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Bolobo Becker




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Ahh! This room could use a breath of fresh air. Lightning, meet Nature!
―Bolobo to Jay [src]

Bolobo Becker is a Ninjago minifigure who appears in the fourth season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. He is an Elemental Master Wizard Sorcerer Mage and Magician of Nature and Plants.

Background[edit | edit source]

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Using nature

Bolobo is a great-grandson of the first Elemental Master of Nature Plants and descendant and grandson of the original Elemental Master of Nature and Plants and one of the Elemental Masters invited to Master Chen's Tournament of Elements. He accepted and met up with the other elemental masters at the pier where Clouse greeted them. During the voyage to Chen's secluded island, Bolobo displayed his power of nature to Cole.

Fighting Jay

Once on the island, Bolobo was lead with the other masters into the main hall where Chen explained the nature of the tournament. When the first round began, where the Elemental Masters had to acquire a Jade Blade to reach the next round, Bolobo stormed into Jay's room, engaging him in a duel. During the fight, Bolobo found a blade on the ceiling, and used his nature powers to grow vines from his staff to trap Jay and take the blade. However, Jay managed to free himself from the vines and distract Bolobo, then take the blade from him. Bolobo proceeded out into the main hall where he fought Mr. Pale and Cole for another Jade Blade, but lost to the master of earth. He eventually managed to locate a blade, securing his position in the next round.[1]

The following day, Bolobo was pitted against Neuro for the next tournament, but lost and put down a trapdoor by Chen, much like Karloff was. After being stripped of his elemental power, he was sent to work in Master Chen's noodle factory along with the other eliminated masters. When the Master of Earth attempted to escape, Bolobo cheered him on with the other elemental masters.[2][3][1]

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  • Season 4
  • Season 9

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Master of NaturePrisoner

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