. They were forced to make armour, weapons and the shell for the Iron Doom mech, all in time for Acronix's return. Thus, his blacksmith business was left to his son, who also inherited his elemental fire powers, while Nya got her water powers from her mother, Maya.

For many years, Ray and Maya were forced to work for Krux. Ray left his mark on the Vermillion armour he crafted in the hope someone would find it. Kai ended up finding this symbol during the fight with the warriors. Earlier, Krux put the idea that the blacksmiths were traitors and helped the Hands of Time in their initial attempt at takeover. Kai learning that his father was alive began to believe Krux, despite Nya's refusal to believe. During the ninja's invasion of the Hands of Time's base, Kai deters himself and Nya from their assigned mission to find where his father was working. He finds the Dragon's Forge, which Kai finds Ray, puzzled as to who the intruder was. Kai, using the Fusion Blade, engages in a rage driven fight against Ray, demanding justice. Ray fought back, until he realized the attacker was his long lost son. Nya arrives to stop Kai from attacking Ray, which is only successful when Maya appears. This calms Kai down but he still accuses the two of them for being traitors. Ray and Maya explain what happened and why they were working for the Time Twins. They also let their children in on the plans of the Twins to travel through time using the Iron Doom mech and explained that they will never find the final Time Blade without the combined powers of Fire and Water, but Maya quickly realised that Kai and Nya could be used by Krux and Acronix to retrieve it. Before Kai and Nya could escape, the Time Twins, accompanied by Vermillion warriors, intercepted them. Acronix explained to them that the Reversal Time Blade is the only thing that could save Wu from the effects of the Time Punch.

Machia's airship takes the party to the Boiling Sea where the Blade is hidden. Ray and Maya prepare their children for the task ahead and explain that, when the Fusion Blade is hit with the powers of Fire and Water, it unlocks the Fusion Dragon. Ray and Maya are forced to wait while their children retrieve the Blade. When they return, Krux and Acronix reveal they were lying to them when they promised they could use the Blade to save Wu. This provokes a battle between the Hands of Time and the two ninja. During the fight, Ray is hit by the Forward Time Blade. Krux uses the Pause Time Blade to stop the heroes before leaving them to fall into the Boiling Sea. Thinking quick, Kai and Nya summon the Fusion Dragon to save their parents and Wu. The party fly quickly to catch The Time Twins. Maya makes the decision to grab a wounded Ray and jump from the Dragon to give it more speed so their children could catch the Iron Doom before it disappeared. They can't stop it from going through the time vortex, so Kai and Nya, with Wu, follow them back in time, as their friends and parents watch, helpless. Maya and Ray introduce themselves to the other ninja. Ray soon collapses and Zane deduces that he is rapidly aging due to the hit from the Time Punch. Maya is distressed, as the Reversal Blade is the only thing that can help. While battling the Time Twins in the Iron Doom, Wu looks in to the stream of time and sees Ray in his dilemma. Thinking quick, he rips the Reversal Blade from the Iron Doom, sending it out of control. He gives the Blade to Kai and Nya and lets them fall into the present. Kai uses the Blade to heal his father, allowing the family to finally reconcile after many years of separation.

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