Out of the Fire and Into the Boiling Sea

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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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Out of the Fire and Into the Boiling Sea

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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Out of the Fire and Into the Boiling Sea is the 73rd episode of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.


Once the Time Twins reached the Boiling Sea, Ray, Maya, and Nya reminded Kai the only way of saving Wu from the Time Punch is by retrieving the Reversal Time Blade.

Jay, Cole, Lloyd, and Zane are being chased by Vermillion Warriors. Zane was able to build a dome of Ice Frost and Snow to buy them time for an escape. However, he gets a signal that Cyrus Borg is nearby and stated he needed to save him. Since they're outnumbered, the others decided to go with him. They hid from the Army who are headed the same place as they are: the dome.

Ray gave Kai and Nya the Dragon Blade and said it will create the Fusion Dragon. Once they did, they dove in the sea and submerged. They spotted Hono Mizu down a cliff, and Nya creates a water slide to travel.

The Ninja, disguised with vermillion armor, went in the Dome and exclaimed it was too easy. Once there, Cyrus starts to attack them but after the Ninja revealed they are not snakes, he showed them the Iron Doom.

Once at the bottom, Nya was upset that her parents were kidnapped when she was three. They were encountered by Geoatomic Rock Monsters.

Cyrus told the Ninja he implemented a self-destruct code on the apparatus, but forgot the password. They decided to take him with them to help him remember, but they were stopped by the Vermillion. Cyrus convinced them he wanted to see if the apparatus is properly installed, Jay blew their cover by talking. When they were cornered, Samurai X ran over several Vermillion with the Samurai VXL. Zane informed them they need Cyrus to destroy the Iron Doom, and they accepted the challenge.

Kai and Nya try to defeat the Rock Monsters, but were unable to until they used their powers together. They came across a door and used the Dragon Blade to open it. When Kai went to collect the Blade, the building starts to collapse. They summoned the Fusion Dragon to escape.

The Ninja desperately fought back the Vermillion. Samurai X brought Borg to the panel, and he tries to remember the code.

Kai and Nya return to the airship with the Blade. When they are about to reverse the Time Punch, Krux and Acronix stated they're not. They fought and Ray was hit with the Time Punch while saving Kai. When Acronix froze them, they left them floating above the Boiling Sea. Kai and Nya summoned the Fusion Dragon to save them.

Zane realizes the password might be the same one as the first line of code for programming a Nindroid and starts typing it out. Machia's ship arrives, and she commanded the Vermillion to the Iron Doom. Krux froze Zane, Samurai X, and Cyrus and kicked them down the platform, forcing Jay, Cole, and Lloyd to catch them. The Fusion Dragon arrived, with Maya and Ray jumping off, and followed the twins into the Temporal Vortex.


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