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Skulkins (also called the Skeletons Skeleton Army and Army of Underworld) are the Ninjago ninja's main enemies in 2011. They also appear as enemies in the LEGO Universe video game. In the Ninjago storyline, they are known as Skeletons; however, in the LEGO Universe Ninjago story and on, they are known as Skulkins. They were replaced by the Serpentine in 2012. However, they return in the episode All of Nothing in Rise of the Snakes to battle the Serpentine.

Ninjago story[edit | edit source]

In the Ninjago story, they were called skeletons, but have also been referred to as Skulkins in places such as LEGO Battles: Ninjago. They are enemies of the ninjas. Samukai, a four armed skeleton and puppet King of the Underworld, uses his Skulkin army to help Sensei Wu's evil brother Lord Garmadon, the true King of the Underworld, to steal the weapons of Spinjitzu and use their power to reshape the world of Ninjago.

LEGO Universe Story[edit | edit source]

Skulkin also appear in LEGO Universe, which takes place after the main story of Ninjago. According to in-game scrolls, after Kai, Cole, Jay, and Zane recovered the Golden Weapons, they returned to the Monastery. In pursuit of the weapons, the Skulkin attacked, and while the four ninjas were able to escape with the Golden Weapons, the Skulkin destroyed the walls of the Monastery with their machines. Sensei Wu then used his powers to steer the last remaining piece of the Monastery away from the world of Ninjago, and towards the last shard of pure Imagination on Crux Prime. However, the Skulkin followed close behind, and set up a mining quarry nearby the Monastery on Crux Prime. There, they found that they could use Maelstrom ore in the ground to protect themselves from Spinjitzu, and quickly went to work mining the rocks. Sensei Wu then sends the player on a number of missions to defeat the Skulkins, such as smashing the miners or destroying their drilling rigs.

Later, the Ninjago World was introduced to LEGO Universe, in which the Skulkin were besieging the Monastery. Players had to destroy their equipment and Skulkin, then venture into the caves, where four named Skulkin had gotten hold of the four golden weapons. A series of four Ninjago Dungeons, one for each element, were going to be released for LEGO Universe, with Garmadon as a boss at the end, but LEGO Universe was cancelled and the dungeons were never released.

Known Skulkin[edit | edit source]

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

  • Skull Truck-Belongs to Nuckal and Kruncha SIZE:Large
  • Turbo Shredder-Belongs to the Skulkin Army SIZE:Large
  • Skull Motorbike-Belongs to the Skulkin Army SIZE:Small
  • Nuckal's ATV-Formally belonged to Nuckal, currently belongs to the Skulkin Army SIZE:Medium
  • Skeleton Helicopter-Belongs to the Skulkin Army SIZE:Medium
  • Skeleton Chopper-Belongs to the Skulkin Army SIZE:Small
  • Turbo Turtle-Failed creation by Chopov SIZE:Unknown

Appearances[edit | edit source]




TV Series

  • Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu
    • Pilot Episodes
      • Way of The Ninja
      • The Golden Weapon
      • King of Shadows
      • Weapons of Destiny
    • Mini-Movies
      • Secrets of the Blacksmith
      • An Underworldly Takeover
      • Return to the Fire Temple
      • The New Masters of Spinjitzu (Kruncha & Nuckal)
    • Season 1
      • Never Trust a Snake (Kruncha & Nuckal)
      • Tick Tock (Kruncha & Nuckal)
      • The Royal Blacksmiths (Kruncha & Nuckal)
      • All of Nothing
      • Day of the Great Devourer (Kruncha & Nuckal)
    • Season 2
      • Double Trouble (Nuckal)
      • Ninjaball Run (Kruncha & Nuckal)
      • Wrong Place, Wrong Time
      • The Last Voyage (Samukai, Kruncha & Nuckal)

Video games:

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