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Paradisa was a subtheme of Town, that ran from 1992-1997. It included many pink-coloured bricks, along with other rare pieces, and was mainly marketed towards girls.

Details[edit | edit source]

Paradisa sets were mainly focused on leisure and vacation, many sets consisting of scenes at the beach. Horseback riding and surfing were also a few other of the theme's main subjects.

A Paradisa beach resort

Unlike other themes of that era, Paradisa had an abundance of female minifigures, which were composed of several completely new parts that somewhat revolutionized the design of female minifigures. Parts like these included a new ponytail hair piece, three new faces, two with eyelashes and more delicate red lips than on the female head introduced with Pirates in 1989, as well as a face with freckles. There were also new torso pieces with strapped and strapless tops. The few male minifigures featured only two different types of heads, with either a moustache or dark sunglasses.

Paradisa sets were the first to feature the rare colours pink, dark pink, and lime green, and - except for white and old light gray - the sets were mainly composed of parts in these colours, and some of them were only available in Paradisa sets.

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Sets[edit | edit source]

Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
1761 Paradisa Motorboat.jpg 1761  Paradisa Motorboat  23  Paradisa Female Eleven     1995 
1815.jpg.jpg 1815  Paradisa Lifeguard  36  Paradisa Female Twelve, Lifeguard (Paradisa)     1996 
22-Divertimento al Cubo.jpg 22  Divertimento al Cubo    4     1995 
2870 Paradisa Barbeque.jpg 2870  Paradisa Barbeque  18  Paradisa Female Seventeen     1997 
6401-1.jpg 6401  Seaside Cabana  45  Paradisa Male One, Paradisa Female One   $6.75 / DM 11.99 (= €6.13)  1992 
6402.jpg 6402  Sidewalk Café  43  Paradisa Male Eight, Paradisa Female Nine   $7.25  1994 
6403 Paradise Playground.jpg 6403  Paradise Playground  91  Paradisa Female Eight, Paradisa Male Six, Paradisa Female Seven   $13.25  1993 
6404 Carriage Ride.jpg 6404  Carriage Ride  60  Paradisa Female Fourteen, Coachman (Paradisa)   $8.75  1996 
Sunset stables.jpg 6405  Sunset Stables  133  Paradisa Female Two, Paradisa Male Two   $15.99  1992 
6409 Island Arcade.jpg 6409  Island Arcade  145  Paradisa Male Four, Paradisa Female One, Paradisa Male Seven, Paradisa Female Seven, Paradisa Female Eight   $21.00  1993 
6410 Cabana Beach.jpg 6410  Cabana Beach  145  Paradisa Male NineParadisa Female ElevenParadisa Female TenWaiter (Paradisa)   $25.50  1994 
6411 Sand Dollar Cafe.jpg 6411  Sand Dollar Cafe  163  Chef (Paradisa), Paradisa Male Three, Paradisa Male Four, Paradisa Female Three, Paradisa Female One   $29.75  1992 
6414-1.jpg 6414  Dolphin Point  198  Paradisa Female Twelve, Paradisa Female Thirteen, Paradisa Male Ten, Paradisa Male Eleven   $32.99  1995 
Poolside paradise.jpg 6416  Poolside Paradise  219  Waiter (Paradisa), Paradisa Female Four, Paradisa Female Five, Paradisa Male Four   $38.50  1992 
6417 Show Jumping Event.jpg 6417  Show Jumping Event  35  Paradisa Female Eighteen   $4.00  1997 
6418 Country Club.jpg 6418  Country Club  280  Paradisa Female Fourteen, Waiter (Paradisa), Paradisa Female Sixteen, Paradisa Female Fifteen, Paradisa Male Twelve   $42.00  1996 
6419 Rolling Acres Ranch.jpg 6419  Rolling Acres Ranch  364  Paradisa Female Six, Paradisa Male Five, Paradisa Female Two   $46.00  1992 
6489 Seaside Holiday Cottage.jpg 6489  Seaside Holiday Cottage  84  Paradisa Female Nineteen, Paradisa Male Thirteen     1997 
6547 Box.jpg 6547  Fun Fair  176  Paradisa Female Twenty, Paradisa Female Twenty-One, Paradisa Female Twenty-Two, Waiter (Paradisa), Paradisa Male Twelve   $27.50  1997 

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