Public Enemy Number One

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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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"Public Enemy Number One"

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season №:


Episode №:

2 (56 total)

Running time:

22 minutes



"Public Enemy Number One" is the second episode in the sixth season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, and the 56th episode of the series as a whole.


Jay visits an empty pub with only one person, who is busy watching the TV. Jay tries to obtain some ninja chips from a vending machine, but fails and leaves. On the TV the Police Commissioner is answering lots of the interviewers' questions about the Ninja. He then asks Ronin for help, to which he agrees.

Meanwhile, Misako is trapped and was interrogated by the police forces. After they left, Nadakhan spoke to her and cunningly tricked her into telling the location of the Realm Crystal. He then traps Misako in the teapot and escapes.

When the detectives and Police Commissioner reenters the room, they were shocked by her absence. However, Kai updated his status with his location, encouraging them to find him, but were soon tricked into following a rat with a location device.

While the chase was happening, Nya, in disguise, walks up to a small crowd to listen to a news report about Kai's status with them. After solving his riddle, she crosses the street to meet up with him and the others.

The Ninja gathered at the burnt down monastery. After deciding to find out more about Nadakhan, they disperse as pairs; Lloyd and Zane, Kai and Nya, and Cole and Jay.

Lloyd and Zane head off to the library of Domu where they find a book about the Teapot of Tyrahn, however, Ronin hacked into Zane's system and chases Lloyd, eventually catching him.

Kai and Nya pick up motorbikes and ride away from Ninjago City, through the Corridor of Elders. After pursuing and tricking them, Ronin soon caught them.

In Mega Monster Amusement Park, Jay and Cole try to find information about Nadakhan, yet, Ronin finds them and overpowers the Masters of Lightning Electric Electricity and Earth.

Nadakhan makes it to Hiroshi's Labyrinth and succeeds in stealing the Realm Crystal. Eventually, the Ninja are arrested, Ronin is payed his large budget of money and Nadakhan laughs at their downfall before setting out to retrieving his crew.




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