41073 Naida's Epic Adventure Ship

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Naida's Epic Adventure Ship
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Naida Riverheart
Aira Windwhistler

Price: Flag-US.png $29.99
Flag-DE.png €29,99
Flag-UK.png £24.99
Flag-AU.png $44.99

Additional prices:
Flag-BE.png €32,99
Flag-CA.png $39.99
Flag-CZ.png Kč799,00
Flag-DK.png 270,00 kr
Flag-FI.png 34,95€
Flag-FR.png €29,99
Flag-HU.png Ft9990
Flag-IE.png €29.99
Flag-IT.png €29,99
Flag-LU.png €32,99
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Flag-NZ.png $59.99
Flag-NO.png 299,90 kr
Flag-PL.png zł 129,99
Flag-PT.png €32,99
Flag-ES.png €29,99
Flag-CH.png 34,90 SFr
Flag-SE.png 349,00 kr
Flag-AT.png €29,99
Flag-KR.png 44900 원




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41073 Naida's Epic Adventure Ship is an Elves set released in 2015. Description[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. Team up with the Water Elf and Wind Elf on an ocean adventure to find the water key!

Set sail with Naida Riverheart and Aira Windwhistler on the Epic Adventure Ship! Help them find the magic water key they need to send Emily Jones home to the human world. Use the telescope to look below the crystal waters for the giant oyster shell where the key lays hidden, then help the Elves combine their magical water and wind powers to reach the bottom of the ocean and open the clam. Will they find what they are looking for? Then steer safely home with the ship’s wheel to make the sail turn, and if the wind calms down help Naida and Aira dip their feet in the water from the amazing clam shell seats. Make a delicious meal in the galley and sit them down on the cushions to enjoy it. Includes 2 mini-doll figures: Naida Riverheart and Aira Windwhistler.

  • Includes 2 mini-doll figures: Naida Riverheart and Aira Windwhistler
  • Features Naida’s Epic Adventure Ship and a giant oyster shell
  • Naida’s Epic Adventure Ship features a turning sail, galley kitchen, sun deck, clamshell water chairs, chill-out area and a diving board
  • Accessories include a map, telescope, cooking pot and jar, magic key, and water and wind power icons
  • Use the ship’s steering wheel to turn the sail
  • Lie the Elves on the sun deck or help them jump from the diving board
  • Help Naida and Aira combine their extraordinary water and wind powers to reach the oyster shell and find the first magic key
  • Giant oyster shell measures over 1” (3cm) high, 1” (3cm) long and 1” (3cm) wide
  • Naida’s Epic Adventure measures over 9” (24cm) high, 9” (24cm) wide and 3” (8cm) deep
  • Go to to discover more about Emily Jones and the magical universe of the LEGO® Elves
  • Collect all the LEGO® Elves models to find the 4 magical keys and send Emily Jones back hometo the human world

Minifigures included[edit]