Curse World, Part II

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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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"Curse World, Part II"

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season №:


Episode №:

10 (54 total)

Running time:

22 minutes

First released/aired:

July 10, 2015 (English-language release date)



"Curse World, Part II" is the tenth and final episode in the fifth season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, and the 54th episode of the series as a whole.

Plot[edit | edit source]

In the city of Stiix, Jay, Zane, Cole, Kai, and Nya gather around the remains of Ronin's pawn shop, as the Preeminent's tentacles emerge. Civilians desperately flee to the docks, where Master Wu, Misako, and Ronin agree that they need to evacuate the city. The Preeminent fully emerges, with the Ninja unsuccessfully attempting to subdue it. In the meantime, Morro confronts Wu with the Realm Crystal, proclaiming that now that Lloyd is gone, he is the Green Ninja. Wu angrily retorts that he trained Morro to be a Ninja that protects, not one that destroys. One of the Preeminent's tentacles seizes Misako, and Wu pursues, with Ronin ordering the civilians to ready the ferry, to be ready to leave when they return. The Ninja hopelessly try to battle the Preeminent, with the Jay Walker One being destroyed, and the Blaster Bike being lost trying to weaken the beast, while Wu saves Misako.

As the Ninja battle the Preeminent, Lloyd awakens in the Cursed Realm and flees almost immediately when he sees a group of ghosts. This attracts the attention of the imprisoned Chen, who believes he saw Lloyd run by, but Clouse remarks that he's seeing things again. Lloyd runs through the Cursed Realm, and suddenly, he finds his father bound in chains on either arm. Lloyd embraces him and tries to break his chains, but Garmadon informs him that they're unbreakable. He then explains that the Cursed Realm is the Preeminent and the other way around. Lloyd states that now Morro has the Realm Crystal and now seems to be the Green Ninja. Garmadon tells him that he must save Ninjago and destroy the Preeminent, but Lloyd is uncertain, realizing that if he destroys the Preeminent, he'll also destroy the Cursed Realm and kill everyone inside it, including his father. Garmadon tells him that whatever happens to him, he'll always be with Lloyd and that at some point in life every boy must become a man, but it's their decision as to what kind of man they choose to be.

In Stiix, the Ninja continue their desperate battle against the Preeminent and Morro's army of ghosts. Wu and Misako arrive, telling them that their only hope now is to flee the city with its citizens. The Ninja flee the scene, heading to the docks where Ronin slashes apart the Preeminent's tentacles to allow citizens to get on the ship. As the Ninja board, Morro arrives, with Ronin battling him using the Sword of Sanctuary. After a lengthy battle, Ronin loses the Sword, and Morro moves to retrieve it. Suddenly, Lloyd arrives, wearing his father's robes, seizing the Sword and subduing Morro. He then orders Ronin and the Ninja to sever the dock stilts and drop the Preeminent into the sea. As Lloyd battles Morro, the Ninja sever many of the stilts, which causes the Preeminent to begin falling towards the sea. Morro orders his army to protect the Preeminent, as he and Lloyd are thrust into a battle that jumps from realm to realm. Back in Stiix, in order to prevent the Preeminent from being killed, Morro's army of ghosts attach temples and buildings to its body to create a massive "suit" for it that would give the beast legs and prevent it from making contact with the water.

With help from Morro's army of ghosts, the Preeminent moves slowly through Stiix, heading towards the ship as it flees from the city. Kai, Cole, Jay, Zane, and Nya return to Stiix using Airjitzu, battling the ghosts and attempting to deal with the Preeminent. When the beast makes it to the docks, it is initially stopped by the water, but with help from the ghosts, it manages to wade into the sea. Master Wu orders everyone to throw anything they don't need off the ship so they can move faster. In the meantime, Morro and Lloyd go from realm to realm, including the Underworld and the Realm of Madness. Back in Stiix, the Ninja continue battling Morro's army of ghosts, defeating such adversaries as Soul Archer only for them to re-emerge from the mouth of the Preeminent. Nya tells her fellow Ninja that they aren't able to stop the Preeminent, and the best thing they can do for the time being is protect the ship. The Ninja agree, and they all regroup with the civilians.

On the ship, Ronin tells Wu that they only have enough fuel to get back to Stiix, and not further away from it towards Hallows Trench. Kai then has an idea to drown the Preeminent using the trench, as it wouldn't expect the sheer drop. The ship continues on, but just as it passes the trench, the Preeminent knocks off its rudder, stopping it completely as Morro returns to Ninjago, having trapped Lloyd in a separate realm. The civilians on the ship run around in panic, but Nya stands still. Encouraged by Wu telling her not to be afraid to fail, Nya unlocks her True Potential. In doing so, she creates a massive tidal wave that crashes into the Preeminent, sending it toppling forwards and falling into Hallows Trench. The Preeminent then sinks into the depths of the Endless Sea, destroying the Cursed Realm and killing all its inhabitants, with the Cursed Realm pulling all of the ghosts into the water except for Morro, who stays above the surface.

As the civilians and the Ninja rejoice on the ship, Wu heads out over the sea on his Elemental Dragon, as the ghosts are being pulled into the water and destroyed because of the Cursed Realm's destruction. As this happens, Morro attempts to fly off with the Realm Crystal, but he is being pulled down towards the water and is suddenly seized by one of the Preeminent's tentacles. Using his element of Wind and Air, he manages to keep himself from being pulled into the water, which allows Wu to intervene and try to save him. Morro refuses Wu's help, but Wu pleads for Morro to take his hand and stand by their side. Morro thinks for a moment, and then grabs Wu's hand, but Wu is unable to free him from the tentacle. Seeing that his fate is sealed, Morro tells Wu that he can only save those who want to be saved, and bids him farewell as he lets go of his hand and gives him the Realm Crystal. Morro is then pulled into the sea, where he dies as he is permanently dissolved by the water, much to Wu's despair.

Later that afternoon, the Ninja regroup with Wu and Misako on the deck of the ship. Using the Realm Crystal, Wu returns Lloyd to Ninjago. Lloyd reminisces on what happened, with Wu noting him that his father's robes appear to have made him wiser. Lloyd states that the Cursed Realm is gone, as is his father, but now they're all in a better place. The Ninja agree that their team remains strong, and will move forward together no matter what changes overcome them. Jay asks Lloyd what the other realms look like, and Lloyd assures him that everything looks bright, for them and for all of Ninjago.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In this episode, it is revealed that the Land of Chima is one of the sixteen realms that run parallel to the world of Ninjago.
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