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Naida Riverheart



Blue dress
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2015 - 2017

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Naida Riverheart is an Elves mini-doll figure first released in March 2015. She is a water elf and one of the five main characters from the theme.


Naida has long straight aqua hair which changes to bright blue towards the bottom. On the left and right side of her hair, she has a light nougat curved pointed ear. The rest of her skin is also light nougat, printed at the top of her face is a medium azure crown. Naida has curved black eyebrows above her blue eyes. Like all female mini-doll figures she has a small rounded nose. Naida has a closed smile, decorated in light purple lipstick. Naida has three different variations.

In her first variation, Naida wears an aqua halter top. There is several black, silver and medium azure circles and white line designs on her halter top. The outer line of her top is dark blue, the belt she wears at the bottom is also dark blue and has the water logo in the centre. Naida's arms are bare, leaving them light nougat. Her right arm at the top has a medium azure marking. Nadia wears a medium azure towel wrapped around her legs. She wears dark blue sandals on her feet.

Her second variation portrays her wearing a light royal blue cape.

Nadia's third variation has her wearing a new outfit. Nadia's top is now blue. The neckline of the top is silver and curls up at the right side. There is a swirly splash of aqua, which is most prominent on the bottom right side of her torso. There's various dark blue and silver dots, including one dark blue on the far left that contains the water logo in silver. Nadia's arms are still bare, but her tattoo now is a silver swirl. Naida wears a blue towel rapped around her legs and azure sandals.


Naida is friends with Aira, Azari, and Farran, and later befriends Emily, and helps bring her home. To bring Emily back home Naida uses her adventure ship to find the water key. Naida is a water elementist, and she also seems to enjoy hanging out at her secret hideout, the spa with her pet dolphin, Dephia. Description[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. Naida the water elf is an adventurer at heart. She is a sensitive daydreamer, who is not afraid to follow her dreams and loves to sail the Izdur Ocean. With her quiet bravery and wisdom she is pretty popular, and her empathetic, nice and patient personality makes her an important element in a group.

Powers: Controls bodies of water: the sea, lakes and waterfalls.

Strengths: Confident, helpful, nurturing and wise.

Flaws: Daydreamer, a bit quieter than the rest, and can be quite stubborn at times.

Skills: She controls water and has a special relationship with all water animals; she is quite powerful for her age. She can make others feel special.

Favorite things: Adventures, maps, friendship, animals and board games, sailing and spending time in the spa.

Did you know: Naida lives by the water in her houseboat, and sometimes she stays in an old beautiful spa, where her friend Delphia the dolphin lives.

Gallery of variants[edit]

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