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Zugu, also referred to as Zumo, is a Ninjago minifigure released in 2015. He was one of Master Chen's generals and appears as a minor character in the fourth season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.

Description[edit | edit source]

Like most Chen's thugs he have printed dark red hips, medium lilac legs, shirtless torso, a belt with a snake-shaped buckle and a snake head helmet. Additionally to other Chen's thugs, he wears an additional dark red armour piece.

Background[edit | edit source]

Zugu and Eyezor with Karlof

Zugu was once a Sumo wrestler, but was recruited by Master Chen as one of the acting generals and oversee production at the noodle factory.

When the elemental masters arrived on Chen's island for the Tournament of Elements, Zugu rang the gong to reveal the brackets. After Karlof was eliminated from the tournament, Zugu took his card from the brackets and destroyed it as Chen reminded the remaining contestants not to break any of the rules. That night, Zugu and Eyezor dragged the defeated Master of Metal into the Anacondrai Temple where Chen used the Staff of Elements to remove his power. The two then dragged Karlof to the noodle factory where he was forced to operate one of the machines. ("Only One Can Remain")

With Clouse

The next day, Zugu played a drum to signal the start of the next round of the tournaments. During the battle between Jay and Cole, Zugu and Clouse journeyed to the prison cell where they found Zane trying to escape and captured him. ("Versus")

Overseeing the factory

Zugu also played a drum during Skylor and Jacob's battle, then accompanied Clouse to the dungeon where they brought the defeated Cole to work in the factory. Zugu then oversaw the production of the noodles, making sure that Cole didn't eat anything. Eventually, Zugu decided to take a break, though encountered Clouse and the two returned to the factory to find Jacob attempting to escape. Clouse then ordered Zugu to feed the master of sound to his pet snake as a warning to the prisoners. At the end of the shift, Zugu dragged the prisoners back to their cells, though was briefly stopped by Karlof when he was "tying his shoe." ("Ninja Roll")

The next day, Zugu was back to overseeing the production of goods in the factory. When Cole attempted to escape, Zugu caught him and returned the master of earth to his cell. Unknowingly, Cole had taken Zugu's keys and when he realized this, Zugu sounded the alarm. He rushed to inform Clouse, who ordered his snake be released to devour the ninja of earth. ("Spy for a Spy")

The next day, the warriors reported that there was still no sign of Cole and Zane, and Zugu ordered the factory on lockdown. ("Spellbound")

After the Anacondrai Cultists kidnapped Pythor P. Chumsworth, they used his essence to permanently transform them into Anacondrai. ("The Greatest Fear of All")

After being transformed into Anacondrai, the Anacondrai Cultists began to take over Ninjago and the Second Serpentine War commenced. During the final battle of the war, Zugu along with the rest of the Anacondrai Cultists, was banished to the Cursed Realm by Arcturus and the other real Anacondrai generals. ("The Corridor of Elders")

After reaching her true potential, Nya drowned The Preeminent (the physical embodiment and Queen of the Cursed Realm), Zugu, now a ghost, was killed upon coming into contact with the ocean and sent to the Departed Realm alongside the majority of the Cursed Realm's prisoners. ("Curse World, Part II")

When Cole accidentally released the spirits of Chen and other villains during the Day of the Departed, Chen was instructed by Master Yang to kill Kai and Nya. Chen then enlisted the help of Zugu and Eyezor, who has also returned from the Departed Realm, and used them to help him defeat Kai and Nya. However, when Kai and Nya attacked them, Zugu crashed his Condrai Crusher into a tree, killing him. ("Day of the Departed")

LEGO.com Description[edit | edit source]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from LEGO.com. Please do not modify it. Zugu

A former Sumo wrestler, Zugu rose up through the ranks of Master Chen's secret army to become one of its two acting generals. His size and strength make him almost impossible to budge - but when he chooses to move, few things in Ninjago can stop him.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Zugu is voiced by Brian Dobson, and is credited as "Sumo Zumo."
  • He is the only Anacondrai Cultist to wear large armour in his human form.
  • He, along with all the other Anacondrai Cultists, was turned into an Anacondrai.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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TV appearances[edit | edit source]

  • Season 4

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