The Last Voyage

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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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"The Last Voyage"

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season №:


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Michael Helmuth Hansen


Torsten Jacobsen (executive)
Erik Wilstrup (executive)
Irene Sparre


The Brothers Hageman and Joel Thomas

Running time:

22 mins





"The Last Voyage" is the twenty-second episode of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.



Sensei Wu, Zane,and his Falcon are standing on a peak observing how the Dark Island has appeared in the middle of the ocean and how the stone army mysteriously disappeared. Zane sends his falcon to see what is on the island while the others are working on the rocket boasters of the Destiny's Bounty. Misako leads the others inside saying there is a way to defeat the stone army with in the scrolls. She tells them the power of the green ninja can only be unlocked when the four protectors (Kai, Jay, Cole, and Zane) find their true elemental power. She explains that they can find their elemental powers at The Temple of Light which is located on The Dark Island.

Since the Bounty is unable fly, they decide to sail there instead. The Bounty is placed at the dock, while everyone is saying their good-byes to everyone they love, except for Zane. Zane tells Sensei he will miss Ninjago but is excited for the future. The rest of the ninja board the ship and set sail to the island. The ninja explain what they think is on the island, but Lloyd wonders if it will be the end of their destiny. Zane checks his falcon vision and sees that he has arrived at the dark island, when a stone warrior shoots him down, leaving Zane with no family left. Misako than points out a storm heading their way.

Meanwhile on the Dark Island, Lord Garmadon thinks its foolish to being "playing in mud" when the Overlord explains it's not mud, but dark matter. A horrible substance that can turn the kindest of man, dark as night. The bounty crew struggle to fight the storm and are soon attacked by star-teeth, fish that devourer ships until they sink. They use their spinjitzu to throw them off board, but soon realize they have already chewed a hole in the ship.

On the bottom deck, the crew is trying to get all the water off the ship, when Zane claims he senses something. They crash on an island which holds a large lighthouse. They climb the stairs and are greeted by Dr. Julien (Zane's creator) He invites everyone inside and explains to Zane how he is alive. After he turned off Zane's memory, Samukai revived him with an antidote and forced him to build vehicles and weapons for the army. When Dr.Julien refused, the skeletons took him to the lighthouse with a tool box and say once he has built everything, he will be able to see Zane again. And Samukai even chained a leviathan to the bottom of the sea, though Samukai never returned.

Suddenly, the leviathan checks in on Dr. Julien while the ninja and others hide. Kai and Nya ask Dr. Julien to fix the rocket boasters before "it" comes back. So they work together to fix the boasters, when Zane is finished cooking for his father, Zane asks his father to remove his memory switch so he will never forget his father. Dr. Julien explains that he is perfect just the way he is and is glad he found him. To ruin the moment, "it" returns and they all run aboard the ship and try to fly away. When they are nearly pulled into the water, Zane notices the monsters chain,jumps into the ocean and places star-teeth on the chain. The monster is freed and releases the bounty. Zane climbs back onto the bounty and explains no one should be held captive, not even a monster.

Characters (In order of appearance)[edit]


  • When the Ninja see the Starteeth, Cole is wearing his original outfit.
  • When Lord Garmadon is coming down to see the Stone Warriors and the Dark Matter, he is seen wearing his former helmet.
  • Jay when he was a kid in disguise can be seen clapping after Lou sang the song to Cole.
  • When Cole whistles the Ninjago theme, it is actually composer Mike Kramer whistling.


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Torsten Jacobsen (executive)
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Irene Sparre +
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