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The First Spinjitzu Master
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Sword of Fire
Scythe of Quakes
Shurikens of Ice
Nunchucks of Lightning
Elemental Sword



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The First Spinjitzu Master is the father of Sensei Wu and Lord Garmadon, father-in-law of Misako and paternal grandfather of Lloyd. He was also the creator of the The Four Golden Weapons and the land kingdom world planet and dimension of Ninjago.

Description[edit | edit source]

The First Spinjitzu Master wears a straw hat on his head, and on the back of his head is a thin, white, braided ponytail. He wears a black kimono with white sleeves and black pants. The back of his Kimono features a golden image of a dragon. From the small section of his face that is shown, it appears that he has narrow eyes.

Background[edit | edit source]

The First Spinjitzu Master was born in the realm of the Oni and the Dragons, which he left after the two groups fought to claim him for their own sides. The First Master possessed the Oni power of Destruction Darkness and the Dragon power of Creation and Golden Power in equal measure. and he was The very first master who created Ninjago and discovered and created a new martial art called "Spinjitzu", a powerful technique: when performing the art, one can become an elemental tornado by spinning quickly. It was created based on four elements: earth, fire, ice, and lightning. He then created and forged the Four Golden Weapons from Golden Peak, the birthplace of the golden weapons. In addition to applying the four elements to spinjitzu, he applied them to the four weapons, making one for each element: the Scythe of Quakes, the Shurikens of Ice, the Nunchucks of Lightning, and the Sword of Fire.

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After failing to bring piece to his birth realm, the First Spinjitzu Master left behind his armor and departed, eventually making his way to a world mostly cover by water. He found this realm in chaos, brought about by a monstrous serpent known as Wojira who wielded the powers of Water and wind. Though still a child, the First Spinjitzu Master led a group of islanders and the Merlopians into battle against the beast. Ultimately, however, it was only the brave Merlopian warrior Nyad who was able to stop her, merging with the ocean itself and using its power to remove the Storm and Wave Amulets from Wojira's head, rendering her unconscious.

In the wake of Wojira's defeat and Nyad's sacrifice, the First Spinjitzu Master entrusted the two amulets to the leaders of the peoples who had joined him in battle. The Merlopians also built a temple to house the dormant Wojira, while the First Spinjitzu Master was able to create a massive island in the midst of the calmed seas. He came to be master of many elemental powers, but never mastered Water or Wind or both due to their association with Wojira. He did, however, found an order of Elemental Masters, whose ranks would come to include wielders of those two elements.

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He fought the Overlord, his antithesis, but the battle remained balanced. When the Overlord attempted to turn the tide by creating a stone army out of an indestructible material, the First Spinjitzu Master split the island in two, so a battle could be avoided. One side was the normal Ninjago, and on the other side was the Dark Island, where the Overlord was then forced to live.

He later then had two sons named Wu and Garmadon after he married an unnamed woman. He trained them for many years during their childhood. While their father was polishing the golden weapons, Wu lost his katana. They knew their father would be angry if Wu lost it. Garmadon told him to retrieve it, but Wu refused. Garmadon told Wu to "never put off what can be done today", a lesson they learned from their father, and went to retrieve it himself.

Later, their father found Garmadon, who looked very ill, laying on a ground. Garmadon had been bitten by the legendary snake called the Great Devourer, which has the capacity to grow infinitely based on the amount it consumes. After that, the venom of a snake started to take effect in Garmadon's body and turn him evil. The First Spinjitzu Master kept on checking his son's health, while Wu looked on. Garmadon woke up and yelled at his father to leave his snake bite alone, saying, "Leave me alone! I don't need you! I hate you!" His father felt puzzled and confused over what had happened to his older son.

Years later, after having trained his sons as well as he could, he started to grow older and weaker. He told the boys to vow to protect the weapons, and his sons promised they would do this. When their father passed away, Garmadon was consumed by darkness. At one point, Garmadon attempted to steal the weapons, but Wu discovered his plan and tried to convince him to stop what he was doing, reminding him of their promise to their father and the dangerous power of the weapons. Garmadon did not heed his brother's words, however, and a battle between the brothers broke out. At the end of this battle, Wu emerged victorious and Garmadon was banished to the underworld, leaving the weapons temporarily safe.

At some point, the First Spinjitzu Master told Wu that his final resting place would remain unknown, and that he would leave a hint for Wu to its location. He later died, his resting place being an underwater cave, filled with three challenges. His skeleton was at the end of the cave, along with the Realm Crystal in his hands.

Peace later returned to Ninjago. Wu was able to keep his vow to protect the weapons, and hid each one in a different place, assigning a guardian to guard each them from those who might wish to steal them.

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After the Ninja succeeded in defeating the Oni invasion of Ninjago, the First Spinjitzu Master's spirit summoned that of his grandson, Lloyd, to a strange location. He commended Lloyd for meeting the destruction of the Oni with the power of creation and golden power and with love, and honored his grandson's efforts to protect the realms. He then offered Lloyd the chance to join him or to return to his life in Ninjago. Lloyd apparently chose the latter, and the master informed him that he would remember their meeting as a dream and eventually forget it entirely.

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