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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu
True Potential

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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True Potential is the 83rd episode of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.


Just when the Ninja think they have saved the day, Lord Garmadon returns to Ninjago, and frees Harumi, who encourages him to "achieve his True Potential" by conquering the one thing that has always stood in his way... his son, Lloyd.


Two garbagemen collect trash from an alleyway, while listening to a news report on how the Sons of Garmadon have been jailed away in Kryptarium Prison. As they're finishing their work, they hear a deep, malevolent voice continuously say "she calls me." The figure suddenly reveals itself as the newly-resurrected Lord Garmadon, who hijacks the garbagemens' truck and invades the police station, where Harumi is being held for interrogation. Garmadon fights and defeats the guards, and frees Harumi.

As the Ninja celebrate their victory against the Sons of Garmadon, Lloyd remains distraught over Harumi's betrayal. Misako urges him not to bury his goodness beneath a hard shell. Lloyd then stops the Ninjas' celebration, seeing a news report stating Harumi escaped—and Lord Garmadon was the one who freed her. Lloyd is horrified by his father's resurrection, with many of the Ninja refusing to believe it. As the team heads to the police station, Misako takes baby Wu to Dareth's secret apartment to keep him safe. The Police Commissioner unsuccessfully tried getting through to Garmadon, but realized he's now a being of pure evil.

Lord Garmadon and Harumi break into Kryptarium Prison and allow its prisoners to take over, with Harumi introducing them to their worshipped dark lord. While training Garmadon, Harumi explains he has both elements of Destruction and Creation. In order for Garmadon unlock his True Potential, he'll have to destroy his only obstacle—Lloyd—who Harumi knows will come to face him.

On Destiny's Bounty 2.0, the Ninja discuss their plan of attack. Lloyd wants to face his father, and redeem him as he did years earlier—but the Ninja advise against this. Sometime later, Nya discovers that the Bounty's navigation is frozen. Lloyd brings her to the rest of the team, claiming that P.I.X.A.L. has a plan. As they enter a room, Nya realizes Lloyd was lying; he locks them in the room and departs to face his father alone, despite the Ninjas' pleas. He drives the Ninja Nightcrawler to Kryptarium Prison, while Cole uses his Earth Punch to break the Ninja free. The team makes contact with Lloyd, but he destroys his console in anger.

Arriving at the prison, Lloyd calls out his father. In the control room, Harumi has Lloyd's confrontation broadcast across Ninjago. As Lloyd arrives in the main hall of the prison, he's met with his father, with both remarking how the other has changed. Garmadon starts fighting Lloyd, even as he tries getting through to his father. The fight is long and brutal, with Lloyd being heavily overwhelmed by his father. Empowered by the fight, Garmadon starts to unlock his True Potential, and fires destructive energy blasts to cripple Lloyd and Garmadon's element depowers strips drains and absorbs Lloyd of his powers. After being thrown into the prison's locker room, Lloyd puts up a final fight against his father, but is thrown through numerous brick walls before flying out of the prison and onto the ground far below.

All of Ninjago and the Ninja are horrified by Lloyd's defeat, as his father watches him, satisfied. Harumi tells Lord Garmadon to let Lloyd live, only so he can watch him take over Ninjago City as its new Emperor and Harumi as new Empress. As Garmadon and his new forces leave, Lloyd crawls a few inches before collapsing onto the sand. He weakly mutters "father," before a picture of him and his father is blown from his hand and away into the darkness.


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